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Well the stars must have aligned for us because skins are being given away left, right and sideways. Now it’s time for the latest group gift from LaVie: Andre.

What an awesome skin it is. Extremely masculine with well made features and great skin tone. As you can see, Andre comes with a nice covering of chest and abdominal hair, all the better to keep those brilliantly defined muscles warm. The goatee is an always welcome addition to a skin for me, too.

Just a little reminder that the LaVie group does cost L$300 to join but with the quality of group gifts they release and to keep up to date with the latest releases from this store, it’s worth the expenditure.

Get the gift here: LaVie

*Credits: Hair by MADesigns | Necklace by Kosh | Jeans by Aoharu


Keep Your Guard Up

Because if you don’t, you might just end up all bruised and cut like me. This is the new group gift from LaVie called ‘Savon’. Despite the slashes and bruises (or maybe because of them) this is an awesome skin, just what you’d expect from LaVie.

With the bronze skin and strong jaw, it’s a very masculine look with great details and musculature. The abdomen region looks especially good, I’m loving the definition around the waist. You also get a second version with this gift which is a very ashen skin tone.

All this can be yours for just L$1 but if you aren’t already a member of the LaVie group, there is a L$250 fee to join. I’d definitely recommend joining up though, the gifts more than make up for the fee. Now excuse me while I go look for some bandages.

Get the gear here: LaVie