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Indulge me, no freebies, no nothing but maybe some inspiration.

Vanity, Vanity all is Vanity so I’m just going to show you a few pictures I took today of the 2 new sims created by Lauren Bentham.

The Arranmore sim is dark and foreboding.

OMG, you can see even the light glistening on the ruts in the mud!  The attention to details is amazing.

I’ve got that building but when I had mine rezzed out it was nowhere near as stunning, I think the lighting cracking overhead helped.

I took these 3, and so many more on the Arranmore sim but these next one are taken on the Netherwood sim which resembles the wilds of an English countryside.By this stage, I was feeling queasy from the jealous bile that was building up inside my chest and by the time I took my last picture I was a sniveling wreck.

OK, I’ve pulled up my big girl knickers now and stopped sniveling.

The thing is these sims are so photogenic that if you’ve never tried to take pictures in SL or you have but the results have never been to the standard you would like then try here.  The landscaping, building, and windlight have created beautifully photogenic scenes that will allow anyone to be able to take pictures to be proud of.  I promise you although I’ve framed my pictures I’ve done no photo editing I just cammed and snapped and each and every picture was a keeper.

Here is a BIG tip and I have told you about it before but it’s a way of taking 1, 2, 5 or even 100+ pictures and not have them cost you a single Linden.  When you take a picture in the pop-up snapshot window select “save to disc” and then another window opens on your computer and you save it into whatever folder you want to keep your SL pictures in. This is FREE and it means you can take as many as you wish and then chose the best and if you want them inworld then you do have to pay the 10Lds to upload them into SL.

Can you imagine framing and hanging your own photos on your wall in SL or have them as a background on your computer etc?

I have paid to join all 3 sim groups, the Baja sims, Arranmore and the Netherwood one and there is another dystopian sim which I’m going to assume will also be a paid for group but this token one-off payment gives you rezzing rights but of course keep it small, simple and clean up afterward.  Considering how much time, effort and expense that these sims cost Lauren Bentham the group fee’s are more of a token of gratitude than anything else.

PS.  At each LM there is a board with all of the sims and so you can TP from there and check out each one.

Arranmore (Dark and Scary)

Netherwood (English Countryside)

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From one extreme to another.(10Ld gift).

I mentioned in my last post about the new sim created by Lauren Bentham and here is just a taste of it.

Again another STUNNING MASTERPIECE! I took this picture just at the landing spot but now I have had time to wander around this sim, called Netherfield, it’s reminded me of old classical paintings of the English countryside, google John Crome, and that’s what you get.  Dark rich colours, farms, old English buildings, animals, streams, and brooks and all of this is just for us, just for people to come and relax, take photographs or just to dream for a little while.

The icing on the cake is you CAN REZZ! You will have to pay to have that privilege but it’s only the one-off 150Lds joining fee and that means you can rezz a prop, pose or a chair just to sit there and soak in the relaxing atmosphere.

Phew, sorry about all that but here is a nice little giftie to finish off with and it just costs you the 10Ld joining fee for the Teleport Hub group you have to join.  There are other gifts for other groups and I think they’re free to join but I’d totally recommend that you still join the Teleport Hub group as it comes up with some real nice gifts.

PS. I’ve just TPed over to yet another new sim from Lauren Bentham and I will tell you about that at a later date but at each Landing spot you will see notice boards about them all so you can TP to whichever one takes your fancy.

Ari’s Bazaar 


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Cake and freebies for breakfast.(Freebies).

I’ve updated this post for more freebies so check the last bit out.

Get used to the beachy/seaside shots as the Baja Norte sims created by Lauren Bentham are STUNNING!  These are open to everyone to come and enjoy and although these are rental sims there is so much space and so many places set out for residents and visitors to enjoy you can come just to chill n chat.  Or even better, chill, chat and take pictures because the windlight setting is so good that even if you don’t know how to use windlight or edit a picture these sims are a breeze to take decent pictures in.  Usual rules, ie no going into peoples homes and keep your wobbly bits under cover.

This is such a well-loved place that even though I am a frequent visitor I rarely see vacancy and guess what?  During my visit, I found one and because I love nothing better than the sea, plus this particular cabin is in one of the better position I SNAPPED IT UP!  And I fully intend on getting my week’s rental moneys worth out of it lol..

So this morning I’m working my way through the 25Ld list and my first visit was to a shop I don’t know called Saga & Zoe I didn’t go for the 25Lds as I think it’s eyes but I went to check it out, which of course means check out any group gifts and Voila glasses.  Heart shaped with hud which gives you 7 glass shades and 2 frame colours.  The glass comes in the standard grey, the goldie shade, and some really pretty colours I try to avoid a post for just the little things unless like these glasses they’re perfect for the season or are such good quality.

Same can be said of this bag.

