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Dream On!

I wishI’m English so I’m going to moan about the weather.  It’s the middle of Summer and I’m sat in my living room under a throw with the fire on.  The picture above is what I should be doing at this moment.  Until then I will have to settle for some SL fantasy fueled by an unexpected Sub gift and hair I forgot I had.

Snapshot_004In my need for a bit of sunshine I may have gone a bit heavy on the sun setting in this photo but what the heck.  The hair is from Mina and is called Silvia.  Can’t remember buying it but where ever it’s come from I adore the juicy colouring.  Each pack comes with a colour hud so this and all of her hairs come with a lovely selection in each pack.

Snapshot_010The outfit I am wearing I almost didn’t open because it’s another “Romper” outfit and I should imagine we all have plenty of them but because it came from LMD (Leri Miles Designs) and I know that shop contains such quality well textured outfits I thought I’d check it out.  Sweet, more like a retro bathing suit and if you look closely you can see the knitted pattern.  Just a handy little outfit that you can wear loitering on a beach and if you want to pop somewhere to check something out you wouldn’t have to change.   That’s the great thing about Sub or Group gifts as it acts as a reminder to pop in and see whats new and at the end of the month I’m popping back to grab a couple of new items she has as they’re so lovely. fresh and summery.  Until then if your strapped for cash then like me grab the Endless Summer giftie (the hint given is “Look for the bunny”) easy peasy and if you find it it’s a crisp green mesh summer dress.

Mina I decided to check out Minas main store to check it out and she has created a beautiful sim for people to enjoy.  Half beach and half fields, very pretty and very photogenic so I decided to take a snap of this hair, Veerlie, in my normal Nam skin and prim setting so you get to see one of the colours in more normal lighting.  This is on special offer at The Deck so it’s under a 100ld.  She’s stinted on the price but not the colour hud options.

Mina @ The Deck

Mina Mainstore

LMD (Leri Miles Design)

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Summer Fashion Festival

Summer Festival - Aris Aris NEW!

The Summer Fashion Festival has begun hooohahhh! Love this event, its hosted by one of my fav designers ArisAris…and there are oooodles and gazillionsss of designers in it this year. All showing off their new sumer-tas-tic releases…PLUS…everyone has a freebie out for you ! Lets get the ball rolling with a new release from ArisAris…absolutely adore this two piece set. Lovely hessian effect fabric with big bold stitched on blossoms…one strap and a teeny bow to decorate.

Summer Festival - Aris Aris Mules - FREE!

ArisAris’s gift is a pair of their newly released mules yay! Such a cute colour and easy peasy to set up with your skin tone.

Summer Festival - wet cat prop(set of three) T- shirt FREE!

It’s not all about clothing & shoes , wetcat have a brilliant gift out for you to collect…three props …love love LOVE them ! I’m using the rubber ring one above , so cute. My tshirt is from Retro…kickin design, great to wear with shorts & jeans …

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift mesh bikini FREE! (comes with long skirt)

CandyMetal are there yay! They have a superb gift out for you, this denim mesh kini, sooper summery and sweet…also in the gift is….

Summer Fashion Festival - CandyMetal gift FREE!

…this gorgy boho long mesh skirt. Bikini for the beach…slip into the skirt for a wander up to the cafe for icecreams huh?!

Summer Festival Fashion Fears Belle mesh dress FREE! - hat by Eclectica Flora

New designer to me next called Fashion Fears, wasnt sure what to expect but was impressed with their gift offering . The Belle mesh dress is beautiful, peachy cream bodice and a blue floral skirt, when I’ve got time I shall investigate their store. Gifts are a great way to try out a new store ! My hat is by Eclectica, it’s a new release and I’ve been playing with it for a few days now. It comes in two versions, with hair or without, the hair is colour change too. The hat itself is just adorable, and you can pretty much re-texture all parts of it via a simple dimple menu. It’s SO versatile, grab yourself one of these and you’ve got headwear for all occasions . I thought the white was just right for a beach stroll…but of course with the range of colour tones in the menu it will also work for evenings etc.

