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Last minute PANIC!!!!

I just couldn’t help myself but grab these GG’s before they’re gone.  If you don’t even need any more Christmas items I’d still recommend you go grab these because I’ve still got some of last years Christmas Decor items set out because Follow Us quality stands the test of time.

follow us

A simple tray with mugs n cookies and that tree shaped tray is a lovely touch.  Only 5 prims as well and of course FREE but the Group isn’t free.  However the cost of joining the Follow Us group is only a token 40Lds which is nothing esp since Laurent not only puts out regular monthly group gifts but keep them all out for anyone no matter how late they join the group to grab.  The normal Group Gifts are in the main shop but the Christmas Gifties are in the Christmas house on your right when you TP in, look on the wall behind the staircase.

Something I also don’t point out often enough is when you’re a member you actually get a lot of monthly offers and discounts as well as the regular monthly gift so you can see why I say that the joining fee is just a mere token.  If you get tempted into buying any last-minute Deccies or gifts make sure to be wearing your Group Tag as you will get a 20% discount but only on the Christmas Decor items.


This tree is another of the Christmas GG’s. You get 2 and this is the larger version with a smaller one in the pack.  Not sure I’m going to keep it out mainly because I still have this beauty out.


Yup although it’s an old piccie that lovely subtly lit tree is in my home, it’s not free but zoom in on the lovely sledge with the pressies on top.  Yup another GG and only 4 prims for that one!

Now for the “PANIC” bit but you don’t really need to.  Unlike a lot of places esp on Laurents Marketplace the items are TRANS:-).  Obviously non copy but this way you can either buy in shop and send or simply send as a Gift through the Marketplace.  He has 35 items priced between 0-10Lds and 177 items priced between 11-100Lds and there are some amazing things for both sexes, from sewing machines to desks, coffee, fruit baskets, clothes stands, garden decor, fully laden tables, party items and on and on …..and something for everyone’s pocket.


Follow us

Follow Us Marketplace

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An idiots guide to Christmas decorating.

So I unpacked all my stuff and I went CRAZY with all the photos I took and it really put me in such a good mood.  I’m pretty sure now one will be offended or if you are then sorry but Follow Us decor items are Idiot Proof and by that I mean it takes you just a couple of minutes to rezz the items and then a quick edit into the position you like and Voila it’s all done and dusted.  Everything matches, fits in so well.


I only wish we had the prims left to be able to leave this comfy little cabin set up for our visitors but it’s too late now.   The table and chair set is called “waiting for Christmas” and at this moment is only available at the Winter Trend event and I’m so sorry I can’t refind the Follow Us shop but I will try to give you either a close LM or a clue as to where to start to look.  Ths table is set up for a romantic couple only but in his Main Christmas Shop there is a selection of tables for a whole family if that’s what you need.

Foll 4

Adorable wreath, again there is quite a selection but all in this same chunky style the Ivy leaves look like they’re made of satin.  The candle and the sleigh with the drink on it are all with the fireplace.  Lots of Fat packs and whole set ups for most reasonable price.

Foll 5

Again I’m only showing you examples, love the basket even with old newspaper in it for kindling.  The tray is a separate item for you to leave out for Santa to munch on.

Foll 9

These are the 2 of the items I had asked for.  That heavily ladened trolley is all linked which means you rezz it and it’s all done for you.  Again a perfect item for a small home and this means you can use your own table.  The black board is another item I wanted.  Again it’s great texturing low primmed and lovely either on it’s own or with as much as you want.

Foll 11

Lastly but not least the tree.  Of course this had to be in the last box and for a second I thought I was going to be treeless.  I’ve deliberately not bought a Christmas tree yet and have been waiting for this one.

Not everyone in SL likes to spend much time shopping and then setting their homes up and others like to go the whole hog and go crazy, with Follow Us  you can have as little or as much as you want and it takes no time at all to set up a home.

Again you must check out Laurent83 Waco’s Marketplace shop as he has a big selection of 10Lds, 25Lds and 29Lds and of course the full priced items but nothing in my opinion is over priced and of course everything even the bargains can be sent as a GIFT!

Special mention to this dress/leggings outfit.  I picked it up from Java Fashion for only 25Lds.  You get the leggings, dress and the scarf which is attached to the dress.  Small problem with the dress but only a minor one, the alpha isn’t really apropriate and bits of my arm and shoulders kept on breaking through so I simply dug into my invent and found a dress alpha that was much more apropriate.  Simple problem easy to solve.  I do know this shop, Java has special offers on because I picked their last one up and never got around to posting about it so it’s a shop to keep an eye on.  There are a number of Group Gifts out but it costs 300Lds to join.