I didn’t like it much at first as the one I wore, rezzed it’s about 61prims so no good as a decor item, had the word “f*ck” on it it didn’t actually distract from what is a good looking back but in the hud you also have a choice of plain texture or the same ones with a big embroidered flower.  Comes with a holding pose and really, really nice.

OH I’ve just remembered in the Saga shop there is more free to join group gifts but I’ve forgotten what they were lol I just had my “eye on the prize” so to speak.

PS.  Yes I did have cake for breakfast and if I could I would have saved you a slice.

UPDATE.  The crochet top I’m wearing is an old but recent freebie and it not only comes with a hud but also a skirt.  It’s such a quality gift that I TPed over to the shop I got it from, DM Modas, and it’s not only still there but there are other gifts for other free groups.  You will find them all in the back room to your left.

DM Modas

Baja Norte (I’ve put the 1LM but there is about 4 beach themed ones for you to enjoy).

Saga & Zoe

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Weekender (Freeness at the bottom).

FINALLY! Even though Faith and I rent our own sim we still use others as backgrounds and one of them is an extremely popular Baja Norte sim which is owned and run by Lauren Bentham, but she now has added a second rental sim to her estates, called Baja Cove and I have finally managed to rent myself a small beach cabin here…WOO HOO.



In all the time I’ve been a visitor to this sim I had yet to see a vacancy so the opportunity to rent was just too good and I really hate to tell you this but all of these new beach homes got snapped up in a heartbeat and from the looks of the rental boards, on the sides of the houses, it looks like most folks have rented for a full month.

I’ve cut and pasted this bit out of the info card about rentals..

it costs 250 lindens to join the land group, that allows rezz when you first rent on Baja Norte group join is -FREE- if you pay a minimum of 2 weeks or more at the start,
(and you are not already a group member)pay to join as normal , then IM me and i will refund the join fee straight away, if im not online or away (which is rare) just notecard me the transaction details of the rental payment and join fee by logging into SL website and go to transaction details & ill refund the join fee 🙂

NOTE: The Free Group join offer is only for people renting then joining the group & paying a minimum of 2 weeks at the start , not for people in the group already who then decide to rent only the person whose name is on the rental payment meter can rez items permanently at the rentals & get the group fee refunded,
this does not apply to friends or partners of the renter.


There is an amazing amount of cool crisp water but also as much land as you need.  I’ve taken some nice photos but also check out Lauren’s Flickr page to see even more pictures of here and also her many other builds and shops.  I don’t know if many people on the land realise that over our heads is some of her other shops and builds such as Bentham Manor, Bentham Forest.  These are her shops but they’re set out as full builds for you to walk though and admire and if you like what you see just click and buy.  Again if you check out her Flickr account you will see these builds as well.  The best thing about this sim is you really don’t need much camera skills as this place is so lovely and packed with so many poses and props anyone can come here, group member or not, and take some great pictures.baja7

There are larger areas for groups to get together or smaller ones for more privacy but it goes without saying that you won’t find any naughty poses….snuggle ones maybe, rudie ones a definite No No .  In fact I’ve not checked the details but I should imagine it’s definitely a case of no jiggly bits at all, people come here for peace and quiet not for pervin, although what you get upto in private chat is upto you LOL.  If you’re here for 100% privacy then this isn’t the sim for you, a busy and very popular place for many people but you will be left alone.

I’ve been a full paided Group Member for a while now and this allows me rezzing privileges BUT of course it goes without saying if you rezz it you clean it up! and keep an eye on the prim count.  I’m not sure if there is a limit other than the ones for the home renters as to how many a paid Group Member can use but the reality is that rezzing a lot of prims esp at peak visiting times will be frowned up.  I’ve never had to rezz anything other than a pose ball or small prop as everything you could need is already provided for you.


If I had challenged Faith to find my home out of all of them without looking at the rental boards she would have found it in a heartbeat LOL.   I can’t really tell you much about the homes because they all were rented in a heartbeat and most of them look as though they were rented for a full month straight away so you will have to just strike it lucky like I did and keep on popping over to snag the occasional vacancy.  I’ve only rented mine for a week just so I can finally say “I lived there” and then move back to my own sim.crossgrenintrep

Last shot of the Freebie I’ve snagged.  Comes from S@bbia and is probably going to be the last winterish type of coat I’m going to show you.  Free to join the group and free to grab.  As I was LM grabbing I noticed that amongst the other Group Gifts there is a lovely bag which if I had spotted it at the time I would have grabbed that as I think it would have gone lovely with this coat as well.  The other thing I’ve noticed  is that this coat comes in all the standard mesh sizes but also inc a fitmesh size and I’m wearing that in this picture because although the other sizes fitted will this one fitted over my mesh trousers so it turned out to be very handy addition to the sizes.

Baja Norte

Baja Cove

Lauren Bentham’s Flickr