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Nothing is Free.(Mention of Freebie, sorta).

Just like Faith I too had a day off, for good behaviour, and treated myself to a mani and brow shape and dye, so for once, I’m clicking away on my keyboard with pretty sparkly nails and on fleek brows which is only slightly marred by the tatty old slippers and the mark on my blouse which I suspect is a dollop of yogurt from my breakfast.

Then I suddenly realised it’s been a lifetime since I’ve found a decent skin so I kept my AV fingers crossed and popped over to the Lara Hurley skin shop and I don’t know if the “New” skin is new because sadly for me it’s a Catwa skin.

Since I can’t show you that skin I did pop on one of the old GG’s which is a Lelutka skin and you can pop over for yourself because I do know that quite a few of our readers are Catwa mesh heads.

I’m about 100% sure that none of her GG’s come with appliers but I love her skins so much I actually bought the applier and at that time it was only 100% for the SLink applier and for that, you get all the shades so basically it was a bargain or of course you could simply use your mesh body hud to get a skin match etc.  This was quite a while ago but I don’t think the prices have changed and I do know the Anna Hurley group is still a free one.

Sorry, the clothes I’m wearing were either bought or old gifts and are not available.  Logging off now to go change my top and make a big mug of coffee but I think when I log back in I’m gonna try to find myself a new skin…hopefully for free lol.

Lara Hurley Skins (The older GG’s are in the room behind the wall where the new GG is on).

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D*mn, D*mn, D*mn.(Freebies).

Damn, just as I was snapping away in my new freebies and glowing in the fact that I got em first there was a shout out in my free groups  and so pretty soon you will see these great freebies on all the blogs! so so much for my scoop lol.

Hair, jeans, shoes are the new gifts from Sentinus Design but if you have time to kill then the top was a recent lucky board win from Sn@tch.  You don’t need to be in the Sn@tch group to win off the LBs there as although I’m in the group I’ve never worn the tag when sn@tching a prize or two off the LB’s  or having a little fish for the fishing prize.  This is a very busy LB area so I won this and 2 other really good items in no time at all.

PS the top comes in system layers and SLink/Omega appliers and you get OODLES of colours.

LOVE this fake ass hair, love the big wig look, the outlandish colour palette I love everything about it.  Of course I much prefer the more natural look of Mina but SL is dressing up for adults and sometimes this adult wants to be a ditzy doll and this hair is it.  There are more natural shades in the hud that you get with this hair and the other hair(which tbh I wasn’t as keen on) but nope you need to keep fake ass hair like this in these ziggy colours.  12 colours in total.

The jeans don’t come with any hud but all the standard mesh fits.

If this orange/red isn’t your fav colour don’t let that put you off getting these shoes.  Again another colour hud pack with colours and some are the more standard shades but there is some really interesting textures from floral to polka dots.   Sorry only SLink and TMP feet fits.

Special mention to the skin because since I’m almost free from head to toe then although the skin is an old freebie mentioned a few times before I might as well tell you about it again.  Ale(yes a skin named after an alcoholic drink) is still out at Lara Hurley and it’s a free to join Group gift.  This doesn’t come with a mesh body applier but I loved this skin so much and when I bought it the applier pack only cost 100Lds and contained all of the Lara Hurley skins so one appler is all you need.  Of course if you don’t wear a mesh bod then you don’t need the applier or if you’re not lazy like me and you do have a mesh bod then simply use the skin matching applier you get in all mesh body packs.


Lara Hurley

Sentinus Design

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Randomness (Freebie)

When my cat licks his bum he pulls a face which says “what the f**k did I just taste! another bit of randomness is this picture.


So I took a few pics of my new free skin which is why I’m wearing undies as for the boots emm I wore them because I can lol.  Then I decided to have a saunter around our sim for some inspiration on what to do for the next season landscaping and of course our visitors area and YES I didn’t just get a fun picture for my album but I’ve made a decision on what I’m going to do with the sim.


So I TPed up to my platform and took this plain old shot of my lovely new Freebie skin called Violet from Lara Hurley’s shop.  Although she comes with those cherry red lips I think the subtle blush and smattering of freckles make this an adorable sweet skin.

So far Lara Hurley skins are the only ones I happily show you even though they don’t come with any appliers shock horror! LOL  But of course not everyone either uses them or is as lazy as I am and of course Appliers all come with skin matching Huds or in my case since I love and have grabbed all of her GG’s I did buy the Applier pack.  They cost 200Lds and for that you get in my case SLink Mesh body, hands, feet & ALL of the Lara Hurley skin shades so basically once you’ve bought the pack it will match up with every skin and that inc the old GG’s still out to be snagged.

RUSHING off to EXPOSURE!  Even if you’re not a cat lover, what is wrong with you! I think most of us have faced seeing a beloved furry in pain/discomfort etc and having the choice of either having them “put to sleep” or facing a choking bill is something we dread.  We know only too well how much it cost for some of what we consider to be even basic treatment but I not only counted the cost but the blessings we had the money to pay to make sure our furry was made better.  We now even though we’re NOT rich folks donate every month to a local charity that treats poorly furries and even scalies and featheries LOL because our pets enrich our lives and we have to do the best we can to make sure they’re well looked after.

PS of course Exposure does do some excellent poses and even if you’re not into blogging or whatever I think everyone needs a decent pose pack in their invent to make sure that in any picture they take of themselves they’re looking the best they can.

Lara Hurley Skins 


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I’m going to shock you (paid for and Freebie).

The shock isn’t the “nip slip” it’s the fact that I’m not wearing either a Mina hair or a PumeC skin LOL.  Honestly I spend so much time in SL trying things on and that includes many paid for and free hairs and skins from other shops but it is now rare for me to buy and wear anything other than a PumeC skin and a Mina hair and even rarer for the hair to be a paid for one so when I get tempted by a hair/skin there is a real good reason.

