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Cheap Tee’s & bag

Meandering through the market place for a couple of basic t-shirts to go with jeans etc and I found these two. Obs the same mesh template but different designs & makers. The left shirt is from Brume and costs just $1L maitreya fit only. The right shirt is from Plum and is $10L – maitreya fit only. I couldnt resist the cherry blossom ! Not sure if you can see but I also splurged a tiny bit on a purse from Little Black Dress, its super cute and the splurge was only $9L, it comes with bento holds for left and right hands plus a Hud with two metal colours and six patterns !

Brume T

Plum T

LBD purse

Hair by Truth “Bloom”

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It’s all coming down! (Freebies).

The Christmas Deccies that is, a lifetime to put up a heartbeat to take down. I personally cannot stand starting the New Year with the decorations still out.  To me, this is the time to pack it up, sweep all the dust and glitter away and start the New Year afresh.  Since I’ve managed to get so much done I decided to take an SL break of course and pick up this nice and simple LBD(Little Black Dress).Sorry not sure now if there are 3 or 4 gifts under the tree as I grabbed and ran but I do know there is another more wintery knitted dress and I do believe a Catwa skin! My SL resolution is to finally stand still and sort out a mesh head and body that I can relate to and since Catwa seems to be a fav with my fav skin maker, PumeC, I’m going to go with that brand.

Hopefully, I will get back inworld later, I’m such a miserable sod I don’t do parties or drink but I do have lots of nibbles and 2 classic Bette Davis movies lined up and I for one will be snuggled with cats n treats, my OH is off to town with his mates.

New Year Resolutions, I’m going to start reading all those books I keep on downloading onto my Kindle, do more crafting and not just buy craft stuff to hoard, not to waste money so I can have more weekends away, got my gym sessions booked BUT ultimately the only resolution I know I will keep is to be more grateful for the small things and if I don’t get to post again later…BE KIND TO YOURSELF!

PS.  As always this dress comes in 4 mesh body fits and not mine but a standard style and although there is breakthrough at the back my hair covers that up….sneaky.

Kitja & Spirit

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I will change, just not yet.(Freebies).

RL has been ridiculously busy so I could only squeeze in a small amount of SLing time yesterday and found shelves of freebies.

OK scroll past this bit as I’m going to be chundering on about my non-free stuff.  Got myself a new D.U.S.T pose box woo hoo and a NEW MINA but I don’t really know much about this one as I said my time was so limited.  Since I already had my PumeC gray skin on and the free outfit I’m wearing has black in its colour Hud I decided to wear one of the gray Mina shades.  The one big thing about Mina’s hairs is that the gray palette actually looks gray and not unrezzed which is the case with some of the gray hairs from other shops I’ve tried on. As for the skin, it’s a brilliant example of why you should go for an unhuman colour because those shades can really make you stand out.  PumeC has a pallette of gray/black/white skins which are stunning and I still think that even though I think PumeC skins cost I think between 600-900Lds they’re worth every penny.  I haven’t had to buy a new one in years, although I already own so many!, mainly because they still look amazing.  I haven’t got the link handy but I will update this post later with the PumeC LM and remember in about 90% of my pictures I am wearing a PumeC skin.

The body suit and this dress are only 2 of the items on the Freebie shelf in the MMC shop.

Just so you can see more details I changed the colour of the dress and my photo cube of course.  Racking my brain now as I know the bodysuit is an Applier but can’t remember which but I’m 99% sure this dress came in so many mesh body fits that you won’t have any issues finding one.

These are on the shelves behind the reception desk in the MMC shop and if you don’t like these ones there are other items for you to check out and hopefully, I will get some decent SLing time as I bloddy well deserve it LOL.

PS I have this niggling little thought that the MMC Group actually costs a single Linden to join.



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Packing up the poses!(Freebie).

GOOD MORNING, HOWS THE HEAD?  In other words, who got a bit tipsy, last night and this morning are swearing “never again”?  I, on the other hand, sipped a small glass of fruity Cidre(sic), polished my halo and Marketplace surfed.


Yet again another fabulous invent staple of a LBD(Little Black Dress) and yes I know this dress isn’t black and that’s because you get a whole Hud of colour options, and yes black is one of them.


No mesh bod sizing but plenty of standard mesh sizes inc a curvy one for the super curvylicious.

Picked this up from the Tutys Marketplace shop so I’m not sure what there is in their inworld shop but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown plenty of great freebies from here so make sure to check out the inworld and well as the Marketplace.

