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The Farm (The Challenge)

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk & barn

A new round of The Challenge has begun and it’s really a fantastic theme this time. “Farm” is the theme and I’ve got some great garden type treats to share with you . Above is the Farm shed from Black Tulip, 100% original mesh and really low prim (uhm 27 I think) The doors open to reveal a spacious interior, so plenty of room to fill up with your gardening and ground work gear.

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk - cleo designs

22769 have some adorable vege beds to scatter around, cabbages, carrots, beetroots & lettuce plus an empty one incase you’ve got your own vegetables. Just 2Li and so realistic – I know I will be using these in my SL garden for sure! Little teaser above of the huge amount of pieces from Cleo Designs. I adore the little tray, probably because I just LOVE french cheese.

The Challenge - Cleo Design

Cleo Designs has released this collection for your garden / farm. The bench is super comfy and ever so pretty with its casually tossed blanket over the back and plump cushions to rest upon. There is also a hen-house with chickens, couple outside that are not linked so you can place them wherever you wish, and some inside with a nest of cracked eggs. There’s baskets of fruit, freshly collected eggs in a tin carrier and of course a small cold-frame with some plants getting ready to be planted outside.

The Challenge - Percent  Makeshift sink - animated !

Last but certainly not least is the “makeshift sink” by %Percent. Its simply gorgeous to look at, and its also animated yay! Lovely poses to wash your hands from a days hard graft in the garden plus others. The tap works and also drip drip drips, nice touch is the dripping sound – dead cute. Li of 9 and soft linked – which means you can mess around with the parts and position them as you please.

The Challenge Blog (features all participating designers with url’s and photos)

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Sunday new

Its Sunday, and I was trying to get in various shopping events, getting more and more frustrated with each attempted teleport. I wandered outside, and sat at my harp in the grounds of our home sim Dreamworks. As I sat there and the beautiful harp music surrounded me, I begun to relax, looked around our glorious home and sunk a little more softly into my chair. I think it’s so easy in Second Life to lose sight of what we already have, it’s always onto the next event, the latest sale etc. So today – Sunday – I am going to savour and enjoy what I have, the things that are in my Second Life, be that objects or friends. Try it  for yourself, you are always welcome at Dreamworks if you need a place for some peace & quiet. Landmark below ❤


Dysfuntional Designs (gazebo,harp,moo cow)

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Perfect Ten – Lunar Seasonal Designs

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs

You know how sometimes you come across a store where you just want EVERYTHING? Thats what happened when I went to Lunar Seasonal Designs ! Be warned, you will be tempted, you will find yourself oooo’ing & awwww’ing, and you will buy stuff for sure ! I bought a few items for my own SL home, I even found a hunt prize yay! There are the cutest animals, wandering hedgehogs, plants and an apple tree that does all kindsa things. Their offering for this round of Perfect Ten, is this water-pump flowerbed. Its pretty, its Low prim, and its a keeper for my garden but that’s not all – oh no. Get the menu up and you’re bombarded with choices, the tall flower, the small flowers, the grass, the pot, the soil even. If you can’t find a combo that you like Id be super surprised. It will fit quite literally anywhere.

Perfect Ten

Lunar Seasonal Designs

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Room to work.


I was doing something I like to do when I’m feeling uninspired and did a bit of map hopping.  I bumped into this in the sky just above some abandoned land took a quick snapped and flew off and not far away from it I found this.


This is now mine as of course I grabbed the info and TPed straight over to inVerse who are the creators of this platform.  As soon as I landed her I of course remember this place well as I and Faith have spent ages here checking out the all houses, sky homes, landscaping etc this place has to offer.  Such a variety of styles here it’s hard to just look at one or two builds you end up just checking out so many of the homes it’s addictive.    Fortunately they have plenty of demo rezzers set out so you never feel harrased that you’re taking too much time up looking at all the builds


Thats me jumping in the middle.  This is a basic platform for either a home or in my case my new work space.  As you can see it’s big enough for most builds it does have a resizer option in the menu however I didn’t bother checking that out as I’m pretty sure you’ll only be able to alter the size to a certain extent and this size is perfect.  You also get 5 different textures 3 very similar to this one and 2 in the white, snowier moonish colour.  Not a vast difference in the texturing but it does make a perfect base for landscaping and at a lowly 4 prims plenty of scope to landscape it.


TBH there is no reason why this should just be used in the sky, placed on the land it will offer you a certain amount of privacy from neighbours.

When you TP to inVerse you rezz in the landing area just click the TP board to one of the demo areas.  You can’t actually buy from the rezzer but just near to the demo rezzers is a vast wall of the homes and you buy them from there.  This platform and a more grassier version are in ……..what the heck here is a piccie to show you where they are, bottom right corner.  As you can see there is a more grassy version as well.


I’ve popped the LM for a place to purchase a grassy sky dome that both Faith and I have and use because of it’s amazing sky texturing and it’s so affordable price tag of 149Lds and of course you can use that or any dome you may have to place over your platform to make it feel more enclosed and atmospheric.


The Dreamer