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Im sooo chuffed to have been invited to blog for Legal Insanity….thank you ! It means of course..I will be able to show you the goodies *squeee*….Just to get the ball rolling…and because the slogan on this dress made me laugh SO hard…heres something to wet your taste buds… why is it So funny? Welllll….the other day I happened to mention to Stevie…that I had found a new stasshhhh of Johnny Depp backgrounds for my puter…gawd…his snort of derision almost blew my ear drums out ! Anddd here is thee perfect mesh dress to torment him with…slogan says “I wish this was Johnny Depp”, with a jaunty arrow pointing *grins*…there are a squillion other versions, all with cute & funny words and designs on them.(awww even some pussy cats)..go see if you can find one that makes you laugh….

The skin Im wearing is by Dulce Secrets..its called “Jacelyn”, isnt it a real Bobby Dazzler? Totally adorbs face..and the nipples are divine…lovely skin tone also…can you believe this is only 55L at the moment? Mmmhmm….its a limited time offer, so dashhhhh if you want it at this cracking price !

Legal Insanity

Dulce Secrets