Tutys Marketplace

Tutys Inworld

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First the freebie. a simple LBD (little black dress) with that light sheen, double layered skirts and the folds a really lovely freebie from  Orquidea.  You will find this hidden under the Christmas tree.  Since the group was only a token 10Lds to join so I figured for that small amount it will be interesting to see what else gets sent out.  I did manage to actually get some mooching time around the shop and there is some really nice items here but upstairs is a lovely set.  A matching set of wellies, scarf and brolley but each does have to be bought separately but at 50Lds each if you can afford it I would go for all 3 items as they look really good together.  There is also a discounted section upstairs and old Group Gifts but they seem to be non mesh so I didn’t really look at them too much.


The latest Mina hair which at this moment is only available at the FamESHed event.  I’ve used my Nams setting because I wanted to show you off the colours.  Of course Mina hair comes in colour packs so you get more than the 1 shade in each pack.  At this moment this hair is at full price, and well worth it, but Mina Nakamura is one of those SLers who frequently offers special discount at special events and if you want to snag a brilliant bargain then have a think about joining her group.  It does cost but with your initial one-off fee of 200Lds you get it back with the first freebie.  It’s in the bag on the counter.

Slight suggestion here because FaMESHed is packed at the moment but Mina is handily placed just near the entrance on the right hand side wall.  If you can’t wait just cam in and snag it, once the place has rezzed lol.  It will get quieter as time passes and if you can wait then I’d recommend it as it means you can try the demo on and check the colour packs out at your leisure.



Mina Mainshop

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Free LBD.

This is such a KISS (keep it simple stupid) post because everything just came together and there is a bit of freeness for all.


The hair is of course Mina and sorry  not free but even though I have OMG zillions of hair from so many SL shops and yet yet again I’m wearing a Mina hair! So if you like “Nikki” then follow the LM to Mina Nakamura’s shop.

However the LBD (little black dress) is Social Vintages newest Group Gift.  Free to join and So.Vintage even sends the Group Gifts out in the notices so you don’t even have to TP over to grab it BUT in all honesty when a designer/shop owner is so good at offering you shop quality items then do the decent thing and pop over check out whats there and see whats new which I have to confess I’ve not actually done as yet but when I grab the LM I certainly will be.  I’ve fiddled with the lighting to show off the texture a bit more because as although the dress is a dark black you can still see the pattern on the skirt, just not in my photos without some lighting help LOL.

Orange creations is somewhere I’m not actually familiar with which is surprising considering how big this place is.  Sadly because Faith put temptation in my way and I too have bought the SLink body and I’m busy playing with it I’m going to have to put off having a wander around here.  If you’re as lazy as I am then pop in and slap the sub board and you get the rather nifty pair of sun glasses I’m wearing but also there is some gifts on the entrance table which inc some real handy and simple poses, I’m using one in this picture.  There is also a 10Ld skin on offer.

Mina Hair

Social Vintage

Social Vintage Marketplace

Orange Creations

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I have left it too late for people to be able to snag this hunt gift since today is the last day but all is not lost because apart from the colour there is identical dresses on offer as a group gift and really recommend you grabbing them.

IntrepidIt’s a LBD (little black dress) plain and simple and yet this is a corker because it’s cool, sexy, simple, elegant and so wearable.  With built in curves so even without your Lola Tango Boobies it still makes you look like a million bucks. I should have done a close up because the black has a very fine pin stripe to it and it’s got real texturing and not cheap matt black textured look to it.  Comes Lola Tango ready but as always looks stunning without.

Intrepid 2I’m just not really doing the texturing justice in my photos but check this out the corset, skirt and shoes are all in the set and ALL are top quality fit and texturing and all come as a complete outfit for only 60Lds! Each item would be worth the 60Lds on their own but to get the whole lot as a package is a bargain.  You have a choice of colour sets and I chose this beige/chocolate set but have to confess I might go back for more.  The corset has ruffles and is Lola Tango Ready (again equally as wearable without) the skirt has 2 zips and the boots have a beige stripe on the heel. Shannon Byron (Şɦαηησɳ ℱαυşţ (shannon.byron)) has been extra kind because you have all the Alpha layers needed to wear each item individually or as a partial set or the whole lot.  So many looks for so little.

Soul is the shop name and they have a very simple price because everything is 60Lds.  Everything is mesh which means it all comes with demos and I tried on all the demos and everything is TOP NOTCH with the fittings and texturing and loads of Lola Boobie stuff.  Very generous in that a lot of the outfits come as complete looks so you have a bikini with sarong, hat, and shoes or trousers with top and shoes etc. You must check out her MP shop to see her range and grab the demos you won’t regret it.

Soul Inworld Shop

Soul Marketplace