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Layer it up with a dash of free hair


I love to layer this time of year – one moment I’m cold, the next overly hot – Neve have the perfect solution! This is the “slipped” dress – great as a frock, a tunic or top (o.O I’m a poet). Nifty Hud means you can not only choose between four colours per pack, but you can also change the slip that peeks out from the chest and hemline, plusss remove it all together. I chose to share the “blocked” version , other styles available. This fits mesh bodies, standard sizes included – free demo’s. My  moon-boots are by Gos and are featuring at the Gacha Garden event. The basic boot is free, then you play the dratted gacha machine for the colour pots. I scored and got the rare gold yay!


There is also a new range of delectabubble tops. Lots of styles to grab, Im wearing the “rope neutral” – four colours per pack for the price of one. My hair is a new VIP group gift from Truth. Cool item as you actually get a bunch of looks for the one pack. For a little while the group join fee has been reduced to uhm..I think..$265L. Seem pricey? Not if you think each hair pack is $250L, and by joining you will get a free hair pack EVERY month!

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Layer it or not…


coldLogic cuppy sweater eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!


Another part of the latest coldLogic release is the cuppy sweater and marley sweater packs. The interesting thing apart from they are just epically awesome and easy to wear, is that you in fact get three tops for the price of one ! Mhhmmm, thats right, each colour pack has three wearing options. Above I’m wearing the cuppy sweater and I’ve chosen the “short with layer” effect – make sure you use the right alpha layer for each look (unlike I did first time around!) The knit on this is sort of marl, meaning it’s not one colour but a tangle of shades to make up one overall effect, confused? Well go take a peek for yourself !

coldLogic cuppy sweater NEW! eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!

Same sweater but this time I’m wearing it in the “short no layer” version from the grey/black pack. Great little item thats sooper easy to sling on over jeans or skirts. By the way, my necklace is from Eclectica, it’s a relatively new release (I’ve been waiting for just the right clothing to show it off) called “relic” and this is the pendant. It is unrigged mesh, which means you can still edit it by hand if you prefer, or use the menu system. You get nine colours of the cabochon central stone in the menu. I love that option, means you can match it up with virtually anyyyyything ! This piece is also materials ready, so slam on advanced lighting in your graphics (if you can) and admire its full beauty. There is also another relic set, that has a short necklace and earrings, you can wear both neck pieces together for a super effect.

coldLogic marley sweater eclectica relic pendant necklace NEW!

Last up is the marley top, similar to cuppy but the layered options are patterned and the knit is a weave, a little more casual styling. This is the “long with layer” option, for which you use a different alpha from the pack. (This is the same in the cuppy one) I was so so glad to see the butter tone appear, I adore it, so soft and gentle and perfect for a stroll on the beach with my afternoon cup-of-splosh! Thanks coldLogic team & Tiffy ❤

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