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Womanstuff Jumble

I got my hunting goggles on after Swaffette Firely reminded me about The Womanstuff Hunt ! I had totally forgotten it had begun..doh. Anyyyywayy SF Design is in it and I have to say the outfit is a stunner. You get a whole outfit, “Diane” comprises of a fabtastic pair of grey pants, and blouse. The pants are superb..kinda made me think that if these can be made without mesh…and look this awesome..whats the point of mesh? Apparently these are going to be released into the store in March in squillions of colours- hohum…ages to wait but worth it ! The blouse is scrummy..great cuffs and a sweeeeet peplum waist with belt..

Onto another complete outfit, this time from Tres Beau “stroll”, its pretty glam but definitely snuggly for a long walk on a winters day. Adore the giraffe print on the leggings & scarf, the jacket  fits really nicely and looks like it would keep out the wind chill here at the moment ! I’m also wearing a skin thats set out as a gift in the Womanstuff HQ, from envy me and its pretty deelish. Beauty spot over the lip and luscious pink lips..which reminds me..

Head over to the hunt HQ and collect an armful of pressies laid out for you! Not only is the hunt amaaaazing but..if like moi you really aren’t good at hunting..they have giftsss for you to collect. You do need to join the group but it’s no fee …above I cobbled together a lil look from a few items I found there. Classic grey pants from Winterwood (they come with a sweater also) A white cardi from Cynful, you also receive it in black…and a skin from LaVie…quite the find huh? I didn’t have time to look at them all so go look!

Heres the info:

Diane outfit: SF Design

Stroll outfit: Tres Beau

Gifts location: Womanstuff Hunt HQ

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Well the stars must have aligned for us because skins are being given away left, right and sideways. Now it’s time for the latest group gift from LaVie: Andre.

What an awesome skin it is. Extremely masculine with well made features and great skin tone. As you can see, Andre comes with a nice covering of chest and abdominal hair, all the better to keep those brilliantly defined muscles warm. The goatee is an always welcome addition to a skin for me, too.

Just a little reminder that the LaVie group does cost L$300 to join but with the quality of group gifts they release and to keep up to date with the latest releases from this store, it’s worth the expenditure.

Get the gift here: LaVie

*Credits: Hair by MADesigns | Necklace by Kosh | Jeans by Aoharu


Keep Your Guard Up

Because if you don’t, you might just end up all bruised and cut like me. This is the new group gift from LaVie called ‘Savon’. Despite the slashes and bruises (or maybe because of them) this is an awesome skin, just what you’d expect from LaVie.

With the bronze skin and strong jaw, it’s a very masculine look with great details and musculature. The abdomen region looks especially good, I’m loving the definition around the waist. You also get a second version with this gift which is a very ashen skin tone.

All this can be yours for just L$1 but if you aren’t already a member of the LaVie group, there is a L$250 fee to join. I’d definitely recommend joining up though, the gifts more than make up for the fee. Now excuse me while I go look for some bandages.

Get the gear here: LaVie


ECHO, Echo, echo

LaVie Echo/ the Dragon Tattoo Group Gift - L$1

 I had no time to get to the studio this afternoon but I simply had to get a picture of the new group gift from LaVie and share it with you and so I stood myself out in the warm sunshine of Tanglewood Views and snapped away. It’s been a while since I’ve found a group gift from LaVie but they’re always worth waiting for. If you head over to their main store you can pick up the Echo Promo skin for a measly L$1. 

The tattoo that you can see in the picture comes already inked onto the skin itself so you have layers to spare (it goes a lot further than I am showing too, all over my legs, back and…more). You also get three different skin tones: dark, normal and pale (I’ve gone with the normal tone for this picture). If you’ve gotten a LaVie skin before I don’t have to tell you how good they are, there’s a very good reason they are one of the best known skin makers in Second Life. 

If you’re not already in the LaVie group, it will cost you L$250 to join but if  you weigh that cost against the cost of a skin you’ll find that it’s definitely worth it 🙂 

Get the gear here:
LaVie Skins & Shapes 

Pose by *Muism*


Happy 4th!

Carrasco Male Patriotic Shorts Set L$44

Oh say can you see… sales and gifts for the American Independence Day! Apart from scoring some good gear the 4th of July has also allowed me to get out and find another pretty sim to take the pics in. Today was the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, very cool place to have a wander around. 

Carrasco Tan & Brown Sneakers L$25

Now.. onto the gear! The talented and very nice Tesa Carrasco sent me her new ‘male patriotic shorts set’ which is on sale for L$44 for the next week. You get tan corduroy shorts, red tank and open ‘fireworks’ shirt you see above. The shorts come with prim cuffs and all look really great, the fireworks shirt especially. You can also pick up a matching hat and these tan sneakers for only L$25 each! She has also released a whole heap of new gear and it’s definitely worth a look at. And you won’t find just great gear for guys, there’s plenty for you girls too!

LaVie are also celebrating Independence Day by offering their group members a great little set for L$1 that includes the skin and hair you can see in the picture below plus a torn shirt and denim shorts. The skin (it’s from LaVie so you know it’s going to look good) comes with its own patriotic tattoos included and coupled with the blond hair + American flag bandana, I’d say it looks very American 🙂 

So, whether you’re American or not, there’s no reason not to have a good Independence Day by picking up some great bargains from two great stores! 

Pics 1 & 2: Shirt | Tank | Shorts & Shoes: Carrasco
Pic 3: Skin | Hair: LaVie Skin and Shapes 

LaVie Noah Skin | Bandana Light Blond Hair L$1

12 Rounds with LaVie

LaVie Group Gift - Liam L$1

If you guys want to look like you’ve just spent a busy evening bare-knuckle fighting, then head on down to LaVie and pick up their latest group gift skin, Liam. Like all their skins, it has a great look to it and is well detailed. The bruises and scratches look pretty realistic and rugged. The LaVie group costs L$250 to sign up but it’s well worth it as they usually have pretty regular and awesome gifts. The skin itself will cost L$1 after you join and comes in two colours, tanned and dark. Just keep some band-aids handy 🙂

Grab it here: LaVie

*extras: Military Cap “Sexy Curly” Dark Brown Argrace | Khaki Shorts Black Laqroki (not free)*