SNEAKS in my last picture but I couldn’t help myself.


This is now settled in my home and the subtle light from the tree makes the room all lovely and cosy without harshness.

As you can see I’m keeping my Group Gift out but I did notice that there are actually MORE Group Gifts out now and not only that but Laurent is also involved in a Christmas Hunt and what you’re looking for is a sock which I’m heading back now to see if I can locate it.  Check out the stairs in the Christmas house and you will see a couple more which I will leave as a suprise for you.  As I’ve said 40Lds to join but you get that back in spade fulls (but only on the Christmas Decor Items.

Easy Peasy.  Hopefully the LM will take you straight to Follow Us@The Winter Trend but if it doesn’t it’s easy to find.  Open your Mini Map and head North, his shop is on the outer edge in the middle.

DOH last comment I promise but make sure to wear your Group Tag as you get a 20% refund automatically sent back to you..woo hoo.

Follow Us

Follow Us (hopefully a closer LM)

Follow Us Marketplace

Java Fashions

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Follow Me.

I have to confess I popped over to Laurent83 Waco shop’s Follow Us and made a little list of what I wanted and sent him my Christmas wish list only to be sent a whole shed load of goodies in reply.  So much so I’ve not even started to unpack it all, actually although it looks like I’ve gone tree mad these are what the items are delivered in.  Faith and I are of an SL age to remember when your purchases were delivered in a plain cube prim but now you get them in such great packaging.


I will be unpacking them soon because I’m so ready for Christmas in SL and RL and it’s time to “deck the halls with boughs of Holly” or in reality oodles of tacky tinsel and plastic baubles.


But I wanted to show you this great Group Gift first.  You do of course have to pay now to join the group but 40Lds is a mere token because not do you only get this great Christmas decor item but there is a whole wall of old GG’s and all of them are shop quality.  As an extra Crimbo gift make sure to wear your tag and you get an instant 20% refund automatically sent back to you.  This pressie laden sleigh is only 4 prims! which means if your home is on the smaller size and you have a prim allowance to match then this is perfect for you.  Low in prims high in decor value and remember it and all the Group Gifts are yours for just 40Lds.


I’ve taken this picture in my sims setting and I think I should have waited till it was Christmas eve before I put him out in fact I might just pop him back into my invent and then bring him back out as a Christmas Eve tradition.  I adore this item and I’ve had him at least 1 year if not 2, sorry not to sure, and yes now there is a lot of similar models around but Santa, his slight and all those Reindeer and Hell no I can’t name them, all come to just 10Prims and I’ve not come across anything better for such low low prim usage.  Goes without saying that he would be just as good on a roof or even land LOL.

This year Laurent has kept with the traditional theme, old cottage table groaning with Christmas food, pine tree’s covered in tinsel and bauble’s fireplaces and socks etc and once I’ve done my unpacking I will show you but don’t wait for that just pop over and check them out in person to see how nice his stuff is.  The Christmas stuff is in the lovely house to your right when you land and if you want to grab the rest of the Group Gifts you will have to pop into the main shop for those.

I’ve put the link to his Marketplace shop and if you haven’t check out the Marketplace at all this is the time to do it.  A lot of the MP Shops allow you to send the item you’ve bought as a gift so if you want to send a pressie to someone it’s perfect and easy.  Follow Us does this and also I’m pretty sure the amount of 10Lds, 25Lds and 29Lds items have increased.  Christmas items, trays, food, Desks, chairs, decor items and on and on and again all can be sent as a gift and unless the person checks they don’t need to know that you’ve been careful with your budget LOL.

Follow Us has all of the Christmas items in the lovely house on your right when you land but the rest of the Group Gifts are inside the main shop.

 Follow Us

Follow us Marketplace

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Happy BD & Freebies for our Followers.

A big Happy Rezz Day to Laurent83Waco.  He is someone who I more than happily blog for not just because of the design, texturing, pricing, gifties etc but he’s such a genuinely really lovely person and trust me some times nice people seem to be few and far between.

In any case he sent out a notice announcing that it’s his Rezz day and as a treat he’s set out a Group Gift for us “Follower”.  Sorry the picture isn’t of the Gift, I believe the gift is a poster but as soon as I saw the trays I got distracted and although there is a choice of trays this one had my name on it.   I love trays, I have an addiction to trays (one of many I’m afraid).  I have wood ones, metal ones, ceramic ones, wicker ones, retro styled, rustic style and on and on I need to stop!  and I have to confess that in SL I’m continuing with that addiction but when you see with all of the detailing and texturing you too will want it.

