Last Chance !

I decided to go visit Indie Rose today and scope their egg hunt…very glad I did because I found some prettiness ! Each egg is just 1L..above Im wearing the striped blue denim capris and white Tshirt..2L for this outfit…

Thought Id give the silk cowled neck shirt another airing, it’s the new subscribo gift, join and snaffle it up from the history, found another pair of those striped capris in green yay! Outfit cost 1L

I searched a little longer and came up trumps with these very useful classic white shorts and a racerback tee, I also found one in magenta..the flipflops are seriously cute and unisex guys …outfit cost 3L

Had run out of time …almost…when I discovered an egg on my way out..the wrapped blouse is a gorgeous deep burgundy with gold threaded embroidery..beautiful! Outfit cost 1L . Hunt ends in two days..so hurry on over and see if you can find more of the twelve eggs hidden!

Go get searching: Indie Rose


Jane makes it easy peasy

Hurrah! There is mucho newness from the lovely Janie Marlowe at “Jane” !! I think shes inside my head…reading my very thoughts about my needs – get outta there its dangerous!! *laughs* Anyyy how..I’m all dribbly and excitabubble about the new gear..funkyyyyy and cuddlebug…its soooo easy to wear and not want to take off , simple to mix & match..and sooooo many choices ! On with the show..click the pics for a closer more detailed view..

absolutely dress & absolutely sweater in honey

Oh noes !! The moustache on a stick wants my upper lip ! You know sometimes how you just want something to “pop out” in? Not too bundled up..not too heavy..something chic but warm..over a lighter dress or jeans? Wellll here it is..the “absolutely sweater” its versatile (no prim fiddling to wear either hoooray!) I’m wearing it over the “absolutely dress” a simple affair, and verrrry useful addition to your SL wardrobe..effortless to wear with jackets, coats and cardies . But back to that sweater (I think its more of a jacket reallllly )

Jane - absolutely dress.raven & absolutely sweater pewter

Here it is in Pewter (there’s heaps of colours for this girls & greeeeedy packs yummm) check out the texturing…go on…isnt it epic? I have garments like this in real life, I am awed by the detail in the fabric- YES I do zoom on  myself  *grins* (sweater available in honey, pewter and salmon.  dress only available in raven.) absolutely sweater 150L each orrr greedy pack of all 3 shades for 295L bargain!!! absolutely dress 60L

Jane lulu top (available in turquoise, cherry and concord)

I slithered into the new lulu top, how does Janie make her clothes so easy to wear straight-outta-the bag? I’m always fretting over sculpted prims, collars, cuffs -but not with the Jane designs ! Slip it on and go ! Simply adore this style casually fresh, great chunky buttons under the bust and the prettiest fluted flare to the shirt..reminds me of a tulip head .  Could be worn with jeans or dressier pants, I tried some heavy knee-length shorts and it was sooper cute! (Im wearing Janes cozy corduroys btw-more new colours instore now)

Jane lulu top

Had to sneak another photo in of it..the turquoise is too good to miss ! 75L each orrrr snap up a greedy pack for 145L !

Jane drew long sleeve tee & playtime racerback

Heading for the finish line…with a racerback & long sleeve tee combo! These are both available in a bazillion colours and come in packs of 3 tones for 50L-some lush colours to take you right the way through the seasons, spring to winter, Im a delicate soul *snort* so I chose to show the girly pale tones ..I love how feminine they look.

Jane racerback & long sleeve tee with loop de loop scarf

Finally *sad face*..I tossed on one of the newww Jane loop de loop scarfs..literally a million shades to choose from and is fantabulous to team up with soooo many items you already own (or WANT to own!) the texture on the scarf is awesomesauce..quite a lacey knit giving it an almost fragile worn appeal…*snuggggggles it*, get them in packs of 3 for 75L and pssssssssst…there is a free pack from Janie for you on the stand..brilliant rainbow colours!

Jane loop de loop free scarf shades!

I noticed that the store has extended since my last visit…there are some cuter than cute piggie socks…go see !

Go get pritty: Jane