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While you’re there !

While you’re at Luminesse snapping up those masks – grab these adorable little Lady Bug earrings that are right by the front door. Just $3L and utterly cute ! I actually noticed that there are heaps of really good deals on many items – so have a mooch !


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

LadyBug’s & Warlocks

even.flow LadyBug jacket

Strange combination I know…BUT…even.flow have these sooperdooper little coats out… Spotty and dotty…which always makes me smile…I just adored this colour version, very jolly and seasonal..and guess what?! Its only 69L *faint*…pop over and take a look around..theres some lovely group gifts out at the moment…and everything is verrrrrrrry affordable

ArisAris Warlock new Mesh outfit_002

Now for the Warlock portion, the outfit above is from ArisAris…there is a whole bunch of new releases for you this week…but this one was my favourite…Great fitting skirt, roll neck sweater and a vest…superb fabrics that look kinda worn & shabby…brilliant ! Go and take a peek at all the new goodies, you won’t come away empty-handed …