Summer Festival - Leri Miles Designs FREE!

Last up for today, is the gift from Leri Miles Designs…pretty little sheath of a frock in  a delightful china blue shade. Great fit, especially around the arm holes, which for some reason I tend to have probs with a lot.

Head over and have a mooch, theres SO much to see !

The Summer Fashion Festival

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Buddy Walk

buddy walk - Sakide Blush dress, ammaci

I’m finally back and able to feel up to blogging hurrah! So on with the show and let’s get the ball rolling with The Buddy Walk event. If you’re not familiar with this event here’s a little snippet from the press release:

“The SL Buddy Walk was created to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day in Second Life. Many of your favorite SL entertainers and store brands will be taking part to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome.All donations collected from this event are given directly to the NDSS. They will be used for supporting the National Down Syndrome Society’s education, research and advocacy efforts on behalf of the more than 400,000 individuals with Down Syndrome in the United States.”

buddy walk_002

There are a ton of great designers all supporting this, such as Sakide who’s frock I am wearing above, close up is to show the absolootly stunning necklace which is also on offer by Designs By Sebastian. My skin is another Buddy Walk item, its by Amacci and is called Emma. I chose to wear the pale version which is so very pretty and delicate, but there are darker options available. My hair is by a newwww designer called {Quandry}, this style is Nancy, I really like it. Sweet natural styling. Infact I liked it SO much I tried to find their store to grab a few demos etc..but at the moment it looks like there isnt, fingers crossed for more from them !

buddy walk_009

It’s not only clothing, you’ll find a load of decor items for your homes & garden, including one of my fav designers Cleom Bailey. This is one of her offerings for The Buddy Walk, big old comfy chair with an array of poses, footstool and table…theres also some couply snuggles in it awww ! The pantssuit I have on is by Leri Miles Designs, funky huh?! Squillions of colours in this so go take a peek and grab one up. I headed over to take a look around, it’s a lovely spacious area to meander through and not too busy either. I’ve got oooodles more to show you so watch this space !

Buddy Walk Blog

Buddy Walk Event Location

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Lavender Hill Hunt

Lavender Hill Hunt Breno bunny chair- Intrepid maxi dress

Lavender is such a delicate colour and one of my fav’s for spring…The Lavender Hill Hunt has begun and if , like moi, you love all things lilac…this is a fabulous hunt for you. The hunt runs from 25-Feb to 10-Mar and features gifts from a diverse range of stores: from fashion to decor, from accessories to poses, there’s something for everyone. There is a microscopic charge of 5L per gift…SO worth it ! Above I’m wearing the glorious maxi dress being offered by Intrepid…such a classic shape & style…demure and feminine….the chair is from Breno…its made me laugh ! A really great selection of poses for both male & female…sooper cute..

Lavender Hill Hunt Immerse cami dress, A&A eyeshadow,SIGMA Jewels necklace

Next up is another stunning gift, this time from Immerse. The cami dress is sweetly sassy…with a flared hemline and deep puff gathered sleeves. I teamed it up with the gift from SIGMA Jewels , which is a beautifully crafted necklace on a fine silver chain…plus one of the three hunt gift makeup products from Adore & Abore, a rich dark lilac eye shadow…

Lavender Hill Hunt Akeana'a Architecture Lovely lavender Lounge

I also picked out this lounge set to share with you from the vast array of goodies you can grab…funky huh?! Its made by a new-to-me store called  “Akeana’a Architecture”. The item comes in a rez box…which makes it easy peasy to get it all in the exact location…the chaise has quite a few poses to choose from…its verrrrry different from what Id usually go for…but the tones of lavender and purples work so well I loved it.

