Lazy Sunday Deal

Happy Sunday everyone! I’ve got a fantastic “Lazy Sunday” Deal for you from Cleo Design …as is usual with Cleom’s pieces not only do you get heapsss of stuff,but it’s literally stuffed with poses and surprises…for just 75L you get EVERYTHING shown in the photo (plus another pot of flowers that I just couldn’t fit in) The tub shaped sofa has texture change on both the seat cushions & back (just touch the shadow underneath for the menu) If you click the throw over the back you will receive a book to wear…check out the framed picture of the statue ..the butterfly actually flies around!! So beautifully crafted,and you can use each piece wherever you wish…its all up on display in the store for you to play & fiddle with, and is only at this price for today ! o.O and don’t forget…Cleo Designs is also in the “summer lovin” hunt…hint is on the poster at the entrance,the parcel is 45L to buy and ohmaigawd…theres a huge amount of gear in it…trust me…GET it..you will not be disappointed,seriously cool total outdoor fun! (if I have time later today I will take some snaps to show you) Thanks Cleom xx

Go get posed: Cleo Design


Business as usual

*: Lo*momo :* Groupgift

yes yes business as usual…lazzzzy sunday..tripping about and stumbled over this awesomesauce little jacket as a group gift from  Lo*momo . It’s very flouncy and just perfect for strutting about shopping in! Layers upon layers of lace and ruffles…so moi.

Had a good look around whilst I was there, if you’re thinking of getting hitched, check upstairs as I noticed some stunning bridal gowns *swooooons*…

go get ruffly : *: Lo*momo :*