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Destocking and restocking.

There I was desperately trying to clean out some of my invent when I got a notice about The Destocking & Gacha event so I decided to pop over mainly because the prices are only between 10 and 30Lindens at most. This event starts on the first and ends on the 25th of each month so I grabbed the first good item  I saw TPed home and took a snap.


Please ignore the butt ugly socks they will definitely be trashed when I get back inworld it’s the boots that were my bargain find.  Cost me only 30Lds and fit like a glove, yet again a lovely addition for an Autumnal wardrobe although there are many other colours to chose from.

OK quickest post ever as I didn’t want to delay posting this as there is only 3 days left for this round and it’s hitting 1am in the UK so pop over check out all the goodies as there is a mix of skins, clothes and shoes.

 Destocking Market & Gacha