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FLF This. (Fifty Linden Friday).

There are some really good goodies in this weeks round of FLF and so I just want to remind you to check it out.

I bought 3 items but I’m only going to show you these boots because the other 2 items are for the sim/home.  These boots are of course MAGNIFICENT, they’re the offer from Paper Arrow.  There are 2 shades for sale both seem to be a dark brown and both come in SLink and Maitreya fits, of course, the style of them would suit most AV’s in any case but this means for us SLinkers we don’t have to remove our feet. Taken in my sim setting so what you see is what you get and 50Lds is a piddling amount.

The other items I’ve bought is the island from ANHELO and the fireplace from DDD (Dysfunctionality) but I swear even if you’re not going to use it straight away GO GET THE FIREPLACE!  You get a normal flush against the wall but also a corner version and a really big menu which gives you so many flame and texturing options and OMG 1 prim! I kept on clicking on it wondering if SL was borking for me but nope it’s a single prim!  Anyhow it is rezzed on the stand at DDD so you can click and try it before you buy.

I won’t give you the link to the individual shop but to the Seraphim blog because you can see what all of the shops have on offer, and there is even more that I almost bought, and you can use the links they give to TP direct to the shops with the items you’re interested in.

Seraphim Blog(FLF Links and Pictures)

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Worth the Lindens, Worthy cause.(Mention of Freebies).

I popped over to Heels to snag something, sadly that deal was over, but as soon as I TP into the shop you cannot help but see the notices about how every linden spent in this shop goes towards a charity called “Care and Hope Centre” which raises the awareness of domestic abuse and I won’t preach but all I can say is Thank God that’s not something I’ve ever had to deal with and so how could I not spend some Lindens and at 99Lds for some boots that I can really use a bargain for a great cause.

Gonna be honest here and say there is breakthrough at the top cuff of the boot and I had to lighten the picture as the one I took was too dark to show off the details.  These are for SLink fits but you get the L, M, S & XS fits but there is a demo for you to try so you can see the texture and fits before you decide if you want them.

OH, I’ve just remembered I could, of course, have worn the L size but I’d rather have a snugger fit as the breakthough is only a small thing. PLUS I forgot to pick the Freebies up, 3 of them for 3 different groups so it’s worth a pop over even if you don’t want these boots.


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Stars in my eyes


Stars Fashion 119L complete outfit NEW

Stars Fashion has another collection of full outfits on special offer for a few days. There are six I think in total, each one is complete. Complete means they come with an outfit, shoes or boots and in some cases even a bag ! You can grab these two outfits for just 119L each at the moment, then they go up to full price.

Stars Fashion Janel full outfit - Label Motion gift

I let Player choose which I was going to blog, naturally he chose the ones with the shortest skirts – surprise ! I fell in love with this one called “janel”, the top has a little wrap/ poncho effect going on, leather look skirt with garters and shinyyyyy boots, it also has a bag which I helpfully forgot to  use. DUH. My lully cup of creamy coffee is a gift from Label Motion, all subscribers would’ve got it and you get four different varieties in the box. Check out the store while you’re there, Label Motion has long been a favourite pose store of mine, some sweet props to be had.

Stars Fashion store

Stars Fashion market place

Label Motion

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Guys !


Caught up with Player last night and noticed he was wearing a really cool outfit, apparently it’s from a store called  Splendeurs, and is a complete look in a box kinda thing. The outfit comprises of mesh jeans, mesh jacket and a shirt with collar up. The jeans are a really nice shape on him and I loved the tone of the denim.


You can also purchase the boots He is wearing right next to the outfit…natty Union Jack faded pattern on them and a superb leather look texture make them a real winner…I know Guys often say they find it hard to choose a total “look”, so this takes the worry out of it…buy it all-in-one! Had a mooch around the store and noticed a few other items worth a look at…complete outfit is just 450L and the boots 300L…steal !


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Guy Fawkes !

 Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder
treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason

    Should ever be forgot!
    Guy Fawkes and his companions
the scheme contrive,
    To blow the King and Parliament
    All up

Yes hooohahhhh, its bonfire night here in England…Guy Fawkes and his chaps tried to blow up the houses of parliament…and epically failed…we get to celebrate this occasion each November the fifth. Fireworks…huge fires..and tasty hot treats to wolf down as we make merry…(actually I did mine last night heyho) I wish Id had a sweater & scarf like the ones I’m showing above..its was soooper cold…this is CandyMetal’s November group gift…theres also a pair of shorts in the box…and a non mesh version of the scarf….My hair is also a gift…stonking generous fat pack of hair tones from Dura..not sure how long this will last, so better dash !

More news….boots ! Lots of pretties , jewell colours and a classic black & brown pair. Something for everyone I guess…..lovely fit and mesh, so you get choices of size  (small/medium was good for me and I’m pretty standard) Totally love love LOVE the brown…yes I have finally got over my black & white fetish *winks*…head down and grab up your gift and check those new releases out ! Thanks Emychan ❤



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More Gorgeous Autumness, this time from Pink Label..these patchwork boots are divine! Sumptuous colours like the burgundy wine above with fantastic textures and sooo many options to personalise them.From the notecard (because I always forget something !) “Gemstones change to any one of 12 choices, metals change to any one of 4 choices, Resize via hud! Each pair also comes with an optional coordinating sock top for a more warm and cosy look. Demo is available, right foot only without hud.”

Talena very generously gifted me the wine shade, but once Id tried them on I zoooomed over and snaffled up a tan coloured pair also…129L per pair…thats a steal!! (eight colours available)

Patchwork Leather boots: Pink Label

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Plastik Fantastik with added Gos !

Ya know…somedays Iam just astounded by how people just “are”..good…bad…inbetweeny…The good news is…today I found somebody behaving in a totally “hurrrah” style..and that would be aikea rieko of Plastik ! Lordy…I had heard on the Pure grapevine that I should reallllly go an slap the subscribo there…and oh-my-stars was I in for a huge surprise…I received this m a s s i v e box of goodies as a gift for joining…I mean..totally..H U G E.

There are dresses,jeans,capri’s,shorts,skinsss galore,eyes…and and and more !(yes boys EVEN something for you) I lurved the shorts I’m wearin above…slung on one of the dress tops with them which is pretty handy dandy to use as a tank…

Showing another of the dresses in the Plastik gift box here along with my newwwww totally rocking GOS boots ! They are called ” Curvaceous” and are the fifty Linden Friday item *faintsdies*.. the FLF pair are white…but the SO cool thing is you can  add colours by buying little pots of “polish” for just 300L (the boots are usually priced at 695 a pair) soooo I couldn’t resist and I bought the camel & black polish. (how obvious was it Id do that huh lol)

Soooo anyway I havent told you about the cool other features on these pretties…not only can you add colours..but they are whats known as “heel shift”, meaning you get a choice of a wedge heel,stiletto orrrrr chunky heel…plussss as you see above, you can mix & match your polishes to get a fahhhbulous effect..(you can also choose leather or suede for the finished effect).I used camel & black…awesome right??!! Mister Gos did goood!

Not sure how long the Plastik subscribo gift lasts so do hurry along and collect it while you can..obviously the Gos boots are JUST for dashhhhh…

Go get the goodies: Plastik   GOS