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Freebies to make staying home nicer

This is the problem with Zan and I both off work ! We are both busy searching out stuff for you that we are oftentimes finding the same great stuff ! This is too good to miss though – Zan showed a fashion item whereas Id gone for the home & garden items. Simply Shelby has elephant topiary’s – I’ve sized mine down a little to take the photo this is still quite large and only 5Li – you get a selection of colours.

I also snagged these lamps – right on trend for my new home and Id been looking around for lamps to scatter ! Three sizes and 2Li each, they also actually work. These are by Denimonde – I also bought a few more little trinkets whilst I was there as the styles are quite deco – perfect for me at the moment – prices are lowwww ! Its worth mentioning that items will change as times goes on , so if you want these grab them before they alter the offer to something else.

Stay at home club web site

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Firefly (Freebie).

SL seems to be a bit Borky today so when I finally managed to get on our sim I though I wouldn’t risk trying to TP anywhere and just work through the massive backlog of notes and I got 2 notices in and as soon as I spotted this delightful freebie from Brokeh I of course risked TPing my ass over there.


These linked glass Kilner jars with little lights floating in them.  You get 2 versions one with shadow and one without.  Simple, low prim and a delightful decor item.

As soon as I snagged I TPed back to my home because I spotted all those Gacha’s inside and some lovely tree’s and I’m penny pinching so I quickly TPed back to my platform to continue the good work of sorting through my notes and notices.


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Go hard or go home.

A new Gacha event is going on but it’s only for those who have “adult” ratings mainly because it’s set in the rather sordid, dirty and unwelcoming RP area called HARD ALLEY but if you want some Gacha goodness then you’re going to have to brave the pervs and make a dash for it.

bed nine

This bed only cos me 50Lds! comes with a cuddle menu a slow and subtle sexy menu.  Sorry I’ve just noticed that I’ve missed out the lovely Cherry Blossom decoration on the headboard and foot board in this picture but you can just about see it in the next.  A lovely Princess bed with that touch of naughtiness.

feeturbI was so rushed to get a picture of these absolutely sexy foot ribbons I snapped dozens of foot shots and only a couple of bed ones.  No I don’t have a foot fetish I just think pretty ribbons tied around a sexy polished foot is just so unbelievably decadent.  25 a play and I got the red pair in my first try.  Will fit both a high and med SLink foot.

OK Hard Alley is a seriously “hard” RP area but this is probably the one and only time you can pay a visit and not feel like Live Bait waiting to be caught, although I swear I saw a lot of private IMing taking place.  I did think about putting on my Repellant Noob shape but honestly I spent a nice time checking out all the naughtiness without being bothered at all so don’t worry if that’s something that concerns you.  Also if you’re not into the naughty stuff such as the Rampant Rabbit Lamp, not sure how I resisted that, there is a pretty vast selection from poses to furniture and all at low Gacha prices.

Hard Alley Erotigacha

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Ready steady POSE!

imagineGreat minds think alike and both Faith and I rushed over to ANA_Mations as soon as we got notice of a pretty damned generous FREEBIE’S and discounted sale going on.  Surrealia Anatine has had one of those years which we all suffer from occasionally (sh*t ones that we prefer to ignore) but like a lot of people she has dusted herself down, cleared out the cobwebs and is refreshing not only her RL but also her SL shop, which will now be relaunched as ANA.  In clearing away old stuff for new she is being so generous and has priced ALL of her AOs for 0 Lindens!! Yup FREE.  Although I haven’t owned one of her full AOs I have many individual poses and also a few props from here so I was really pleased to be able to grab all of them and treated myself to a seriously cute Panda bear rug slashed to only 50Lds.  There is a bit more than props and poses because there is a wall of furniture and even some retro homes which again have had their prices slashed. No demos but at the price she has reduced them to certainly worth thinking about.

As far as I know these prices will remain for quite a while and from the note Surrealia has sent out she will be returning with a bang, loads of new stuff, collabs with some of the big names in SL and just MORE.  This also includes her ‘nilla Bean shop which is for the kid stuff.

Heads up to a group Faith is a member of and how she found out about the Ana sale.  It’s called Virtual Vagabond and it seems to be pretty packed not only with notices about sales and free stuff but also a load of fun gifts, LMs to some lovely sims and it’s pretty damned comprehensive so if you have a spare group place and a single Linden (a token cost to join) I would highly recommend you become a “Virtual Vagabond” yourself.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing one of her AOs but of course you can’t see the actual movements but they’re lovely and smooth.

ANA Mations Mainstore

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I didn’t need it, I shouldn’t have bought it, I don’t have anywhere to put it and yet….I couldn’t resist it!

CorneredOver the years I have lived in many homes but all have been along the lines of retro, old, shabby chic etc and over the years I have amassed a lot of old Victoriana style items including ovens but when I saw this full sized great detailed old Victorian Range from Storax Tree and I just had to have it.  It’s 24 prims, comes without the accessories.  200Lds and worth both the prims and the price.  This is a great room filler.  For those of you into RPing this is amazing and for those who aren’t but love the old style a great look can be created.

