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Be snappy.

I really want to see Laurent83 Waco workspace/platform/room because it must be stuffed with ongoing projects that are hidden from us.  I was only just at Follow Us yesterday to check out if there are any new goodies set out for us and although there was a few things I really need to get blogged from there which I’ve been hiding away there  wasn’t anything new and then this morning out of the blue he sent me some goodies.


I shoved aside the post I was going to do because not only as soon as I saw this brill retro/Victorian/steam punk camera set I knew I could have fun with my pictures today but I also had to be quick because for ONLY 24 hours this is at a bargain price of 99Lds and only available on the Marketplace (I’m only  assuming that and it might be worth a visit in world to check it out).  Having said that and knowing the prices that Laurent usually charges is hardly exorbitant in any case so even if you miss out at this chance I’m sure at whatever full price it goes up to it’s still going to be massively affordable in any case.


The top photo was my Fluff shot the rest are so you get a better idea of how they look.  This is a pair on a shelf and the 2 hanging on the wall so basically 2 separate pieces.


This is the camera with the folded legs, only 4 prims in this one.


This is the largest item a real classic look.  If you look closely at this and the other cameras you can see the adition of small lights draped over them.  All 4 items are in the pack and for only 99Lds for 24 hours but don’t dispair because even if you can’t afford this you will see that he has some really excellent quality Dollarbies, 10Lds and oodles of stuff under 100Lds and nothing is stinted on the quality of these items.  His In world group is not not free to join but the 40Lds it cost is just a mere token because he has a whole wall of new and old Group Gifts from trays of food to a cooker etc.

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us In World

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Humph!! (Freebies)


AH don’t we all just LOVE Second Life issues, struggling a bit to do an amazing hunt but I’ve put a Jira in and I’m hoping I get some help with sorting that out but until then I have some other goodies for you. A sweet basic and pretty pair of checked mesh shorts from Ruby’s Closet, you do have to join her free group to pick this up as well as another group gift.  This left me rummaging through my invent for a top and as fate would have it I got a notice from Eyelure about their free Spring top so I TPed over and grabbed it.  I’m not actually doing the top justice in this picture.  It’s a double layered top, bra underneath and the over top is split up the back showing of a sexy amount of back and with the bra ties and top ties it is cute and well detailed.  Set out in the entrance way and you don’t even have to join the group to grab it.

Since I’m in such a Humph mood with the issues I’m having I wanted something sweet and I was so pleased that I not only still have this cotton candy cart from Follow Us but it’s still available from Laurent83 Waco shop but tbh it’s not really surprising as this is such a “sweet” detailed decor item I have a feeling that it will be one of classic range for a long time. I chose pink but it was a hard decision between that colour and the blue one.


Thanks to one of our regular visitors to Pure Eggs & Spam asking about one of the hairs I was wearing in a previous post it reminded me that it’s been a long time since I’ve visited Love Soul and if was also an excuse to show off another hair from there.  This one is a paid for hair but the one in the last picture and the OMG so adorable Noodle Mouthie are Lucky Chair wins.  Love soul is packed with hair, prim nails and so many adorable and unique items, wearables, accessories and just plain fun stuff.


This is the free hair from the Lucky chair outside of Love Soul.  Called Milk Cow and the visor has cute moo cows on it.  There are 3 Lucky Chairs outside and they have a board which shows you what you can win and there is some adorable cute items such as the noodle mouthie but I sooo wanted the wearable soap suds!  One of the most relaxing things I find is plonking myself in front of really good Lucky Chairs and just going through all my notes and groups and scouring for any signs of freebies as I wait for my initial to pop up.

Love soul is the largest shop in this small but select shopping mall and even if you’re not interested in a new hair do it’s worth it to just pop over as there is another of our fav shops here, Ribbon, and of course you could also try your hand at the Lucky Chairs.

Love Soul

Eyelure (top)

RC Ruby’s Closet (Shorts)

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Couldn’t get any easier or sweeter!

Must confess that I’ve had this outdoor garden set for quite a while but just needed the right setting to show it off and yet again my sky dome has turned out to be perfect so lovely I might actually just leave it up there for a quiet romantic peaceful hideaway.


I mean how nice does this look even if you don’t have a sky dome this set is lush enough to stand out in any setting and I’m kicking myself because I had taken some pictures of these pieces in a lovely courtyard and trust me they all fitted in beautifully but I just can’t find them.


