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Look who’s here with a great deal for the guys !

Player has been doing an overhaul of his wardrobe for the last week – I wish I had his perseverance ! He has also been snooping on the market place and found this really cool outfit for just $30L , heres the details:

Jacket in 3 styles (open, with shirt and with turtleneck). All in a brown tint. Brown suit pants and a pair of worn shoes. Jacket comes in 2 versions of fitted mesh and the 5 classic sizes. Pants comes in 5 classic sizes and belt option. Shoes are regular modifyable.

He also bought the same outfit in black – which we both agreed was even nicer. The jacket and pants are seperates, its not one of those put-it-all-on at once kinda deals, so you can change the shoes, pants, jacket with your existing gear. Player has a Slink body, a size M and the fitmesh option were great sizes for him. The store is called Electric Feel worth a look for the girls clothes too.

Electric Feel

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Hardcore Freebie.

Just a quickie for a super busy day but this fell into my lap and since it’s from 2 exc shops I couldn’t resist.

TBH I TPed over to the Kitja & Spirit shops, snagged, stripped, dressed, TPed, posed and clicked in about 5 mins so I can’t remember which is which but I do believe the top is the Kitja gift and the skirt is the Spirit gift BUT what I do know is that you won’t find these inside the shops you will find them at the LM where there is a little Halloween set up and there are 2 little pressies waiting for you which is the skirt and the jacket.

PS The hair is, of course, a Mina’s and this one is “Sid” and as you can tell Sid is a punk lol and even though this is one of the mens hair I think I rock it.  I have chosen one of the special colours but of course, you can get the usual colour palettes I just thought this picture needed a splash of colour to it.

Kitja & Spirit 

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Such A Playa


lParis Luxe NEW


Had some new releases come through from Luxe Paris this week, and I’m always excited to see whats new. One collection really stood out for me, it’s called “Playa” and there are plenty of options to keep you all happy. Lets start at the top ! This pretty camisole /vest comes in mesh and a non mesh version – why? Because you might want to wear it tucked in with the other pieces – helpful huh? The colour palette is really subtle and neutral – so if you wanted to wear the trousers for example with a more dramatic sweater or blouse you could easily.

Paris Luxe

The other pieces in the set consist of mesh high-waisted trousers. Beautiful buttons at the top add a little dashhhh of detail. A leather mesh jacket, that is really well finished and executed. Zippered pockets and press studs lend it an almost biker feel but it’s really classic…this little piece will fit right into your wardrobe and steal a place in your heart. My favourite? Wellll hard choice BUT…its got to be the skirt.

Paris Luxe NEW RELEASE !

I was won over by its big patch thigh pockets, a unique addition for what I thought was going to be a plain mini ! It would take you through into spring and even summer, hardworking piece huh?! (I know… I know I’m always banging on about picking items that work with your existing clothes ) Anywayyy, this is just one of the new arrivals, the store has had a major revamp and looks totally glamorous and pretty, I spied a free gift on the steps too !

Luxe Paris


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Coffee Break

kokolores Pink Cherry NEW

I found a lovely little cafe to sit at today, and whilst I was there relaxing I took a few happy snaps of this new outfit from Pink Cherry. Heres a close up of the beautiful leather jacket. Lovely detailing all over, especially like the cuffs and “split” effect at the shoulders to show a lighter fabric tone. o.O little tip for Friday – KoKoLoReS has two make up packs out for Fi*Friday! One is full of lip stains and the other is eyeliners. I’m wearing the nude lip colour along with the bonus black liner…dont miss them!

Pink Cherry - Slink Shoes

The outfit comes with these gorgy beige mesh skinny pants also – Ohhh and for some reason, as if by magic, a pair of Slink Shoes appeared in my hot little paws last night that goes SO well with this ensemble *faint*. They are called llse and I bought them in the tan tone, lovely vintage appeal to them. These are for the SLink high mesh feet, which you do need to buy to wear these.

kokolores Pink Cherry

I adore these types of outfit, so easy to wear and perfect for the season but will also take you through the rest of year as seperates yay! Each clothing piece comes with its own alpha layer and a full alpha for when your short on layers – uhm – like me ALWAYS ! (I counted five alphas last night gawd)

If you head over to PinkCherry make sure to check out the latest new pieces – some totally to-die-for coats !




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The Skinny

Poison - NEW! mesh jeans - free gift jacket

Got some skinnies from Poison…always loved Poisons jeans and these are pretty awesomesauce. Two cuff styles, I’m showing the turn back version, the unrolled is a little longer in the leg, you get both yay! As we’re getting a little sun, I plumped for this megafuntastic pattern, but there are also more trad versions in your fav faded denim. My jacket is a free gift that’s out in store (guys, there’s a gift for you also) Not mesh, which is a blessing for those who aren’t into it (yet)…the vintage leather jacket. Lovely styling and a great shade of chocolate. The store has had a revamp, its HUGE! Go take a mosey around, you’re bound to find something you like.


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Believe it or not this is an Etchaflesh mesh leather jacket.  Now if you have read this blogg before you will know I am an Etchaflesh addict and usually as soon as a notice goes out about a new product I’m there in front of the queue.  I know that I do go on a bit about their waist clinching, boob busting, cheeky corsetry but they do do other stuff and this is the first, as far as I can tell, jacket from them.  At 165 Lds for this is a good price for their excellent texturing.  What got me most was that little bit of belly showing so it’s a practical and yet saucy item.  Unlike their corsets which are sized for every size ie fried eggs to ginormous boobs this jacket comes in standard mesh sizing.  Demos available and as usual a choice of colours. If your pushed for inworld time then make sure to check out their Marketplace as they have not only all the demos but loads of promos and offers.

The notice did come through that Shaodie Parx will be getting a hunt sent up as soon as RL allows and I will be the first through those doors when that happens and of course you lot will be the first to know.

I had been looking for an outfit to go with my W&Y hat/hair.  What I love about their hair is that you simply click on the hair and you get so many choices of not only hair colours but in this case the hat and even the hat bands and not shown is the feather.  I know from all the hair with flowers and accessories I have from W&Y is the choices of colours is very generous and at such a reasonable price. This hair is in the sale room for a small sum of 100Lds and others here are just 50Lds.  So much hair so little money.  Make sure to check out the rest of the shop as even full priced they’re so reasonable. LB and free hair as well.

So I’m loving the whole look and with my cowboy boots on all I need is to find out if my horse is still in my invent and we’re off for a ride.


Etchaflesh Marketplace

W&Y (Waka and Yuki)

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The beauty

I have pretties….and Ive been saving this for a few days while I tried it all out (really that means, hugging it to myself and not sharing !) .::PiNK CHERRY::. have a set of five girly leather jackets out for you…they are sooper chic and feminine…great range of tones too…naturally I choose to show you pink…yayaya I don’t care…I adore pink…also….you might notice I finally got out of my usual skin to show you this new baby from .::BeautyCode::. , it’s called Jana…various makeups from very light lips too dramatic…loveloveLOVE the lips on these skins..(pretty please with a cherry on top – add in lighter eyebrows for us blondies? xxx)

Also new is this tres jolie satin drape back dress from .::PiNK CHERRY::. simple & elegant…really lovely shaped hemline that flatters your hips…five shades to choose from, perfect!