I picked this one as it suits me to the ground but there is a choice of others so you need to check them out. At only 6 prims and copyable I’ve rezzed 2 of them out all ready 1 on my bed and the other one outside on my bench.  Priced at 79Lds a bargain as well.


To grab Laurents Rezz Day gift you will have to be in the Follow Us group which is now only 40Lds to join and remember this is a group where he keeps all the Group Gifts out so there is now a whole wall of them and all of them are top quality home decor items.  Each on their own is worth more than the joining free and there is also a small selection of slashed priced items if I remember correctly an ironing board with iron for only 10Lds.  I’ll have to go back and check.  Make sure to check his Marketplace shop as well because he has some Dollarbies and oodles of items at just 10Lds inc desks and even some Christmas Decor items.  Speaking of which you can also use the Marketplace to send gifts and since Christmas is around the corner then perfect.

OMG I’ve just spotted something I already own and now I really can’t wait for Christmas!  Check out this link for the best Santa and sleigh in SL.  So much details and only 10prims! I’m not sure if he has one out in his shop yet but nearer Crimbo he will so you can see it inworld but it was the BEST Santa & Sleigh. We had ours flying over our sim last year and I’ll have to dust it off and now I can’t wait to set it out again.

Now for some FREEBIES for our Followers.  I thought I was on a roll yesterday at Lakua Arriage shop IONIC and the first Gacha prize I won was a RARE so Woo Hoo for me but sadly the next 4 weren’t and I don’t need or want them.  So I’ve set them out on our sim for people to pop over and grab them.  Faith has checked them and they are set for sale, I have had some issues trying to set things for sale.

OOO even more Freeness but this time off Faith.  She too had some copy wins at a Gacha and she’s sent me one of the extra’s.  It’s a  Mesh Heads that comes with skin and alphas and don’t worry you don’t need a mesh body to wear this mesh head.  It’s Super, Super Kawaii I have to say.  Not our usual look for sure, very doll like with wide eyes.  There is only 1 of them because I’m keeping the one she sent to me, you will find it in the little cupcake on our Pure Group Inviter (you don’t have to join to be able to grab it though).

Follow Us Inworld

Follow Us Santa & Sleigh

Follow Us Marketplace

Our Sim



Both I and Faith come from the UK so we don’t have a big tradition of celebrating Halloween and that’s what Faith said to me last time I saw her and then she also got a notice through from Follow Us about their new Decor items and she went and bought a whole load of them!  As it happens I too had rushed over there and I just couldn’t wait and had bought myself some brilliant hanging crates with Halloween themes.


I’ve really got to clean up the outside porch on my home but it’s hard when you want to show so much off.  OK the 2 cute doggies you can see in the bottom left are actual Group Gifts which only costs 40Lds to join and that’s really just a token because Laurent has a whole wall of home decor GG’s and often boards with big discounted prices only for Group Members only.  Look just under the eaves of the porch and you will see the hanging rustic wire baskets and those were what I just couldn’t wait to get my sticky paws on.


You get 4 different styles in the pack and they’re copyable.  Not the lowest of prims but so damned effective I would love these wire baskets in RL for hanging around my home.  They really are lovely, I may move a couple of them off my porch as 4 of them are making it look crowded but I’m definitely moving them over to my shed and Faith may even ask for a few to be put on her porch.


I have had a lot of fun with my Windlight, as it happens the colour I’d set our sim to turns out to be perfect Halloween colours, orangey and greeny.  I’ve also fiddle with a bit of photo shopping but to show you how bright and juicy the colours are the very last picture is set in my fav Nams setting.


The barn is stuffed with both indoor and outdoor decor items.  I haven’t been over to Faiths home but I know she also grabbed the fireplaces.  Don’t worry if you’re prim counting as you may not have enough for some but there is plenty of options and with such zingy colours even one of the smaller items creates a splash of colour.


This is the picture taken in my nams.

Follow Us

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Just for you (a freebie for our followers).


I blog Follow Us stuff because it’s Idiot proof and I mean that most respectfully, although his furniture will appeal to both sexes if you’re a man in SL and you want to furnish somewhere with simple lines, great colouring, unfaffyness and some great poses for yourself and a partner then this is the perfect place for you.  If your man or woman and you appreciate clean lines, simple use and those added touches then this is a perfect shop for you and add to all of that some absolutely great pricing which means no matter what your budget is there is tons here for you.


