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Saturday Sale – What did I buy? (Plus Freebie)

Love The Saturday Sale ! This weeks is a corker – blog listed below, basically a collection of all sorts of stuff for a bargain price – who can resist?! I just had to have the Lamb “Heart” hair – great style hud and a full colour pack included $75L.

updated: Durrr I forgot to say that this hair comes with an optional flower crown with a Hud for colour change to the flowers and crown!

I also noted a new group gift – well new since I looked. This is the “Angel” hair, full colour pack, small style hud of hair base on or off – really nice – I think the group is free to join , it  always has been. You’ll find it behind the reception desk at floor level.


Saturday Sale Blog

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Saturday Sale and Peace Out

Last minute shopping at The Saturday Sale then I’m off to my forest retreat for a whole week of relaxing ! I snapped up this sweet hair do from Lamb called “Thieves like us”, just $75L per colour pack, slid into my new Neve “afraid” sweater and ever-present “Tomboy” pants – and that’s it ready to go !

Have a lovely week little PEAS ❤


Tres Chic – Afraid sweater

Neve store – Tomboy pants

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Resisting temptation.(Freebies, but be quick).

Blimey, it’s been a long time since I was in the Lamb shop and because I know the “Lamb” brand of hairs I was over there as soon as I put some clothes on my nekked AV.

Please don’t judge me, I’m not sure what I was thinking of when I added that blue eyeshadow to what is a pretty look!

So I ran, joined, grabbed and ran away going nooooo trying not to look too closely at the other stuff in the shop.  I will be honest and say that the last time I bought a Lamb hair Sculpties were all the rage in SL so I’m going to have to try them on with fresh eyes and see if they’re keepers or trashers.  I’ve kept them for all of these years even though I’ve rarely worn them because I remember well the gorgeous colour palettes they come in and it’s the same for the Freebies because you don’t just get this pink you get em ALL, browns, blondes, reds, pastelles, ombres and more so woo hoo.

The 2 GG’s are on the shelf behind the reception desk and the group is free to join but only for a LIMITED time so the time is now!

And now I have to log off to make a coffee put a washing on put a washing away and answer those emails before I can log in and check my old Lamb hair to see if it’s stood the test of time.


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Delirium (60% off PROMO!)

New little bundle of pretty from ArisAris called “Delirium”, it’s also on offer at just $99L woohoo! As you can see, plenty of options included, with some sheer versions and some not. It’s just SO pretty! Fits:
3-Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus
2-Slink Physique and Hourglass
1-Fitted for Standard Sizes

Materials enabled .

My hair is new and is by Lamb, it’s called “Asleep”, such a feminine style, love a good “up-do”. Now this is at The Arcade in a gacha machine – but – if like me you reallllly dislike trying to get the colour pack you REALLY want – get it at a yardsale. I use The Seraphim yard sale as it’s for this round of The Arcade only.

Tadah – heres that Hud – good isn’t it?!

ArisAris Delirium offer (Market place)

Seraphim yardsale

The Arcade

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Wake me up gently with sunbeams and coffee

FREE tank,jeans & cardigan - Lamb hair NEW!

I was visiting the Gaall store yesterday, Player bought me a stunning outfit from there and I decided to take a poke around. Free to join group and a bunch of really awesome gifts awaits you, plus some unique and sweet outfits for around the $250L mark. I snagged quite a few but chose these two to share with you, plenty more though! I really loved this outfit above, you get the tank, jeans and crochet cardigan, all seperates so you can break the pieces up to mix & match.

FREE tshirt dress - Lamb hair NEW!

This long tee is just perfect for waking up in and having that first stretch & coffee of the day in. Both items fitted perfectly over my Slink Physique mesh body, I seem to recall the top one had a few mesh body sizes included also. My hair is from the latest round of The Arcade, by Lamb. I hate gacha’s for hair as I nearly always end up with some bizarro shade. I generally pick gacha hair up from yardsales, so I can get the exact tone I want. I used the Seraphim arcade yardsale to find this (and quite a few other things) They do have a huge list of yardsales – but – I only utilise the ones that sell the “current round only”, purely so I don’t have to wade through an ocean of older gear to find what I want.

Gaall Store

Seraphims yard sale list

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So much Free Hair it hurts

Free Hair

So I finally managed to get into the Hair Fair, bought the few I wanted and couldn’t wait for and then picked up a gazillion gifts! I’ve only opened a few boxes up so far so I thought I show you the ones that will be keepers for moi. Above are the three free hair do’s from [e] – yes three ! All colours included – all sweet and pretty and totally free.

FREE hair Lamb Bernice

I also collected this one called Bernice from Lamb, I actually owned this already, it’s a dead handy bob style that’s always in fashion – all colours included.

FREE hair Calico Quinn

Calico surprised me with this neat little number – I think it could almost be unisex? To be honest the event, despite being laid out perfectly was an absolute nightmare to get around, I had to wait at each sim crossing to try to barge my way in – each one was full to capacity. It really would be worth waiting till you visit for a few more days.


Hair Fair sims:





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.la petite morte. limited bazaar & . ryvolter . Mink Princess Stole

I’ve never been to Limited Bazaar before, dayum I’ve been missing out. There is a small but lovely collection of items out for sale, such as this two piece  from .la petite morte. Such a stylish look, sharp tailored pencil skirt in a bright turquiose blue. Coupled with a sleek simple satin blouse. You can grab this outfit for just 100L, not sure when this round ends, so hurry along if it tickles your fancy. My to-die-for fur stole is by ryvolter, gawd I adore it, you get two versions one has a slightly wider stance/pose…I found it at this months round of colabor88 for 188L, steal! (available in other colours too)

.la petite morte. limited bazaar

I did go a bit mad at collabor88 this month, but its a birthday edition so there were oooodles of things to seeee ! I also snapped up this hair-do from lamb (plus a couple of other and a whole new home !)

Limited Bazaar