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Ready steady POSE!

imagineGreat minds think alike and both Faith and I rushed over to ANA_Mations as soon as we got notice of a pretty damned generous FREEBIE’S and discounted sale going on.  Surrealia Anatine has had one of those years which we all suffer from occasionally (sh*t ones that we prefer to ignore) but like a lot of people she has dusted herself down, cleared out the cobwebs and is refreshing not only her RL but also her SL shop, which will now be relaunched as ANA.  In clearing away old stuff for new she is being so generous and has priced ALL of her AOs for 0 Lindens!! Yup FREE.  Although I haven’t owned one of her full AOs I have many individual poses and also a few props from here so I was really pleased to be able to grab all of them and treated myself to a seriously cute Panda bear rug slashed to only 50Lds.  There is a bit more than props and poses because there is a wall of furniture and even some retro homes which again have had their prices slashed. No demos but at the price she has reduced them to certainly worth thinking about.

As far as I know these prices will remain for quite a while and from the note Surrealia has sent out she will be returning with a bang, loads of new stuff, collabs with some of the big names in SL and just MORE.  This also includes her ‘nilla Bean shop which is for the kid stuff.

Heads up to a group Faith is a member of and how she found out about the Ana sale.  It’s called Virtual Vagabond and it seems to be pretty packed not only with notices about sales and free stuff but also a load of fun gifts, LMs to some lovely sims and it’s pretty damned comprehensive so if you have a spare group place and a single Linden (a token cost to join) I would highly recommend you become a “Virtual Vagabond” yourself.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing one of her AOs but of course you can’t see the actual movements but they’re lovely and smooth.

ANA Mations Mainstore

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Light Posting

Cornered L

You know what it’s like when you see something you love in a shop but it’s part of the decor and not for sale? These lights were exactly that.  Spotted these lights in Toki-Doki and I kept on popping back to check out for new stuff and to see if these lights were ever put up for sale and Woo Hoo there they are.  225Lds and 9 Prims in total.  That is 9 assorted lamps hanging down from a beam for only 9 prims and you have a choice of 2 sizes the one shown, smaller and a bigger one..  They’re not scripted so sadly they don’t light up but never the less a great look for your home.


Talk about coincidence because just as I’m about to post this Maya Toki-Doki (maya.levane owner of Toki-Doki) sends out her first notice in quite a few months. Seems like a lot of us she’s had comp issues but now she is back and her first group gift is out.  If I remember correctly you do have to pay to join this group but I cannot remember how much as I’ve been in the group for so long now.  So it’s a welcome return and lets hope for lots and lots of new designs.

I Love Toki Doki

Toki Doki Blogg


Richard Eames Chair

Eams 2

Hopefully the title explains it all. In RL I keep my Shabby Chic to my kitchen, my fluffiness in my bedroom but in my livingroom it is clean, uncluttered, wood, books  and leather and stood pride of place is my very own Richard Eames chair.  I have been searching SL for not only a model of this but a GOOD model of this and I swear this is almost identical to the real thing.

Eames 1 clean

As you can see it’s pretty good proportioned sized as well.  Here is the kicker because not only does it come with 9 single poses, 9 couple poses but also in this model 6 rude ao.  I can only vouch for the single poses but if the rest are as good a quality then no one will be disappointed.  Icing on the cake is the price because I have seen similar designs but just not as good and much more expensive. The PG Chair is only 300Lds and the Adult Chair is 325Lds.  You also get a lamp and side table very much in a matching style in the set. Only 4 Prims for the chair and footstool!

HANDverk is the name of the shop.  It is small but packed with classic retro, old-fashioned with a twist.  Although this isn’t a sex orientated shop they don’t shirk at the naughtiness and a new addiction is the “porno couch” I’m not going to spoil the fun but this is an item best enjoyed by 3 people. This is a shared shop in the sky because across the way is his partner who makes unique items of jewelry and very naughty shoes.  Worth going just to check out the freaky Medusa hair piece.

Special mention the very noticeable Mad Hatter table and tea set.  Not set for sale there it seems you may have to go to a Gatcha Event to buy the pieces bit by bit which I certainly would have done if I could as it seems I am not allowed in that area.  But you maybe able to check it out. Happy Hunting.


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Sniff Sniff

Banish to the back door no wonder he looks so sad.


To think I resisted the shagging reindeer, the dead hanging reindeer and even the dance stage where we can all have a dance not around our handbags but a disemboweled Reindeer.

