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Cache Cleaning (freebies).

I popped over to the Cosmopolitan shopping district this morning as each Tuesday the shops here all put out a lovely discounted item for us to grab.  So easy to spot as they’re in the shopping carts.  Nice to see some really nice mens wear here as well.  This is a really nice and well laid out shopping sim with a whole mix of shops so plenty of deor items, pose, shoes etc  I did treat myself to some nice, cheap, poses and then I found some freebies.  Lazuri has a small shop set out on this sim, not in the larger Cosmopolitan shop, and inside on the coffee table are the 2 gifties waiting to be grabbed.


I have to confess most of my jewelry is so old it still has “bling” in it!  It’s not that I’m not into my jewels but I usually just can’t be bothered to faff around with it and then I tried this on and it’s PERFECT! because I have 2 lovely simple dresses that I know if I wear this as a collar will really make them look finished, women know what I mean LOL.  A really great fit for me.  You actually get 2 necklaces in this pack this one and the one in the picture below.


There are 2 gift boxes and in the second is 2 pairs of earrings and I’m showing you the pair that matches the second necklace from the first box.  Really really chuffed with these pieces and again FREE.


I then went into the larger Cosmopolitan  shop which is packed with stalls of everything from poses, items for your home and of course your AV.  Just slap that Cosmopolitan Group board inside the entrance and grab these SLink shoes before you have a look around.

UPDATE because I had to log in to LM grab I had a quick click on the necklace, not only does it come with a resizer but you can change the metal, stone and even the glow and I’m going to assume it’s the same for both earrings and both sets of necklaces.

Cosmopolitain Events & Shopping Town

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The Who’s Who! (Home, Clothes, Jewels, Free Stuff & Me!)

I managed to squeeze my AV onto the newly open The Home Show sim and managed to drool my way though 3 shops before the lag killed me.  WOW the whole place is a who’s who of all the best new, old, classic and fresh in SL   Happily one of the 3 shops I managed to lag my way through was EoD (End of Daze) and not only that but Ice (icewood.bayn) was so kind to send out a sample of his wares so that cheered me up.

EoDHerb cutters, scythes, scales and lamp.  Each item is only 1 prim and you get a choice of new and old in the pack but however the lamp is 3 prims.  You get 2 versions one with the handle up and the other the handle down. These are slightly bigger lamp which means they will look great stood on a bench but will equally be suitable to hang from rafters to be a room light.  Nice little touch is when you click off the light you get a little puff of smoke.  When I managed to get back to  The Home Show my first stop will be EoD again because I was surprised to find that  there was a few items which have broken the EoD mould which is clean, retro, unfussy etc and are almost RP items. I spotted a Blacksmith set which seems to include everything you would need from the anvil itself to a very detailed grinding wheel which is a tiny 2 prims for such a detailed item and a load of tools and even the gold and silver bars.  Most unexpected.

ScalesPopping in this scale as it’s a PRIM, 1 single prim (the “baggie” is mine and not inc).  As I said in a previous post sometimes it’s lovely to get ready made and fully accessories furnishing but sometimes it’s great to get as many great 1 prim items which you can scatter about at random to fill a home with.  The greenhouse is also an EoD which I have blogged before because it’s big, packed with shelving and only 9 prims and the big shelving unit on its own is only 2 Prims so if you need somewhere to shove your stuff you might want to check it out as well.

ShawlLooks like the Paradisis sale is still one and this sexy undies set(Brin De Foile) which incs 2 bra, panties, 2 stocking and all layers etc is still a low 40Lds….couldn’t resisit and and I’ve now bought the wine and white set.  The fur stole comes from one of those little shops you stumble upon called Laville and it’s in a rather random and interesting sim with odds n sods of shops.  I  first picked up the free fur gloves and since I was so impressed with them I decided to splash out and buy the  fur stole.  Now you have a choice of 2 shades for 80Lds or the fat pack of .. for 140Lds and of course you know me I got the Fat Pack.  Not only can you change the colour of the fur but also the ribbon.  It’s Sculptie not mesh.

GlovesMy excuse for being braless is that the bra is brown and you couldn’t see the gloves that well.  Sometimes when the Freebie is of good quality then you know you can take a risk on the rest of the clothes which don’t come with demos because they’re not mesh.  The gloves are FREE and has the same fur texturing on the cuffs as the shawl so you can check that out at the same time grabbing some very nice fashion accessories. Jewels Free Gems.  I have no idea of how I ended up in Lazuri but couldn’t believe the Group Gift offer (Free to Join).  Encrusted with rubies, diamonds and pearl with an  added bonus of a menu which allows you to resize and change stones and shinyness etc.  You get the whole set, earrings, choker and 2 bracelets. Now that I’ve popped back to get the LM I used the TP Board and popped up to the discount section which has some pretty sweet deals and just before I caved in and bought some chunky earrings I found some free ones. Not had a change to take a photo but they’re pretty stunning.  All shop quality and real treats.

PouffeGratuitous shot here.  The pouffe is an EoD one from the …but I was going to show you the brown one first because the colouring is an amazing chestnut-brown.  Old leather worn into a patina of age and love but I had rezzed this red one for these photos and decided I liked this shot so I would use it.

The Home Show

LAZURI (jewelry)

E0D The Home Show

EoD (End of Daze) Main Store