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A load of Junk (Freebies).

By now everyone who loves quality will know that Junk has not only opened a new shop on a new sim BUT there are FREEBIES and a SALE going on!


Although I’m not showing much of the “Tiny House” that I’ve used as my background but it’s a Junk Stunner.  I have blogged it previously and you can check it out for yourself at the shop.  The Freebie is this sleigh seat which as far as I’m concerned can be used any time of year and not just for winter.  You actually get 2 colours this green and a blue.


The chair, plant and a lantern on the wall are Junk as well.  As it happens you get about 5 different metal versions of that lamp.


Last piece of Junk is this Button clock which comes with instructions on how to change the time settings to suit where you are in RL.

I’m not sure if you have to join the Junk group to grab it or not but it doesn’t really matter as it’s a Free to join group.  The chairs are obviously set out but the rest of the Free Junk is actually in the brown box just near the chairs but a bit behind and to the right. You will see what I mean when you go there.

Now for any budding photographers out there this is another sim for you.  So beautifully laid out and the Windlight setting is amazing.  You cannot fail to take a stunning picture.  This first one is completely unedited, I just pointed and snapped.  However if you’re feeling a little bit braver then you have 2 days to enter a picture to a competition being held by Tab Tatham then you have 2 days to submit your picture and you never know!

An unedited picture of the sim.


And this is my entry to the Comp.



Photo comp@Junk

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Tatties (n free stuff)

Tatties=Geordie word for potatoes.  A bit light on the old postings this week but OMG the HEAT!! Sorry but where I live we’re hardly used to day light let alone sun shine and heat.

PotsSadly I decided to pack away my garden (will dig it out in the Autumn) and since there apart from my greenhouse I have had no veggie patch at all. Then I stumbled upon Dysfunctional Designs.  This is a shop which has a load of open fronted shops facing onto a pond. Each shop is pack with such low primmed items and such quality texturing that even if your not into RP or your home isn’t a rustic style home there is  still massive amount of things which will make you go “oooo”.  I snapped myself up a couple of the small veggie plots because each consists of 3 vegetables in it’s own little plot of soil.  The detail is amazing I picked up the potatoes and the yellow courgettes and resisted the red/yellow peppers and tomatos and all of the other veggies.  The picture shows a total of 6 (3 courgettes and 3 potato plots shoved together at the side of the greenhouse and all of that comes to 6 prims. Mesh of course which is why you get the real 3d effect of the plants.  At the bottom of the picture you can see one of the freebies which is a moss covered log.

CreepNot the best picture of this log but if you look closely you can see a beady eye looking at you.  Yes thats me I was so bored this morning I mooched around doing the FLF and I couldn’t be bothered to get dressed so I popped on my black skin and walked around in the NUDDIE! It was fun. The log inc the mushrooms is one of the freebies on offer.

LanternsNo camera tricks just Nams prim & skin setting because I wanted you to see how bright are these lanterns even in daylight.   For 185Lds you get 10 tones (just click each lamp and you can change the colour) 10 types, 2 singles with or without the stings rounded or squared, 4 trios and 5 on a single sting and believe it or not that string of 5 only comes to 2 prims!  Theses aren’t just floating shapes what you can’t see in the photos is that you can see the metal wires underneath that holds the tea light with the flame coming off it and again so LOW PRIMMED! and the icing on the cake is they’re all mod and copy. These are hanging around the whole sim so you can check them out before you buy.

As I’ve said this is a shop which leans towards the Gor, RP and rustic look but you would be a fool if you let that put you off because even for the most modern home there is so much here.  Food that looks so realistic, beds with a Shaker simplicity style, fireplaces, bedding plants and borders the fountains are absolutely elegant, worn and covered in moss and I want one when my budget allows and everything is so low primmed.   Make sure to look behind the shops as well because there are items there as well.

Dysfunctional Designs