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Get on yer bike

A new month has started and we love those don’t we? You can always count on some awesome new releases and gifts and today I have both thanks to swaffette Firefly and SF Design!

She has just put out her brand new ‘Biker Leather Pants’ and they are brilliant. I’m generally not a huge leather pants wearing kinda guy but I really, really like these ones. The texture on them is perfect, not too shiny but still definitely leather-looking.

The creases, both front and back, look absolutely excellent and the pants come in either a regular waist or low-rise versions on both the pants and underwear layer. The sculpted cuffs come in two different sizes and are so easy to fit plus you also get the super studded belt to match each colour in three different versions (and each one has a separate version of its own with a resizer script) including that ‘less hips’ type that I just always have to mention.

These pants come in four fantastic colours: black, blue, burgundy and brown. These pants will only cost you the amazing price of L$150 while you can snap up the burgundy pair for your September gift. How brilliant is that! With their great look and colours, these are definitely worth adding to your collection. Thanks swaffette!

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Oh boy, do b[elle]issima have a group gift for you guys this July. It’s absolutely jam-packed with gear. Everything you see in the following pictures (aside from the hair base and hair) is part of the gift and yes, that does include the skin!

Since we’re getting close to the American Independence Day, the gift definitely has a 4th of July feel with the American flag shown on the awesomely made white t-shirt and very celebratory top hat (love the fireworks and flashing lights!). Aside from the shirt, top hat and skin you also get a pair of dark red leather pants which come in three versions: regular, distressed and worn (which I’ve got on in these pictures) and these come with some well-fitting prim cuffs.

And I’m still going! I told you this gift was jam-packed. Last but not least you get this pair of red ankle boots. They are easily fitted and come with that wicked alpha layer. I know I mention that a lot but I personally find it very helpful. I love the leather texture on these boots and the little strap that goes across the back of the boot, brilliant.

If you haven’t joined up already, now is the time to head on down to
b[ELLE]issima and do so to take advantage of their wonderful gifts. Just so you know, the group does carry a little L$10 joining fee. There is also a group gift for you ladies as well and I’ve been told that Bella will be blogging that soon, so look out for that.

Get the gear here: b[ELLE]issima


Get in the pink

My my my Talena Carissa @ Pink Label has been sooper busy with her new Spring collection and I’ve got allll the goodies to show you! (thanks Talena)  This is the new group gift for members (small group join fee applies) Gorjuss leather lowrise pants and  a sweet little plaid shirt, love it! Go visit the members room, there’s heaps for you to take as gifts once you’re all joined up yay!

Pink Label gina sandals,leather lowrise & black stars top

I’m showing the Leather low rise pants (25L) & Black Stars ruffle top (25L), along with the Gina sandals (50L-gawd sooo many options on these its MAD!)). The leather pants come in a multitude of colours,great cuffs and ever so lowwww ! The simple short top comes with two sizes of ruffles to suit your bust size. Choose your look and mixymatchy it alll up! I so much prefer to make my own style than be limited to whats-in-the-box, don’t you?

Pink Label Lena wedges & Spring plaid bikini

Above I’m lounging around in the Spring plaid bikini which is only 10L,  and the absolutely adorable Lena wedge shoes a total steal for 49L..Talena has a new HUD system for her shoes, which brings her shoes into the big league ..all of the shoes at Pink Label are such good value for great quality…one thing I must stress though…to ensure a great fit and perfect skin match…READ the note in the box. Im sooo guilty of not reading instructions ! If you follow the notecard, you will get fantastic shoes. I use the simple dimple RGB method that these shoes allow you to do…easy!

Last look for today from Pink Label is the summery boho skirt,it comes in a set with a ruffly cropped top (45L), but you can also pick up alternative shirts that go with it too…I picked out the gorgeous criss cross top just 25L, it has  a really lovely gentle sheen to it and great creasing for that realistic look. The skirt comes with the donut belt, perfect tones for the sunnier days. Of courrrse I had to wear the lana wedges again..I just adore these and at 49L they wont break your SL piggy bank.

Go slip into spring: Pink Label


101 Dalmations @ Bubblez !

Bubblez Yuuki outfit 75L

A new special offer form Bubblez has hit the grid…and as soon as I wore it…I thought  101 dalmations !! Its spotty & dotty and uber cute. You get the sweater with scrunched up bottom, an under bra..matching belt and leather type jeans…all for 75L !  Once again, an outfit you can wear as is, or pull apart …thanks milo! Wanna closer look? click the pic !

Go get spotty : Bubblez