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Down The Rabbit Hole – Free Gifts

FREE Unicorn Dress by Emerald Couture

Down The Rabbit Hole 2 is open and boy-oh-boy its a really beautifully laid out and presented event. Pretty stalls, lovely music and a real joy to wander around. It appears almost every stall has a little gift for us too – just join The Evil Bunny Group upon arrival and you’re set to go. I found this sweet unicorn dress by Emerald Couture – dead cute and VERY short !

FREE lamp by Allure Couture 2Li

Also really liked this desk lamp by Allure – just 2Li and sort of Art Deco in style. Lots of event discounts and exclusives to be had – enjoy it ❤

Down The Rabbit Hole 2

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Stay At Home Club

If you haven’t collected these gorgeous lamps from Lucas Lameth yet – go get em. Seriously beautiful and just 4Li each. You are given a really good selection of colours. Of course you are receiving them totally free of charge too as part of The Stay At Home Club. The store has expanded since my last visit and w-o-w  there is a lot more to see and buy – I couldn’t resist the wall mounted saving banks !

Lucas Lameth

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A non tiny, tiny home ‘n’ stuff. (Freebies).

I love it when I just go wandering and then stumble on a really lovely freebie.

The shop is one I know, ChiMia, I did a quick search in my invent and have things from here either bought or picked up as freebies from many events but I’ve not seen this cabin before.  It’s actually a decent size with stunning texturing inside and out, it’s even got gutters and a covered porch which I’m not showing you because I’ve just slapped it down on my platform and it’s not going to show it off at it’s best.  Only 59(ish) prims.

Perfect timing for this little wrapping set.  Only 1 prim, perfectly proportioned and when I TP home I will be rezzing this under the Christmas tree….it’s rezzed now.  The lamp is the last gift and I did take a nicer picture of it but that picture didn’t capture the nice and light glow this one gives off while you can see it in this picture.

The ChiMia group is a VIP one but that doesn’t mean you have to pay to join, you will have to pay 1Ld to “buy” each gift.  So when clicking on the gifts make sure to wear your VIP tag and click on the 1Ld payment option and not the full price option.  Fortunately for me since all I have left to my name is 3Lds and I’m not buying any more Lindens till after Christmas you get your 1Ld back so I’m still in SL credit lol.

PS.  A little bit further on from the LM there are also Lucky Chairs.

Chimia(on the stand to your left).

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Before I bin it.(Freebie’s).

This new Freebie comes from a little shop I love because it’s got such unique things in it I ALWAYS get tempted. So I’m not TPing over to grab the LM from the shop but taking it from my invent because it ain’t payday yet and I can’t afford to be tempted.

What you can’t see is that those small dots are floating down and you get a hud which gives you the choice of the flower colour and it’s only 2prims! I’ve just noticed that you can edit it as well.

It’s another case of if this item isn’t of any interest to you still go over because on the reception desk and tucked away in a little room to the left of the desk are some really nice decor items which I have blogged before but this is new to me.

But once you’ve grabbed the gifts old and new check upstairs and out back of this little shop as again it’s such a nice little shop with some unique decor items and of course GACHAS!

“Who What”