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What a “Sweetheart”. (12 Gift).

The Hashtag/Spotlight event is pretty well known now and it’s the usual thing ie stalls with bargain-priced gifts on most if not all of them.  A lot of these gifts don’t have a picture or sizes on them so it’s pot luck sometimes as to what you’re going to get but not in this case.

A nice picture and the sizes of this “Love Hearts” dress are on the gift bag and for only 12Lds it was a no brainer, it’s as tasty as it looks I’m so happy with this that I will probably never wear it again but I’m going to have to keep this. You will find this on the Gloss stand but keep on walking as I did find on the PCF Stand a Dollarbie which is blog-worthy but since it’s so different in style from this outfit I’m going to do another quick post just about that.

PS. This comes in SLink P, SLink HG, Altamura, Freya, Isis, Maitreya & Venus fits.

Hashtag District/Spotlight Event.

Pewpew (For the ice lolly)

Here is the list of