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Biker Chic

SF Design - Biker Chic - inc. mesh boots,pants & jacket

I was sorting through my inventory yesterday and found something I hadn’t had time to blog from SF Design. Ever had one of those “whoa” moments? I knew I hadn’t tried this Biker outfit on, so thought I would and WOW… duckling to a swan, it transformed me into this über cool biker chic in a jiffy! The set comes in a variety of delish colours, I was going to go with the bright red, but SO loved this glam ivory creamy leather, I got hooked and went with it.

SF Design - Biker Chic inc mesh boots jacket & pants

In the set you get the boots (rigged and not) super tight luscious leather leggings that sit superbly inside the boots. Plus the simply gorgeous leather jacket, complete with heaps of zips & buckles…The fit is just SO good, I felt a million bucks ! Head on down to SF Design and take a gander – don’t forget to join the group (small fee) and pick up your mesh colour change gloves too !

SF Design store

SF Design market place store

SF Design blog

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Urban Girl

ArisAris NEW! FREE BAG - Septem Essentia !

ArisAris have a new complete look out and I really like it…its called “Boston” and comprises of a beautifully made pair of leather capri length pants, a shirt with attached sweater, and the baggy topped boots…the quality is superbio ! I just put it all straight on, one minor size adjustment for the boots (I swear I’ve got pixie sized feet!) and everything fitted purrrfectly. While I was mooching about the other night, I came across this store called “Septem Essentia”, right in the entry way is a pile of lovely bags & purses for free…the one I’m holding here is my fav, big tote, colour change and versions with poses and without, for hands and shoulder. Not sure is they will be there for long, so dash!

ArisAris store

ArisAris blog

ArisAris market place

Septem Essentia

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Leather clad Babe

G&N Quality Design Free Gift outfit

Dropped in at G&N Quality Design this morning to grab up a free gift theyd shown in the group notices…and its pretty fahhhbulous. You get the brilliant mesh vest, that’s got embroidered skull motif’s on..great leather texture to this and some gorgeous detailing on the back…plusss…the leather pants and bikini style top (both non mesh) also the silver chain belt…doesnt get better than that huh?! No group to join, just hit the board and its yours. I actually had a drift around while I was there…and saw some totally adorable outfits, a mixture of mesh and non mesh for those who havent moved over 100% yet. Thanks G&N !

G&N Quality Design

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The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt

I heard about The swimming Pool Blues Hunt a couple of days ago…SO glad I did because the gifts are just terrific ! Each gift is only 5L…some are easier than others to find…but…I did find them (as you know I’m appallingly bad at hunting) A couple of the designers very kindly forwarded a review copy for me…that probably saved me about ten hours of searching , so thank you! The chair Im lounging in is from Prism Furniture…such a unique style shape on this item and lots of poses…my skinny fit leather pants are from Casual Couture…great fit and love love LOVE the slit at ankle height..really makes these POP…

Next up is this stunning chair from Kusshon, only 2 prims and stuffed with poses for both male & females, Kusshon always always alwaysss make fantabulous fun pieces and this is no exception…alongside me is the hunt prize from SFW Industries ,  featuring the beautiful underwater photography of  Elena Kalis. This grouping of pictures will only take up one of your precious prims yay! (Btw…something I see asked a lot in the forums, is where you can find classic business wear…take a peek at SFW’s small but good range in their loft. You can get there by using the tp instore)

Plenty of items to practice lounging about on…like this sofa from MM(Home)..bright jewel tone blues give it a cool fresh appeal, with its pristine white seat – ..go visit the store and look at their prefabs…great prices and lovely!

The Boathouse and Leri Miles Designs are both in this hunt too…that made me extra smiley cause I do love both of these stores ! Leri Miles has this sooper sweet mesh dress out, adore its layers of ruffles around the front – very Bo-peep! The BoatHouse, always so generous has set out this whole set of rag rug,sideboard and framed print…

New-to-me store YoPulga are giving this adorable mesh sweater as their prize one shoulder covered the other not, tres chic …

Bet you’ve been wondering where the sweet blue home was from that I’ve taken most of the photos in and around hmm? Well yes, it’s also up for grabs. L&K Prefabs have it hidden as their prize ! Cool blues for the washed out wood…little boxes of plants on the walls…and a split level interior…so summery.

Heres all the info:

The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt blog



SFW Industries


Casual Couture

Leri Miles Design

L&K Prefabs

Prism Furniture



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Zebra…did you know?

Did you know Zebra print is one of the least used designs in the clothing industry? Ya me comes right after Giraffe (allegedly) anyways…a long awaited release from Poison is always good news ! The zebra print jacket comes in versions for guys & chicks..its got resizers for the perfect fit..and a really lush purrrple inner silk lining..great details as always…cuffs..heaps of buckles etc…gorjuss! Be sure to choose the right size Male / female !

Zebra Jacket 350L : Poison

Leather biker pants & belt (other colours available) : SF Design

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Hunt Them Down

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve still been ‘On the Hunt’ and managed to find a couple more items from it that I thought you ought to see.

The hair you can see me wearing above is from the good folk at MADesigns and is called ‘Sam’ in dark blonde. I usually leave the blondeness to Faith but who can pass up a hunt gift from MADesigns no matter the colour. It’s a great, stylish ‘do and I like it a lot. They have also included one of their new female couture hairs in the gift called Selita so you ladies have something to find too.

The black outfit is from [TK] Designs, another cool new store for me. You get the black satin shirt and leather pants in this gift and both look super. The satin shirt comes with an easy to wear collar and the leather pants have wickedly realistic creases in them.

So there you are, another couple of tremendous hunt gifts for your Friday that you should definitely track down. You’re looking for a magnifying glass for ‘On the Hunt’ and neither store should cause you too much stress in finding them.

Get the gear here:
Hair: MADesigns
Outfit: [TK] Designs

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Leather up

It’s the begining of a new know what that means right? Yes yes yes SF Design has a gift waiting for you to collect ! For September you’re being really spoilt with this scrummy pair of leather jeans in burgundy, complete with a stunning belt & prim cuffs. Of course because its SF Design, you get heaps of choices, hipsters & higher waist fit, resizer or not…I have to say…the fabric of the pants is just to-die-for ! I teamed mine up with the muscle tank from SFD also, purrrfect match!  50L per tank or a great big fat pack of all 10 for just 250L (gawd I just love that belt to death) The faux fur jacket I slung on is also from SF Design, I bought a whole bunch of these wayyyyy back in 2008 and hurrah now its been remade with a luscious sculpted body and much fluffier furr !!! Its deeelicious and the furr moves and sways…thanks Swaffette for updating me and not laughing too hard at that 2008 photo of me in my old one *winks*…grab yourself one before the winter chills you, only 300L !

Had to show you the leather pants in my favourite shade of rich brown, worn with my very old suede engineer boots and another of those oh-so-useful muscle tanks, pants also available in blue..150L a pair..the burgundy shade is free!

Leather biker pants, ladies muscle tanks, faux fur jacket: SF Design

arm band: Kosh

necklace photo two : group gift dark mouse

poses: hate me eat me