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My Department

I’m definitely a fan of The Mens Dept, which is a monthly sales event where a bunch of amazing designers put out an equally amazing selection of gear for brilliant prices. This month being no different, I went down and managed to get out of there without buying everything. Even so, I did get a couple of things to show you all.

Above you can see the mesh leather jacket and shirt combo that I’ve got on which is from a store called [Pumpkin] which I’d never heard of until now. On the strength of this though, I’ll definitely be checking out more from them. The details and texturing on both the shirt and jacket are fantastic, especially the leather, and I’m loving the way the shirt hangs lower than the jacket as well. It comes in three sizes and the medium is the one I’m wearing, it fit me absolutely perfectly. After picking up the jacket, I strolled around and saw that Poetic Colours had some eyes out for sale there and well, I couldn’t go past them as PC eyes are just about all I wear. The nightfall eyes come in a range of amazing colours and each colour comes in either regular or scripted mesh eyes, bright or dark (I’ve got the bright ones on) and three different sizes for each.

The jacket/shirt from [Pumpkin] will cost you L$125 and the Poetic Colour eyes are only L$100. Both items are tremendous value and I definitely think you guys should take a trip down to the Mens Dept and have a look at what they’ve got before they switch out their stock again.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept

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Cracked on Leather

Milo Bubble’s magical fingers have been bizzy again..and we have a brilliant new winter jacket ! It comes in both a female & male you guys can get smexy too. The leather is really fantastic..if youre lookin for realism..heres your baby…deelicious cracked leather..lotsa zips and a really superb tie with milo’s trademark details on it. You can opt for a collar only and no tie also..oh! I just noticed its on Bubblez market place store also hooray! this means you can treat your mates to it for Christmas..perfect !  Dont forget to stalk those lucky boards while youre there, theres heaps and the outfits are gorgeousss..Thanks Milo xx

Winter leather jacket: Bubblez

Winter jacket market place store for gifting:

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Zebra…did you know?

Did you know Zebra print is one of the least used designs in the clothing industry? Ya me comes right after Giraffe (allegedly) anyways…a long awaited release from Poison is always good news ! The zebra print jacket comes in versions for guys & chicks..its got resizers for the perfect fit..and a really lush purrrple inner silk lining..great details as always…cuffs..heaps of buckles etc…gorjuss! Be sure to choose the right size Male / female !

Zebra Jacket 350L : Poison

Leather biker pants & belt (other colours available) : SF Design

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Keep you hanging on the telephone

I am permanently attached to my iPhone..always…my hand is perfectly formed to justttt the right shape to cradle it..its my bebe..and its…when I saw this iPhone AO, complete with a wearable phone..I HAD to have it ! I saw it on mimi juneau’s flickr this morning…and couldnt wait to dashhhh over to mimi’s choice to buy it…650L will bag you the AO & wearable phone made by GA. It has five stands, one type, one walk,one sit and one ground sit. Also one hover, one prejump and one land ! The phone is just sooper detailed…and the motion of the ao is fluid.

While I was there I thought Id better mooch around a bit….noticed GizzA have this awesomesauce free bikers jacket out, scrummy textures and fantabulous detailing as always…go get yours !

iphone ao : Gaeline Creations  at mimi’s choice

Leather jacket: GizzA at mimi’s choice

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Missing Winter Already

As the dreaded warmer months draw ever nearer here in Australia, swaffette Firefly has decided to tease me by putting out a winter coat for SF Design’s Monday Mania item!

Thank goodness the weather is not a factor here in Second Life and I can wear this jacket whenever I wish because it is awesome. Beautiful looking black leather with wonderfully warm looking furry collar and cuffs, you’ll look cool but won’t be cool in this jacket. The coat bottom is flexi that moves nicely with you when you walk and fits so perfectly. I just wore the cuffs, collar and bottom and I was ready. The attachments also come in smaller sizes as well so you’ll have no problems with this wicked jacket at all.

As always, for today only you can have this coat for just L$25 which is an amazing bargain. You can – and should – pick it up at this special price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design 

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Elton sung it best…”Leather Jackets”

yabba yabba a new leather jacket from Poison ! We knewww he was making it..he tormented us for a few days…and now we have our grubby little paws on it *squeals*…One version for guys, one for us girls…its a stunner. Perfect prims that needed no editing for me, Steve tugged his around for a second..and here we are lookin uberly cool..

“And look at them boys in leather jackets…Second skin, not fade away…Danger girls love leather jackets…Play back to back, and that’ll be the day…Leather jackets, that’ll be the day”
Sooper textures and amazing details as always with these, a steal at 350L each! Adored the blood red silk lining. Resizers inside for the perfect fit…thanks Corocota xx
Rider Jacket: Poison
Steves Poses: Diesel works
Faiths poses : Glitterati
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Let’s Play Polo

Faith passed me a note last night mentioning Kal Rau gifts I could pick up at Mimi’s Choice and so naturally I had to check it out. While I was there I bumped into Mimi herself who very kindly showed me to the Kal Rau gear and pointed out these new polo shirts. They looked fabulous and had to get my hands on them.

They come in a delicious range of colours and the texture on them is lovely. Included with these polos is the sculpted collar and bottom of the shirt. There are four different versions of the bottoms: three with a cool-looking belt attached (each in a different colour) and one without the belt. All the attachments are super simple to fit with their resizer script. Not only do these polos look amazing but they are also a great buy at L$290 each.

Once I finished drooling over the polo tops I was able to turn my concentration back to the free gifts which I promptly snatched up. There are two of them and they are the brown leather jacket and dog tags that you can see above. The jacket is simple but brilliant, the leather texture is so lifelike and features only the one attachment which is the resizeable collar. The dog tags make a cool little accessory and are very well made, also resizeable via script.

Mimi’s Choice is a great place to go and shop, plenty of gems to be found such as the Kal Rau stuff I’ve shown here. It is most definitely hazardous to your wallet though because of the sheer amount of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: Mimi’s Choice
You should also take a look at the Kal Rau store here: Kal Rau