I snagged myself some new poses from Miseria and although I have never read a Harry Potter book or seen one of the films when I tried out these poses my first thought was “fairy” and at 85Lds for the pack I grabbed it for future use (the wand comes from Boom which is Miseria’s neighbour).


This is why I LOVE blogging Follow Us items because yes lots of places have tables and chairs and pagoda’s and shed and on and on but Laurent always has something that makes you go “ooooo” and thatis what the  bucket of champers on the swing is just a lovely touch.


Again in the pictures I’m not using the best thing about all of this is that when spread out you get lovely decor but equally if you have a limited area to work in this will fit beautifully.

Check out the dresses please, I’m wearing one of Miseria’s new Spring/Summer dresses one in pink the other in orange but I don’t think I’ve done these gorgeous dresses the justice they deserve so as soon as I click “publish” on this post I’ll click “publish” for the new post for these dresses.

Follow Us is a BIG shop now packed with brilliant furniture and decor items from only a few Lindens to a few Lindens more and to find this lovely set you’re going to have to walk right through the shop to the outside selection.  So a good excuse to have a meander though but if you don’t have the time then check out the Marketplace as well I should have set it so the cheapest start first and you will see that Laurent has put so many Dollarbies and items starting at just 10Lds so sweet for everyone’s budget.

Also there is now a absolute token price of 40Lds to join his group which is nothing especially when you see the amazing wall of old and new Monthly Group Gifts.  To find all these goodies then when you TP there turn to your right into a large white room and you will see the dark room and all the goodies are tucked in there.

PS I’ve not even had time to mention the sewing machine and matching sewing wall storage unit or even a matching toilet hut (everyone has needs after all!) so even if you think it’s not been long since you were last there everytime I visit and I visit often there is always new stock.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

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Naughty & Nice.(Freebie)

OMG I was checking through my posts and realised I had forgotten to click the “publish” button on this post so it’s late but so good so here it is.

When this came through from Follow Us I was a little non plussed because Laurent has just stocked his shop with very similar beauty boxes so although it has a different pattern on the outside I assumed it was something along the same theme and then I touched it and OMG.


It made me chuckle.  A very, very naughty box of  lotions and lipsticks, plugs and gags, buzzing things and funny things.  I was so tempted to sneak into Faiths home and rezz it on top of her wardrobe and wait for the howl of protest.  But then I have to share a sim with her and there are only so many places I can hide.

The funny thing is I really honestly believe that this would make a great pressie.  Even in SL, a hot bed of perversion and rampant sex (or so I have been told) there are still those who are a bit backward in coming forward in their kinks so if you have a lady or boy and everything in between in your life and you want to see if you can go that little bit further then send them one of these and see what happens.  Or if you’re such a Vanilla girl like myself then you could have fun keeping this in your home and if anyone opens it well  they might just have a chuckle like I did.


I’m so glad I always pop back to the shop I’m blogging just to make sure I get as much right as possible because although I noticed on my last visit he has some new workroom decor complete sets what I did miss was the latest FREE to join group gift of this mini garden shed with cuddle poses. AWWW it’s cute and detailed.  Freaking sweet, with the trays of apples and bucket of flowers, shelves, spade etc and I especially love the plant tendrils hanging down and the sweet key in fact I love it all.   Sorry I can’t attest as to how good the cuddle poses are cos I am a SL singleton however knowing Laurents style I know they will be good.  I’ll have to get Faith and Player to test these poses out.  In any case even if you’re not after a cuddle look at how excellent this looks and it’s free but then all of Laurent’s Group Gifts are shop quality and they’re all there on a wall waiting for you to click and join.

Kicking myself because I’ve been meaning to add this bit to all of my Follow Us posts but keep on forgetting.  Follow Us is a pretty large shop spread out and you find yourself wandering around which is pretty darn relaxing and he even has outdoor items emm outdoors so don’t forget to check them out but the Group Gifts are not really where you would think they are, in the entrance, so when you rezz go inside and then turn into the room on the right and inside this very large room is a smaller one with dark wood panels and all of the Group Goodies and in there.

Follow Us

Follow Us Blog

Follow Us Marketplace

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Check out my lunch boxes.


A picture can say a thousand words and in this case Scrummy will do. OK lets not beat about the bush here, there are 3 “lunch boxes” in this picture and 2 of them are from Follow Us and the other 1 is from Vitamen.  The lunch boxes from Follow Us are up to his usual quality.  One box has a Bologna, salad sandwich, pizza slices and a wedge of choccie cake.  The other has a ham and egg salad sandwich, crips and a pretty pink cupcake.  Each lid opens and shuts on a touch and the top of the closed box is decorated so just excellent well textured fun home or office decor items.