So when I was at the Hairology hair event to check out the Mina stall and as I said in my last post the new hair there is now one of my new favs but the other 2 are ones I cannot live without and since I now have all 3 of them I wandered around and yes there are some really good hairs here but I wasn’t tempted until I got to the No Smoke stall.


No Smoke is a pretty new shop in SL, or at least it is to me and once I’ve put some clothes back on to go LM grab I will be seeing what else is there, finger crossed for a freebie cos I am one mean shopper.


Although it’s all mesh you do get a flexi part for the ends of the hair so when you walk there is some movement and tbh I don’t really think it adds much to the overall look.  An excellent hair and each braid can be clearly made out.  200Lds for each colour pack and I got the brown pack and I think there was probably the 5 different shades.

I’m only mentioning the skin because I just wanted to prove that I do wear skin, hair etc from other shops and Lara Hurley is a shop that I’ve managed to pick some gorgeous free GG’s up from in the past and that inc this skin.  I don’t know if it is still there as a Free GG but I’ll pop the LM in at the end and you can go over.  This is such a gorgeous skin but because it was a Free GG one it didn’t come with any appliers but I loved it so much I popped back and splashed out on the Applier fat pack which I can’t remember how much but it wasn’t overpriced and it means I could wear this skin and all me bits! LOL.  When I LM grab I’m hoping that there is a new GG out but even if this one is still out there for you to grab I would recommend it.

UPDATE Woo Hoo this skin, Ale,  and others are still set out as Group Gifts, free to join and I’ve got them ALL from previous visits so sadly not a new December one unless I’ve missed it but these are gorgeous skins.  It’s not often I now show you a Freebie that doesn’t come with Appliers and this skin doesn’t but for just 200Lds  you can buy the full Applier packs so in my case I’ve got the SLink Appliers and in that you get a simple hud which will colour match any SLink mesh bit you’re wearing.  Of course there is other Applier packs for all of the other big Mesh body bits on the market.  Add to this that you also get the whole colour pack for all of the Lara skins so 1 pack is all you ever have to buy to match any of the skins from here.  BUT of course all Mesh body bits come with their own skin matching huds and they’re easy to use but Appliers have made us/me lazy.

No Smoke@Hairology

No Smoke Mainshop

Lara Hurley

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Free Falling into another week (freebies)


FREE mesh jumpsuit

Insomnia is a wonderful thing, there I was all snuggled up feeling sleepy – then boom – WIDE AWAKE ! I’ve got an early start so figured  I’d only oversleep, so got up and logged on. Soooo what to do what to do, I fancied a little hunting. I found myself first port of call at FashionNatic, thought I was going to have to get my huntin goggles on but oh no – there was the gift right on the counter. This sweet jumpsuit is the prize in the “Around the grid 3” hunt, each prize is $1. As I was stood there, I spotted more hunt prizes, so snapped those up also.

FREE Dress

One of the boxes contained this little frilly frock, very cute!

FREE mesh pencil dress

Another was this pencil slim clingy dress with cross motif.

FREE mesh jumpsuit!

Another jumpsuit but in black with a lilac coloured top – more evening wear than the first. Grand total of $4L spent ! I’m off to watch some lolcats on Youtube and probably fall asleep and wake in a blind panic


Around the grid 3 hunt blog

All hair by Argrace

Free skin “Ale” by Lara Hurley (group gift, free to join)

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Fancy Pants.

OH Lord I’ve burned my hand but fortunately the pain killers have started to kick in and I am finally able to show you this.

As much as I love to show off the Freebies sometimes you have to spend a few Lindens and to make me spend my Lindens it must be something really worth it and that’s my exact thought when I tried on this “Fancy Pants” outfit from Entice.


How gorgeous is this whole look.  Comes as a one piece but the addition of a Hud which allows you 3 texture options for the jacket, shirt and shorts means you can chop and change.


Going to confuse you now.  You will find this discounted item under the 55Lds Thursday sign, turn to your right and go in that way, but in fact it cost me 100Lds however the full priced options are 300Lds so this is a definite bargain.  There was another discounted pack which had more glittery/disco textures which sounds awful but I loved that one as much as this and it was a struggle which to get. The demos for all of the colour packs are there and you do have to pay a Linden for it but it gets paid right back to you.

Special mention to the hair and skin because in my previous post I only mentioned them in passing.  The hair is one I’ve previously blogged but it’s now available at the latest round of Kustom9 but in the whole colour colour palette range inc Ombres.  While you’re waiting for that event to calm down then this skin is one of the old Lara Hurley Group Gifts which I mentioned and this one does come with the Appliers.  Again I adored the New Free to Join GG’s skin and if you do have a few Lindens then 150 to buy the Applier Pack is not unreasonable at all.

OOKKAAYY pain killers have definitely kicked in so I think I’m having an attack of the munchies!


Lara Hurley


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With Love…again

Les Petits Details French Dress - Adorkable poses iphone - Lara Hurley Skin Yuna - All With Love Hunt

Gosh I’ve scored some totally brill gifts in the With Love Hunt so far…Les Petits details is offering this glorious dress as their prize…slim tight fitting skirt…neat bow tied belt and layers of frothiness at the top….very Parisienne ! I also managed to find the gift from Lara Hurley Skin…”Yuna” is beautiful…dramatic red lips…and sharply groomed eyebrows add some real glamour..(the mole is my own)…plus..I snapped up the gift from Adorkable…totally fab…an iphone with lotsa poses hoohah! I’m inseparable from iphone…very apt for moi…youre looking for a red gift box….each gift costs just 10L….good luck ❤

Les petits details

Lara Hurley

Adorkable poses

With Love Hunt Blog