Cornered1Quickly digs out my sexy lola tango maids outfit so I can pose next to it just so you can see the size of the range which is the exact size an old range would be.  Even if your not into the look still check out StoraxTree which I know well because it usually has a hunt or in this case 2 hunts going on and best of all check out the range because sitting on it is the Menu Mania Heaven Hud (MMHH letters) for 5Lds you get a cool AFK prop pose but splash out a bit more and the 49Lds for the Birds and the Bee’s hunt (a big bird) and you get an amazing over sized shoe for you to  pose on.

And then I spotted the “clippie mats” which made me squeal.  I come from the North East of the UK and we call them clippie mats but most people call them rag rugs.  The texturing is so realistic of fabric strips woven into bright garden patternsand only 50Lds.

The Sexy Maid outfit comes from Gathering which is a shop for the bustiest of the busty.  It has a range of clothing not just for Lolas but all the boobs out there.  Yes it has the tarty and trashy but also the elegant and unusual.  Costumes such as the maids one or full lenth ball gowns.

Storax Tree


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Big, Medium or Small

I’m having a serious invent clean out and came across this beauty.


It’s not that  forgot this because it’s attention to detail from the open windows to the hanging light inside, the 2 doors and the fact that this is an unbelievable 3 prims meant that it will fit anywhere and for those prims for any prim allowance you may have to work with.

Black 1

Great texturing and with spring around the corner we can all dream of owning a little greenhouse like this. However when I say “little” I really mean it.

Black 11

It’s tiny.  One false step and I could crush it with my heels. Small but perfectly formed.  I’ve had this standing in various homes over the years  as a low primmed, fun item.  The tiny greenhouse comes from LUXus which is a strange shop because half of it is cool contemporary, red, black, Swedish, minimalistic, chrome etc etc sort of furniture and then you wander into the countrified courtyard section.  Here you will find painted pails, raised vegetable beds, potting benches, fountains, bistro table sets and even , click the link to see what they ares doilies! 

Black 111

This is the  medium-sized greenhouse and when I move home, which sadly is going to be sooner rather than later, this  is going to be going with me.  It comes from (AP) Apple Fall, which we have blogged before and will blog again(and again and again) as long as he, Apple Fall, keeps on coming up with simple, elegant, easy on the eye, prim and pocket items.  This cost me 350Lds but I know from experience that it will be a long time till this is bettered so I’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.  22Prims as well.  (AF) has a marketplace but you have to see the items in person to appreciate the work and make sure to check out the skyhomes.

Black 1111

I have actually placed one greenhouse inside of another.  This is the view from the medium one because again with the extra prims this one has more details such as the handles on the windows and since this was set out at Xmas what you can’t see is a cute bunch of mistletoe which I don’t know if it has a pose in it because I have no one to kiss!! Oh Woe Is me.

Black 11111

Just to show you the “large”. I’m not blogging this as it’s more a blast from the past and I can see that the creator has moved onto much bigger and better things. I remember it being state of the art in it’s time but with the brilliant creators coming into SL sadly/happily things like this will be trashed but maybe with some happy memories involved.


(AF) Apple Falls.

(AF) Marketplace


Richard Eames Chair

Eams 2

Hopefully the title explains it all. In RL I keep my Shabby Chic to my kitchen, my fluffiness in my bedroom but in my livingroom it is clean, uncluttered, wood, books  and leather and stood pride of place is my very own Richard Eames chair.  I have been searching SL for not only a model of this but a GOOD model of this and I swear this is almost identical to the real thing.

Eames 1 clean

As you can see it’s pretty good proportioned sized as well.  Here is the kicker because not only does it come with 9 single poses, 9 couple poses but also in this model 6 rude ao.  I can only vouch for the single poses but if the rest are as good a quality then no one will be disappointed.  Icing on the cake is the price because I have seen similar designs but just not as good and much more expensive. The PG Chair is only 300Lds and the Adult Chair is 325Lds.  You also get a lamp and side table very much in a matching style in the set. Only 4 Prims for the chair and footstool!

HANDverk is the name of the shop.  It is small but packed with classic retro, old-fashioned with a twist.  Although this isn’t a sex orientated shop they don’t shirk at the naughtiness and a new addiction is the “porno couch” I’m not going to spoil the fun but this is an item best enjoyed by 3 people. This is a shared shop in the sky because across the way is his partner who makes unique items of jewelry and very naughty shoes.  Worth going just to check out the freaky Medusa hair piece.

Special mention the very noticeable Mad Hatter table and tea set.  Not set for sale there it seems you may have to go to a Gatcha Event to buy the pieces bit by bit which I certainly would have done if I could as it seems I am not allowed in that area.  But you maybe able to check it out. Happy Hunting.