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Into the light

Icons of Style prop pose and sparkly lights! complete outfit with shoes for slink feet $1125L! Zan posted here about some really neato patches of sparkly lights from Icons of Style the other day. They were on sale at the colour me project event – trouble was me and another reader hopped and skipped over to snap them up – and the vent was closed *sniff*. Thats what happens when you’re a slow poke I guess ! Anywayyyy I’ve got GREAT news, they are now for sale at the main IOS store yippeee! Katia Millet let me know as she had read that we were all sad about not getting them, and I whizzed over to grab them. Sadly, IOS is such a bloggers/photographers paradise of poses, props and SPARKLY things, I got into trouble prettily easily ! I bought a few packs of the twinkly light patches, there are simply heaps of them, and so affordable I got loads. You can lay them flat on a floor, or as I did above hang them also on walls, they really do sparkle and twinkle so beautifully. I treated myself to a couple of props, above is one of the candle poses – you get six and just $90L its a real steal. (each patch of lights is just 1 prim) Icons of Style prop pose and sparkly lights! Complete outfit with shoes for Slink high feet £125L !! I couldn’t resist the light-bulb pose pack , again six poses and only $90L. If you click the bulbs they turn on and off too – brilliant ! You will find the light packs upstairs, be prepared there’s so many options and colours – even ones that roll across the floor. Thanks Katia ❤  Btw my outfit is by Stars Fashion, special promotion for another couple of days for just $125L, complete outfit, optional vest, bra top and micro mini skirt PLUS shoes that fit Slink high feet – don’t miss out !

Icons of Style

Stars Fashion market place

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Don’t judge me!

Don't judge

Meet sweet, sweet, Sweet Hildegarda the love of my life. Rummaging through my old notices I found a notice off Pixelight Factory and damn looks like I’ve missed a sale or something but I decided to pop over and check out any new stuff and came across sexy Hildegarda.  Have to confess I already had her in my invent but since Valentines around the corner and each to their own so I decided to re rezz her, hose her down and pull a few poses.  Yes she comes with a menu and yes some of the poses are rude ones but also cuddle ones.

Don't judge 2

As it happens I then realised she makes the perfect floatie for Zan’s new pool (this is one of the cuddle poses I’m not having a quickie!).  90lds and trans so a perfect pressie for the perv in your life.

Now I’m back at PIXLIGHTS it turns out they do have NEW STUFF and I’m well impressed. If the LM doesn’t take you there then you will find the TP board will.  A whole new set of beach stuff, some furniture and best of all an amazing off sim boat.  It’s stunning but sadly although the price tag of 295Lds is damned reasonable the 125 prims is just too much for me however if you have the prim allowance this would just look amazing.  What I may get though is the beached boat sofa, a great prop with 10-12 sits and lays for 2 Avs.  The price tag of 125Lds is also as good as the prim count of 18prims.

Pixlights is a whole load of different shops so there is a lot of stuff to look at from clothes to furniture.  Some seriously funky funny stuff and damned low primed and affordable.  Check out the prefab rezzer because although there is a lot of clubs and stages there is a couple of sky apartments which are so stylish and beautifully lit and textured.  I could go on and on but Pixlight is a place to meander around when you have some time to kill and a few Lindens to spend.

Pixlight Factory Mainstore

Pixlight (hopefully this will take you straight to Hildegarda’s open arms)

Pixlight Beach

Pixlight Marketplace

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The Challenge – glug glug

The Challenge - Cleo Design

Phewww, got through a busy Friday and found some time to get some more items from The Challenge blogged for you. The theme this round is underwater..and Cleo Design has gone willlllld! This is a stonking big pack of items, your head will spin…Heres the vanity unit, sink, awash with those famous Cleom Bailey touches..tiny details , so lovely ! The shower deserves a special mention…low prim and sooper animations.

The Challenge Cleo Design - working Loo

In the box is also a fully working loo…and incase you’re in for the uhm “long haul”, it also dispenses a book for both females and males !

The Challenge Cleo Design

Last up in this set is the daybed and glorious aqaurium tank. The tank is especially fabbo…stuffed with fishes that mooch about (theres also a seperate swimming turtle which I fell in love with ! Plenty of poses in the daybed to keep you amused, it hands out wearables for certain poses, perfect.

The Challenge L&K submarine lamps

Love these little submarine lamps from L&K, two versions in the box and only 3Li each…one click to turn on and off, these would look SO fabulous in a nautical scene or home.

The Challenge Sensafine table

Last up for today is this jolly little table from Senzafine, it’s very sublte..and the octopus imprint on the top is exc eptionally well done. Only 6Li which makes it a real winner for brightening up your home !

The Challenge Blog


L&K Prefabs

Cleo Design