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Feeling blue.(Freebies).

I LOVE balloons, big fat floaty balloons warms the cockle of my cold heart so when I spotted the big fat floaty sparkling balloon gift from Merak naked or dressed it was going to be mine.

Sadly it wasn’t to be because the box I got didn’t contain any balloony! it contained yet another box.  So I popped back and grabbed a fresh box and opened that and yup Noooo Balloony!

Not sure what’s up but the good thing is that the box you’re sent is a bonus identical copy of the “delivery box” but minus the floating script and this means for only 2 prims you get a really lovely item of decor…it’s just not a BALLOON!

OK, I might be making the mistake and clicking the wrong thing but you can guarantee that when I log back inworld I’ll be heading over to Merak and making sure I was clicking on the right gift giver.

There are also other old gifts inside which I have blogged previously, just recently the cake stand with the tartlets on.

It’s also worth mentioning that Merak now has more stock, on my previous visits the shop basically had nothing in it but now outside on the stands are some very interesting home and garden items but this and the other gifts are inside the shop.  Another thing is that Merak is on a gorgeous and atmospheric sim and even if you’re not in a shopping mood this is a place to practice your photography skills as all the hard work has been done for you and all you need to do it point and click and you’re almost guaranteed to get a stunning picture.

I will also be checking to see if the dress I’m wearing is still set out as a freebie as this one has now been added to my “keepers” folder.  I won’t go on much about it but will add the LM to the end if it is still out because I do have NEW Freebies.

Sorry although these are set for anyone to grab you have to have SLink High Feet for them they also come with a big 10 denim textured colour hud and of course they gave me a good excuse to put this dress on again.  They are just in the entrance of the Legionnaire shop and there is yet another gift of a Maxi Dress and shoes for the free to join SL frees & offers group.



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Just a quickie.(Freebie).

I’ve got a whole load of home and garden stuff lined up but I thought before I took a break for lunch I’d do this quickie.

A simple slip dress with a small colour hud, a pretty staple design in everyone’s SL closet now but if you don’t have one of these yet then it’s a good time to pop over to Legendaire for it.  This one is FREE for all but the Legendaire group is a paid for one, I think it’s 100Lds and for that you can get oodles as there is a wall of them downstairs and a similar one upstairs.time to

This freebie and one for the SL free’s and offers group is just at the entrance before you go in.

Time for lunch as I’m starting to get HANGRY! and you wouldn’t like me when I’m HANGRY!


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A Very Bad Case of Resting B*tch Face!(But Ooodles of FREEBIES).

I’ve edited the picture to see if I can help smack that B* Face off me but I think a paper bag would have been a better choice LOL.

I used this pose because I wanted to show off the crown which comes with this outfit lol.  Anyhow, I know that I’ve done a post about Legendaire but the Legendaire group is still FREE to join but since this might be over today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow etc it will be over soon so don’t delay.

What you will find there is not just 1 board of GG’s but sit on the TP in front of the board and it takes you upstairs to yet another big board of GG’s.

You will also notice big fat heart shaped gift boxes scattered around the shop and these are super bargains ie 10-20Lds. I can’t remember if I bought any of them on my last visit but if they’re the same quality as the GG’s then they’re well worth those few Lindens.

If for some reason you don’t want to join the Legendaire group at the entrance is a FREE for ALL gift and it’s the deep pink shoes in this picture.

The outfit I’m wearing comes with the shoes, dress with a hud, necklace and of course the Tiara because after all we’re all friggen Princesses.

Lots and lots of really good gifts here esps for me the shoe and there is more designs than the ones shown.

So a quick post as I’m so busy but I didn’t want anyone to miss the change to grab all of this before the group goes back to being non free.

PS Going from memory oodles of sizes in both clothes and shoes so you should find a fit for you.


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Insane Mutters! (Free Group and Free Fantasy).

First things first I’ve just got a notice through from Legendaire that for the next 24 hours the group is set to free to join and I do remember from previous posts that there is often a really good Group Gift set out in fact I do believe if I am thinking of the right shop there is a whole wall of really good GG’s and the reason I can’t be exact is because the shop is stuffed with greedy AV’s and I can’t get in LOL.  So keep on trying till you can.

The second notice is for this super fantasy skybox.


Just plain fun, I bet Faith will pick this one up as I did for some brilliant background pictures but think outside of the box, or at least outside of the dome in this case.


Just shove in some fantasy furniture and move in!


I’m actually really impressed how they have managed to fill the ceiling in.


This is to give you some indication of the size. Even if you just grab this and keep it in your invent for just a time in the future when you need to make a Birthday Party a special event etc.

The skybox comes from Ishara and it’s a Free to join group, the odd thing is is that Ishara is a clothes shop but it’s nice to come across the unusual in the most unexpected places.

Time to log off.



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Its F.A.D Baby (feebie inc)

FREE Mesh fur jacket

A new event for moi – there’s so many to go to these days huh? As I arrived I was greeted by this super-duper little free fur jacket as a gift – joined the group (free to join) and snapped it up, really neat little thing, made by Me Sew Sexy. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique Mesh body – and as you can see it works great. New hair by Elua (fast becoming one of my fav hair makers) This is available at the latest round of Uber.

LEGENDAIRE complete outfit - 3 colours inc,jeans,shoes & scarf $159L

The reason I went to the event was this outfit by Legendaire, you get the whole thing for just $159L – that’s shoes for slink high feet, jeans, sweater and attached scarf – plussss there is a HUD, for three changes of colour on the sweater and scarf woohoo! What a great bargain. The only downside for me, was it wasn’t particularly brill with my mesh body (which I rarely take off I have to admit).

LEGENDAIRE complete outfit with shoes,jeans scarf & top - $159L

There was one teeny tiny patch that peeked through on the arms – and that would drive me nuts! I edited that out for the sake of the photos, so be aware the jeans fit beautifully over my mesh body, the top not so much. All in all its such a lovely Autumn/Winter outfit I will keep it for the days I remove my mesh body.