Lavender Hill Hunt [CIRCA]

More decor, this time from an old favourite of mine [CIRCA], always such attention to detail, and this is no different. Dont miss out on this gorgeous pouffe…not only a truly stunning texture and colour but its got soooo many delectable poses ! The shadow box table is interesting…look inside to see all the tiny trees and grass…you actually get two versions of this…the short one as above and a taller one.

Lavender Hill Hunt even.flow muffin sleeved shirt

even.flow yay! They are offering as their gift a handy-dandy blouse that will certainly jazz up your existing wardrobe pieces…worn over crisp white trousers for spring…zesty ! Beautifully shaped sleeves and a wrap belt…I adore.

Lavender Hill Hunt Leri Miles Designs mesh sweater

Last up for today…is this fun chunky sweater from Leri Miles Designs…you get two colour versions in the box which is pretty cool…both with a sort of shabby vintage feel to them…complete with missed knitted stitches that lends it a realism I love ! Zan has some more to show from this hunt so get your huntin goggles on and start searching out the goodies !

Lavender Hill Hunt blog (all info &LM’s here)

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Whore Couture

Sooo the Whore Couture Fair is open..I finally managed to get over and take a it is BUSY !  Big squidgy thanks to the designers who let us see some of their work…I pawed over Leri Miles Designs lingerie..called “tease”, daringly low cut bra cups to expose perky nipples…fab garter, panties & stockings…yummy…other colours available..

Also love love LOVED this skin from Al vulvo “Alena bad girl”, looks like she’s been scrapping over the latest hot guy to hit the block huh? The tan was just right for me..(there is a good girl version also with no torn lip) Paradisis has some gorj stuffage out..I liked the “Toxic bitch” mini dress..Play zone across your boobs, and uh..Ill leave you to find out whats written across yer butt ! Haul your tushies over and take a gander…looks to be a great affair ! Thanks Treyy & Miss qwerty ❤

Whore couture fair

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Leri Miles does Glam

Oh gawd..I’m so getting mesh fever lately…when I saw the preview of Leri Miles gift for the seasons palette hunt, I just HAD to go find it. (And you all know how bad Iam at hunts!) It’s wasnt sooo hard to find but it also ensured I got a good tour around the store, which is a greaaaaat thing cause Im sure like me, you usually miss whats around you when you’re hunting and you surely don’t want to miss the goodies on offer here !

The dress is mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see it properly. In the box you have a choice of two sizes which is handy fitted my shape perfectly with no shape  modding required. The dress is just so glamorous…almost vintage in style..reminds me of those Hollywood starlets on the red carpet..slit to the  thigh along one side..the fabric is gorgeous..faded pinky burgundy tones…a halter top…adorbs. I love how it clung to my body and moved with me ~happy sigh~…go get lucky and hunt it down !

Leri Miles Designs

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Christmas at Home

These last few days I’ve been a real homebody……shopping…the same in SL really…so when I received the latest release from Leri Miles Designs…and it was a little bit retro…I had to break out my vintage vacuum cleaner and bake ! The dress is called “Jade”… and has crisp sharp lines to it..a real body hugger, butter wouldn’t melt and classy. The little puff sleeves have resizers in them for the perfect fit, as does the belt, which is also colour change so you can really personalise your look. It has a Audrey Hepburn, breakfast at Tiffany’s feel about it, I adore !

I found some old sheer natural coloured stockings that I thought complimented the tone of these dresses…add in a pair of GOS pumps et voila! Deceptively simple and so well made…its a keeper for me. 250 single tones, fat pack for 1850L (thats a huge saving !) Thanks Leri xx

The vacuum cleaner is this months gift from FIN the 50’s store…it has sounds and is animated…love it ! (no group join fee yay) Have a look around , last visit I bought one of the washing machines…not expensive and sooo fab. If you’re into the 50’s or just love that era’s style…you’ll fall in love with Fin, clothing,decor all sorts to be found there !

Jade dress: Leri Miles Designs

vintage vacuum cleaner: FIN