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Morning of the night before…

PinkCherry NEW!!

Great night out…wake up…and your far from home…knickerless and lost your bag…typical! (so my friends tell me anyway ! ) When I saw this new release from PinkCherry I adored it…such a sweet front…

PinkCherry NEW!

Cute frilled mini dress with a leopard print insert to run from bust to hem…dainty shoulder straps…but its the rear that’s the killer deal ! Laced over your exposed skin, leaving n o t h i n g to the imagination…rawrrrrr! Big selection of colours in this so go take a peek !



Im hanging on the phone…

rawrrrrrrrrr hello kitties! I’ve got some fahhhbulous dollarbies from Pink Label for you *purrrr* and its all leopard prints yummm. These are being offered at The Wash back of a truck sale for one teeny linden dollar…the azure jeans & tops are deelish…great summery colour…specially like this midriff top with its beautifully seamed cuffs & neckline..

Theres also a tube top in matching print *purrrrrs into the phone*

Now when Talena was telling me about these sandals..I was imagining know those ballerina type ones? I didn’t think for one moment they would be like this! Lordddy I LOVE them! I was out & about the other day looking for JUST this !!! Absolutely splendid summery shoooz..anddd you can change the jewel colours form the HUD, the metal colours (including on the dainty little toe rings) they also have oooodles of pedicure tones..can you believe these are just 10L? Soooo I had to dashh over to the store and check if there were more…

and there was yippee! These are the ” Ariadne jeweled sandals” and I just adore this colour called Tortoise…trust me..these are going to be a summer time must have….great classic colour that will blend with most any clothing tones you have…~happy sigh~

Go get catty: Pink Label at the Wash for dollarbies           Pink Label store for the shoooz


New kid on the block

I was trawling through the market place yesterday and came across a new designer (yippeee) Regina’s is a very new store and I was lucky enough to bump into the owner Regina George when I popped over to the store. We had a little chat and she directed me to  a box on the counter full of goodies for 1L. Im wearing one of the four tops in that box above, the butterfly tube in a gorgeous deep gold, ideal for wearing with shorts or jeans etc..such a beautiful motive in the midddle .

There’s also one in red (one of my favourite summery colours)

I had to show you the “royalty” tank thats also in the gift box…such a pretty blue…love my hat? Its from [kik] and you get bunches of different styles for 100L, crazzzzzzzy big (no I didnt edit them this big they just ARE!) Would look so cool with the maxi dresses & gypsy skirts that are in vogue currently no?

This is the spunky little number that made me haul my tushy over to the store. I caught it on the market place but its also available in the shop by the desk…(bag of hearts by teefy)

Perfectly detailed front & rear…good with boots or heels…Head over today and take a wander about…regina says the store is growing by the day !

Go get pritty: Regina’s


Leopard Loveliness and more!

Leopard/Crochet ComboJust wanting to share with all of you some newness from one of my absolutely faaav stores!  So Many Styles has some great new designs out for Spring! Awesome colors and texturing on ALL of her items.  They are mostly seperates, however they’re put together in such an edgy and current way that I just HAD to buy each item that was in the ad on the wall of the shop! ::eek!::

This fabulous leopard print skirt is highwaisted, super cute and only L$150! It comes in 3 other super cute colors and is paired with a lacy blouse in a delightfully springy purple, only L$140 (comes in 9 colors!!) It can either be worn cropped for the tucked in look, or longer for the blousey feeling.

Grey Skirt/Crochet comboI just couldn’t resist and had to pick up the solid high waisted skirt also!  It comes in 4 other colors and is the same price as the leopard.   The grey looks super cute with the cropped tank in coral, which is only L$120 (also comes in 9 colors!!)  Again, this can be worn cropped or longer.   I also picked up the accessories shown in both pics….perfect add-ons to complete ANY outfit!  The plastic bangles come in a pack of 6 different colors for L$160.   The thin belts are sold individually for only L$90 a piece, however they come with 2 in the pack, with the options to either wear it with silver or gold hardware!  Available in 5 colors.   Love love LOVE this place!!!  Defintely take a look around the rest of the shop as well as upstairs for some awesome pieces that are just absolute must-haves!

Go get styled: So Many Styles