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Swirls & Leather go together.

Pink Cherry NEW!

In the last few days I’ve had some totally fantastic new releases to peek at from PinkCherry…the sort of styling that makes my heart go pittypatter! First up is this darling jumpsuit…when I saw the name “jumpsuit” I was thinking to those 1980’s tight-fitting type…but oh no…its more fluid….flowy….and SO pretty as above ! Lots of colours to choose from, I really liked this rich chocolate brown with gold swirrrrrrrl .

Pink Cherry White Leather NEW!

Yesterday, moments before I was about to post about the jumpsuit another new release dropped into my paws called “Saatchi”…oh oh OH! Leatherrrrrr…..diamonte studs…..”squeee”, again quite a few colours in this. I’m still fascinated by all things white at the moment…so I chose this delicious silvery white version to show you. Check out the back view when you go over to the store, its different and gives this little dress a hefty dash of o.O appeal!