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Help Meee !

Simone 2

Whilst out shopping I ran into this lovely chap and we got chatting. He has been out of Second Life for seven long years and wanted to revamp his look ! Soooo – betcha know what I’m going to say right? Yep – I said no worries lets do it !!

I’ve started by looking at mesh bodies – gosh men don’t really have a lot of choice do they? I tried the free Altamura which I wasn’t keen on, then the dollarbie Legacy body which is really quite cool. Id love to get a Catwa head – I’ve been playing around with the Daniel static head (you can buy add ons) which I really love BUT – I just cant seem to get the neck seam right as there isn’t a fit for the Legacy body arggggh! I need to find a good body & head combo.

Suggestions please?

Ill be looking at EVERYTHING, clothes, eyes, shoes, sneakers, skins, heads & bodies.

Thank youuuu & much love ! xxx