Trashy use

Will sit up to 4 avatars (if you could find 4 people who would want to sit on him). A total of 9 anims, on or off for falling snow (nice big snowflakes which I forgot to put on for the picture) and click his ciggie to turn on or off the smoke.  This sweetie is copyable and 16 prims.  Other Crimbo scenes set out not all so rudie so check them out.

The best clubs in SL have Pixlights club lightening and effects.  They are so good you can walk through the showrooms with them and although they’re all on and flashing there is no lag.  But you don’t have to have a club to own their lights.  So reasonably priced so I picked up my new Crimbo tree light for 90Lds.


I’ve actually now moved it up over my house and highlighted by a starry background it is so pretty and yet I managed to take a rotten picture of it so I’ve used this one.


This is a close up of the swirly lights to show you it’s depth and prettiness.  But you really need to see them in action so pop to the shop and check them all out. So reasonaly priced, so low primmed and copyable.

I’ve blogged Pixlights before and  will do it again and again probably.  Only a small collection of mens clothes and jewelry here and no womens clothes at all but their furniture is totally funky, fun, unisexed.  Their bikes are gleaming and their cars are sleek and very driveable. A shop that takes design seriously but not without humour and imagination.

Make sure you don’t miss the rezzer as well.  They can supply everything from a complete club, stage and sadly only a couple of homes so far but the attention to detail and shading is so good.

Pixlights Factory

Pixlights Marketplace

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12 Prims of Free Horror! (Pixlights Factory)

I am absolutely kicking myself that I didn’t pop into Pixlights Factory sooner  to see whats new because look at this AMAZING light effect and no I didn’t use a single bit of camera trickery to make this look so vivid and bright. How good would this have been shooting light over my little plot of land over Halloween. Pixlights is a real shopping experience.  Some may say this is a Major Boys Toys shopping Mall but they would be wrong because although they only stock a small selection of mens clothes and no women’s clothes at all it doesn’t mean everyone can be awed by their vivid use of colours, imagination and fun fun fun and all at a most reasonable price.

Again no camera trickery, this is how these floor lights look in world.  They spew out from the ground and burst all around you bouncing along on the ground as they land.  They have cornered the market in club lightning and effects but that doesn’t mean you can’t use some of these to great effect either on your land or in your home.

This is just an example of their furniture but what can’t be captured in the photo is each part of the sofa flashed different vivid colours.  They have everything from elegant chairs to Christmas ornaments you can sit in and each item is beautifully textured, sculpted or meshed NO fluffy florals in this place.  Their home lights are low primmed and tasteful and when they’re clicked on they actually light up your room.

There is a rezzer so you can check out their complete club set ups and in this case this is one of their sky homes.  Sadly they only, as far as I can see, have a limited number of homes but again that crisp cool no-nonsense texturing and mood enhancing lights.

This is another shot of that skyhome and look at the beautiful colouring.  The home comes with lots of touch points for you to change the lighting and textures.

Look at this disgusting filthy FREE gift THANK YOU it’s just the sort of creepiness I love and for 12 prims we can all have this in our homes.

As you can tell this is one of my FAV shops and although this is a Boys Toys sort of shop I own quite a lot of their goodies because not only great quality but decent prices.  I love my Chicken fighter trainer it’s SILLY.  I even own a few of their bikes and cars because even though I’m not a “Petrol Head ” they make sexy drivable machines.  And if there is a man in your life or you are a man then check out the mens jewelry because it’s bright and flashy and yet it’s not brash and nasty.  I’ve been here so long and took so many pictures I’m surprised Petrpix Cascarino hasn’t TPed down to see if I’m a Bot but I’m hoping he’s up there in his workshop creating more goodies for us because just outside is some reindeer and snowmen who are being rude and funny and I’ll be back for my Xmas Deccies.

PS don’t forget to check out the Lucky Toilets you may just win one of their great bikes.



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Rise and Shine Coffee Time.


Dare you to guess the prim count in this What Next Rise and Shine Coffee Tray……….WRONG! it’s only 3 PRIMS! and it even dispenses coffee cups that come with or without a drinking AO so you can wear it on it’s own or use it with your own scripted furniture but ignore that and just look at all that quality texturing and details for a tiny 3 prims.  Only available at The Fair ( a small market set up with unique goodies from some great designers/shops) for only 175 and trust me something as good as this is worth that and more.

What Next (at The Fair)