Lucky Lucky Lucky

Sooper news ..milo has decided to add the partay gowns to the Bubblez lucky board..and youre in for a treat! The one above is called the “Mademoiselle Gown” and is simply stunning. You have the choice of the sheer skirt or not (I’m wearing the sheer one), it comes with the glorious head decoration & choker..the lilies look so real..big & waxy..I swear I could almost smell their heady scent (I LOVE lillies)

This really deserved a close up…I wish I wish I wish for more balls to attend !

Anddddd here it is the watermelon dress ..oh yeahhh complete with a slice for your mouth and choker plusss some deadly cute ballet pumps…WARNING: I may see you at Bubblez..I will be lurking in the shadows…with my watermelon gun..Im an excellent shot …just sayin…*foldy arms and a menacing smirk*

Thanks milo !

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