The other “lunch box” is what Zan picked up probably from an Gacha Yardsale and I think she thought they were for her because they’re called Micro bikini striped nude but they’re what we call “budgie smugglers”.  At first I had to laugh because they were so big even a well hung gorilla would have an issue with the fit but actually they’re editable so I managed to shrink them down very easily to a more in proportion sized.  Going to just let the next picture show what they look like rather than try to describe them.  They’re available in theGacha machines at the Vitamen shop.

Vitamen is a new shop to be because in SL underwear is really just another layer to put on but this is a shop of menswear to show off. Not just skimpies but they also have sportswear and boxers etc and all with that added bulge that makes them manly.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace


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This is how you do it.

Burst3This is how you romance someone in SL and of course RL.  A simple laid out tray with chocolates, yummy pudding, Champers etc etc.

Burst4And if you do it right you might get this, if you peer through the mesh you can just about see me NAKED!!!  The lovely draped rose petals are a feature of a lot of his new Valentine range.

However if you really want to blow someones mind then check this out.


I WANT I WANT I WANT and not only in SLbut it in RL.  Sadly I allowed my ass to get lazy last year and my bike to get rusty and OMG yes I’ve been drooling over an almost exact bike in RL  and when I’ve dropped a few more kilo’s (don’t laugh Faith) I’m going to reward myself with one of these for the summer.  Stunning and surprisingly low prim  at 13prims.  This has a lovely gift bag on the handlebars but there are a couple of other choices and the one with the basket of roses is freaking awesome.


This is me in the summer once the 5:2 Diet has worked (I can so recommend it if you want to give it a go).  Boo Hoo only couple poses so us SL singletons will just have to use our own poses but I’m parking this baby outside my SL home as an incentive to keep to my diet and working away on my boring exercise bike.

As it happens Laurent must be a real softie as he seems to have packed all his Valentines items with some lovely and romantic poses, nothing smutty or crude but sweet cuddles and kisses.

Burst9But let us not forget Valentines is not just for the girls because  boys like to be treated too.


Sneaks this one in as a reminder of why when you find a good group you stick to it, Laurent83 Waco has a whole wall of his GG out and each week, month etc he sets out seriously discounted items and special offers for group members.

Follow Us (NEW Landmark)

Follow Us Marketplace

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Pressies Sorted.

partyThats what I look like after a single glass of wine which is both sad and funny at the same time.

tableYet again Laurent83 Waco  has come up with something to make his decor items stand out from the rest. This time the table and chairs are all copyable, everything apart from the chairs and plate settings are linked so one click and your Christmas table, candle sticks, baubles, food etc are all there even a mini Christmas Tree.  The backs of the chairs have draped tinsel on  and little festive bows but because he’s left the plates as separates it means you can rezz as many of those as you wish. So if you’re Christmas table is a cosy one for two or a more social setting for four, five or more people you simply rezz as many plates as you need.  Each place comes with an easy to use menu with 4 options.  The plate in the foreground has the starter which is a little gift and the linen napkin, next course turkey with all the trimmings, a desert and then coffee all in perfect details.  I have the white cottagey table but there is a darker wood version available in his lovely Christmas cottage setting.

aapromJust in case you didn’t notice it’s not an actual dress but an apron I am wearing (and not much else).  you can only get this on the Marketplace from Apponos.  I’ve not tried it yet but you do get the 5 standard sizes so I’m pretty sure you could get one to fit over a dress if you wished.  Demo available to try if you want to make sure though.

I’ve added the link to the Follow Us Marketplace shop and it should start at the lowest price first so you can see how many things he’s has priced so so many can enjoy items from his shop. Ooodles of loveliness from a single Linden, 10, 29 etc and all excellent quality.  You may not be able to go the whole hog with Christmas decor items but even simple trays with hot chocolate and whipped cream will cheer up any room but for example he has a Christmas Fireplace which has everything on it from baubles to stuffed socks AND only 50Lds.  Looks like all items on the MP can be sent as gifts as well.  Follow Us has items that I haven’t seen anywhere else and would make great pressies esp for the man in your life.  Vintage camera’s, punching bags, wash, clothes racks with mens clothes on it, all with a manly touch.  Most things esp the non copy items are also trans so if you want to buy something and box it up for a loved one then this is the place but of course always double-check that.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Apponos (Apron)