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NO Freebies, just for your eyes only.

I was at an event and as I was walking up to one of the items for sale, a bath, my first thought was “that looks like a Vagina?” and guess what, it was lol.  Such a unique item of decor had me TPing over to the shop “Sources” to check it out and as soon as I landed I remember this shop well because of the designs even though I don’t think I’ve visited for years!

I actually took about 8 pictures of the items I would love to buy, but probably won’t, and in the end, I’ve chosen just this one to show you as I think this hanging cushion is one that could fit into most homes.

The furniture in this shop are so unique they’re what I call “Statement pieces”.  They may come with a price tag but when you have furniture which stands out rather than blends in you need to buy less to fill your home.  There are baths, hammock, tents, cushions, beds etc.  The only reason I’m not buying anything is simply that I know that as much as I like the style I would never use them…apart from maybe this cushion chair and an excellent hammock bath..but really I couldn’t justify the cost for the amount of use I would get out of them.

As for the poses, I could and would only try out the single poses but if the adult ones are as quirky as those it should be a whole lotta fun.

PS.  Don’t be fooled as there are about 5 floors of goodies to check out but I had to use the old cam and sit to get up to the different floors as I couldn’t see any stairs.

Les Sources 

XXX Original Event (To check out the VG Bath)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Uniqueness comes with a price tag!

I have a folder in my invent and in it I slip in the landmarks of shops that have something I want to buy but didn’t at the time, it may be it was a piece of furniture, hair etc anything which made me go “ooooh” but I either didn’t have the money or the need for it at the time and this new to me shop is deffo in my “Buy” folder.

I actually only bought this Gacha win as an excuse to tell you about this shop and at 50Lds a try I was happy I won this.

The shop is called Les Sources and I had spotted one of their designs in another shop, a Pumpkin seat on the wall, and I decided to pop over and I’m glad I didn’t just buy the first thing that made me go “oooh” because over the 3 floors there are several pieces which I’m tempted to return to buy  at later date.

As you will see the next lot of photos are taken in the shop, set in my Nams setting, as again I’ve just not decided which one I will buy but this one so far is in the lead.  A fat scrunchy, pillowy hanging chair.

This double seater is the next on my wish list.  What it is is that we’re planning on changing our sim from Autumn to Winter a bit earlier than normal which means I get to rezz a new house, which makes me chuckle with glee, and I don’t know if I will choose one from the shamefully massive selection I already have or I will use it as an excuse to go hunting for more homes and until I’ve decided I don’t want to buy much more furniture.  I know I already have a lot of the Scarlet Creative houses and this sort of furniture is just perfect for that style.

I seemed to have gone for the greys and muted colours but there is a whole mix of colour palettes to choose from and also PG or Adult versions.

I did check out the solo poses and they like the furniture are pretty unique.  Some nice simple sit poses and then the “interesting” ones LOL. Heaven knows if the simple sit poses make you go “that’s different” then I can only imagine the “adult” ones will be even more different lol.

The mainshop is 3 floors of temptingness and I’ve only shown you a small selection of whats there, there are rugs and lights and I have to mention 2 other items which I’ve not taken pictures of and that’s on the first floor is a bed which is just a super long padded pillow, obviously it’s more than just that but you again have to see it to be able to see it in all it’s glory and upstairs is a tap on the wall which did seem to be out of place but it comes with a menu and an exc AO for hair washing, just filling etc

The last picture is in a room outside of the main entrance and in there are the Halloween decor and the initial wall pumpkin seat. Prices and prims for such quality are more than reasonable, I think most things are 500Lds and under.

PS. When you TP over you are in a room and on the floor is the TP to the shop but if you have time to kill it looks like the sim outside of this room is open for everyone to enjoy and although I just had a quick cam around it looks like a lovely place to take some piccies HINT HINT!

Les Sources