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Limited PROMO with Dollarbie action thrown in

Well well wellll – heres a nifty jacket and top combo you wont want to miss! This is “Inspired” by ArisAris – I’ve long been a big fan of this store, I just adore the textures and fabrics used. This is no exception and is currently on offer for a limited time at just $99L! You get the jacket and the bandeau style top, mesh body sizes for Slink, Belleza & Maitreya included.

The Hud is exceptional ! It means you can wear this all year round, with leathers, florals, neutrals – the whole shebang! I had a really good play around with all the options and wore it with capri pants, jeans, skirt and shorts – a real contender for my keeper jacket for the year! This is only available on the market place at the promo price. My sunnies are by Swallow, you can grab them for just $1L with a giant sized Hud for lotsa colour fun. I had actually forgotten that Player bought me these Lapointe & Bastchild capri pants – gawd they are pretty fantastico. Now at $599L for a gigantic fat pack its a considered purchase – howeverrrr – you would.never.need.another pair ! All denims, colours, colour change for the belt, buckle, even plaids for the cuffs if you like – I will be wearing these till they rot from my chubby little legs from now on!

ArisAris offer

Sunnies by Swallow

Key of Love necklace by Swallow

Friendship Key earrings by Swallow

Capri pants by Lapointe & Bastchild

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Ah, Lapointe and Bastchild. I have fond memories of this store. You see, long ago, this was where I purchased my first ‘proper’ pair of shoes and my very first suit. I also spent quite a bit of time in their freebie area as well.

Anyway, when I received a giftcard from there, I was ashamed to realise that I hadn’t been down there in a good, long while. When I got there and saw all the things I had been missing out on, I was a little like a kid in a candystore trying to figure out what to get. So much cool gear, so little time so I grabbed myself a couple of things and couldn’t resist showing you. Above is the ‘Renegade’ jacket which is sensational. I always love a good denim jacket. It comes in either blue or black and the details on it are fantastic. Included are sculpted cuffs, collar and bottom to the jacket and are resizeable via script (though to tell the truth, I didn’t need to edit it one little bit). There is also a separate hood add-on you can purchase for this jacket which looked pretty cool.

I also picked up the ‘Aviator Leather Vest’ while I was down there and while I’m generally not a fan of prim vests/jackets, this one looked too good to pass up and I wasn’t disappointed. The details on it, from the wool on the collar, the graphic on the back, to the buckles hanging off the shoulders, are all fantastic. It also has a very cool resizer script that lets you manipulate the size of the vest along the axes which means you can resize the height, width or depth of it a lot easier, which is just how I like it.

There is a lot more to be seen down at Lapointe and Bastchild: shoes, more jackets, jeans, belts, you name it and all at very reasonable prices (and yes the freebie area is still there too!). I won’t be waiting too long to be taking another trip down there, that’s for sure, and you shouldn’t wait long either.

Get the gear here: Lapointe and Bastchild