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Pause for thought! (25Lds for 500Lds).

I wasn’t going to eat that last brownie, I wasn’t going to finish that last drop of wine and I most certainly wasn’t going to SL and yet again I’m so glad I did or else I would have missed this excellent offer from Leri Miles Design.  For a short time only, so put on your ice skates and skate over there and grab it, she has not only reduced her VIP group joining free to only 25Lds BUT you get a stonking 500Lds credit to your name.Shirt

Chosing what I was going to spend my Lindens on was real easy because I’d spotted both items on previous visits and just like RL I love nothing better than a simple oversized mans shirt.  A range of colours to chose from all the mesh sizes and of course demos available.

DressThis dress is now a staple design in SL, a casual dress with a zippered front but what makes this one more memorable is the patterned panel at the front and the lovely old retro fabric even it’s name Maribel has a lovely old twang to it. So I actually picked 2 items that I wanted to keep and not the newest designs she has out.  Special mention is that the 60Lds offer of some lovely high waisted pants are still out, some lovely colours.  Please don’t forget to check out the upstairs as well, the steps leading up there and just outside the front doors so even more goodies for you to find.

In the first picture you can see the lovely mittens from mon ami, free, but you can’t see the even nicer matching slippers.  A sweet little shop in what looks like an interesting sim so I will be popping back later for a good look around.  There is a wall of Gacha’s some LB’s and of course this freebie.  Simple and sweet.

Leri Miles Design

mon ami

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Wanda & Buffy(& small cute freebie).

Holy Moley I checked my bank account and I have money! so time for treats.

Treat timeIn RL I can’t get away with shoulder less tops, I have a tendency to look as though I’m a rugby player with my shoulders and as for mini skirts! so basically SL allows me to dress in ways that RL won’t (yes that also included walking around with coochie cutters and nip flashing).  I got the skirt first and my first thought is damn it’s so summery and I don’t feel summery then my second thought was ooo look at that pattern and I was determined to find a top to match or in this case a contrast.  The mix of coloured dots on the (cowl)?) neck and the brown body means that this top can be worn with many colours, shorts or trousers.  The top is called Wanda and comes from Leri Miles Design which is a shop I’ve been popping into on a daily basis to see what the newest Advent Calender is. It’s nice to see that if you’ve missed a day you can still pick it up not free but she had items priced from a 1Ld to a 100Ld and the more expensive items come with demos.  Everything is very Christmassy themed.

The skirt is called Buffy and comes from Misteria which is a small shop but it has a bit of this and a bit of that which sometimes means you end up buying more than you planned for.  So there is some SLink nails, a little bit of furniture, some crying tattoo layers (bought them), bags and Gachas, some clothes and some poses one of which I’m actually using in my picture.  The lovely hair bow is also a Miseria Gacha item but the cute freebie is the arrow through the head.



The cheat is because I’ve just used this picture previously but it was the wreath I was blogging  but because I loved everything about this picture from the colour to the clothes I snapped off a couple more photos of the new Noor hair from Mina’s.


Each hair colour pack comes with an easy to use hud and those hairs which come with accessories (not this hair) usually can be changed with the hud as well as the sizing.  Thinking about it my head must be the perfect size for Mina hair because I’ve never had to adjust the sizing.

Hair 22

AARRGGHH How did I miss this it’s SALE TIME at Mina’s hair a massive 50% off so time to start clicking and grab those bargains!  Mens hair and petites also so something for everyone.

Leri Miles Design (LMD)

miseria(Skirt and Freebie)

Mina Hair

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Blondie(Advent Calendar)


OMG how much does this blonde hair make me look like Faith! Thought I would wear it for a change but this post isn’t about the hair (just an old one from a shop now gone) but the lovely Advent Callenar gift from Leri Miles Design.  Not free but top quality and cheap price.  Mesh, of course, and sleeveless.  Little capped sleeves and a stylised collar and of course that wintery pattern.  Simple and yet lovely.

Advent2Another Leri Miles item from her calender.  I also picked up a sweet scarf for only 1Ld but since it wouldn’t fit either top I’ve omitted it from the pictures but it is lovely and will be worn with other outfits.  This is a  lovely knitted cardie/coat with a hoodie down the back.

Nothing is free on this Advent Calendar but that’s because this is all Leri Miles Quality, the same items which can be bought in her shop she is almost giving it away for a token price.  A few items are a single linden but the top is only 25Lds and the cardie 40Lds.  What I really appreciate is that she has a whole mix of outfits from simple scarf to a ball gown, from a cuddly cardie to a flowery blouse.

Leri Miles Designs

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The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt

I heard about The swimming Pool Blues Hunt a couple of days ago…SO glad I did because the gifts are just terrific ! Each gift is only 5L…some are easier than others to find…but…I did find them (as you know I’m appallingly bad at hunting) A couple of the designers very kindly forwarded a review copy for me…that probably saved me about ten hours of searching , so thank you! The chair Im lounging in is from Prism Furniture…such a unique style shape on this item and lots of poses…my skinny fit leather pants are from Casual Couture…great fit and love love LOVE the slit at ankle height..really makes these POP…

Next up is this stunning chair from Kusshon, only 2 prims and stuffed with poses for both male & females, Kusshon always always alwaysss make fantabulous fun pieces and this is no exception…alongside me is the hunt prize from SFW Industries ,  featuring the beautiful underwater photography of  Elena Kalis. This grouping of pictures will only take up one of your precious prims yay! (Btw…something I see asked a lot in the forums, is where you can find classic business wear…take a peek at SFW’s small but good range in their loft. You can get there by using the tp instore)

Plenty of items to practice lounging about on…like this sofa from MM(Home)..bright jewel tone blues give it a cool fresh appeal, with its pristine white seat – ..go visit the store and look at their prefabs…great prices and lovely!

The Boathouse and Leri Miles Designs are both in this hunt too…that made me extra smiley cause I do love both of these stores ! Leri Miles has this sooper sweet mesh dress out, adore its layers of ruffles around the front – very Bo-peep! The BoatHouse, always so generous has set out this whole set of rag rug,sideboard and framed print…

New-to-me store YoPulga are giving this adorable mesh sweater as their prize one shoulder covered the other not, tres chic …

Bet you’ve been wondering where the sweet blue home was from that I’ve taken most of the photos in and around hmm? Well yes, it’s also up for grabs. L&K Prefabs have it hidden as their prize ! Cool blues for the washed out wood…little boxes of plants on the walls…and a split level interior…so summery.

Heres all the info:

The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt blog



SFW Industries


Casual Couture

Leri Miles Design

L&K Prefabs

Prism Furniture