The top picture has a few items from my invent which are from Follow Us ie the screen, the beauty basket mirror on the wall but the newest item to my invent is this wash stand.  Comes all linked which is pretty handy when you see all accessories on it.  Nice touch is the pale pink vase and twigs which set off the antique washed out colouring of the stand.  Can’t actually believe that this is a Gacha item for only 29Lds and this isn’t even the rare one as it’s packed with nothing but the washstand the difference is the items of decor and when some of them again are just as suitable for men or women and some just women some men so try your luck and although the Follow Us is a quiet group if you find you have a wash stand you don’t like I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t find it hard to find someone to make a swopsie.

A whole new load of Summery and Decor items at Follow Us so if you’ve not been there recently time to pop back and esp since there is a new Group Gift out of a sweet sandcastle with couple poses in it.  Group isn’t free to join but at 40Lds a token price and as I always say a whole wall of old shop quality group gifts and some seriously discounted items waiting to be grabbed.

PS the Gacha and the Group Gifties are to be found in the same room when you rezz turn to your right walk through and enter the dark brown room but Follow Us is a much bigger store so have a walk through the rest of the shop and check outside for the garden goodies.


Dayum this is a FREE GIFT from me to you (that’s anyone who follows our blog).  I recently went to the This Seasons Story and “won” 2 Junbug skirts and I don’t want them I wanted one of the corsets and frilly knickers the corset I’m wearing is one of my own. It’s not because they’re shabby, they’re absolutely gorgeous, but I’m never going to wear them again. So I’m going to pack this one up, blush is the colour, and the other one which I believe is a light blue and I will set them out on our sim for anyone to come and pick them up.  When you rezz there you will land at our cafe area and they will be just on the table boxed up and ready to be bought for 0Ld.  I will box them seperately so you can just take 1 or even 2 if you wish.  I have been thinking for a while now that it might be a nice idea to box up all the old Gacha items I’ve bought but will never use again and set them out for anyone to come and take. This appliers to only what we’ve paid for though I keep ALL of my Follow Us items because I just use them too often to discard.

Follow Us

Follow Us Marketplace

Follow Us Blogg

Our Sim

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polaroidWhen I next bump into Faith I’m going to offer her this ironing board as she still has that boathouse rental she’s just blogged and this recycled ironing board from Follow Us is perfect for a beach or shabby chic home.  If you look closely you can see that this would be a perfect example of recycling, if I was a DIYer this is the sort of thing I would make and use.  Comes all linked with the basket, iron, ironing board and the fabric and nooo poses.  However I’ve seen one of the newest Follow Us releases and it’s a posed, posher ironing/laundry set so as soon as I get my greasy mitts on that one I’ll be showing that off.  Till them this excellently priced 10Lds one will be perfect for any home but especially beach, shabby chic and rustic homes.

DOH almost forgot to mention that this months newest group gift is out and of course I forgot to grab it.  The Group now isn’t free to join but at 40Lds it’s a token amount and there is a whole wall of all the old shop quality GGs waiting to be grabbed.


I seemed to have missed so many of the weekly special offer from AMD (Apple May Designs) but not this week.  ….puts something out for the pricely sum of 25Lds and this week it’s this simple and lacy mesh top. As always I went for the neutral colour but others available, I didn’t stay long enough to check them because it’s been such a busy week and I’m so behind in posting the goodies.

Special mention to the hair and a reminder to go grab this brilliant skin.  The hair is a Mina Nakamura hair called Nanda and as you can se it has a lovely big lose plait down one side if a single plait isn’t to your taste then next to Nanda is Mandy which is what looks like to me the same version but with 2 plaits.  Both prices most reasonably at 250Lds and of course with that you get a choice of colour shaeds in a Hud.   I love how the landing spot is set away from the shop, just walk through the lovely tree lined avenue and maybe even if you’re not after hair you might want to LM this place for a lovely hangout/meeting area as Mina has spend so much time landscaping her sim for us to enjoy.

Mentioning this skin again because not only do I love it but Faith has also fallen in love with it.  PumeC is where it comes from and it’s called Vlada.  She has beautiful dark smudged eyes but with the addition of make up layers you can change the look completely.  Not only is this a free skin but also comes not only with ALL Appliers but also the most useful Hud with all the appliers loaded into it.  This isn’t the only Free skin from PumeC so get yourself over there and grab it before it goes.

AMD (Apple May Design)