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2nd of 3 and FREE.


I had fun with this photo.  Kudos to Lisanna Lauria the owner of MoDANNA for such a quick response.  I had been trying to grab this Free to join group gift but an SL glitch had happened and the group giver had set itself to a different group.  Not only was she so quick to respond to my note but she popped this beauty into my invent box.  So If you’ve been over to MoDANNA  and couldn’t grab it’s time to pop back over and if you haven’t got it yet GO!

In a Halloween spirit I made the skirt and the raven look matt black but although this Balloon dress is very black it still has the folds and shading that stand out as being a quality item and not a cheap freebie.  What I’m not going to show you as well is the underskirt which is a very dark red/burgundy.  You need undies with this balloon skirt.  Have to say just really pleased with this dress and I’m keeping it and then I had a mooch around her shop.  For some reason I always pictured MoDANNA’s as being a high fashioned, gowny type of shop but I’ve mistaken it with another shop.  Lots of leather and lace in all it’s forms.  Sexy and also soft at the same time.  Then I spotted a whole wall of shelves with old GG’s! They’re now priced at 10Lds each and if they’re the same quality as this months GG’s then they’re worth it and more.  I’m heading back to grab myself some of them.  They’re in the main entrance on the wall to your left.


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Something about Jane…

Jane in bloom - mesh- NEW! Sleeping Koala oversized sunhat 10L

I’ve been wearing clothing made by Janie Marlowe since 2007…and a big chunk of my inventory belongs to those items. They tend to be my go-to-pieces. Things I wear consistently, over and over again. I feel “at home” in those clothes and relaxed , they make me smile. When Jane released a selection of new dresses after a longggg time passing without any updates I was sooooo delighted…Jane’s clothing fits me, always..without fail. I don’t have to check, it just does….everytime. I showed a couple of items yesterday, and here’s a few more ! Above is “in bloom”, rah-rah inspired sundress, with thin shoulder straps…and ribbon trimmed layers of frothiness. Gorgy colour range in this item…totally adore the blue with apricot accents. Zan showed me these hats yesterday, she alwayssss finds good bargains. Oversized hat , with texture change from Sleeping Koala, such a great buy at 10L…theres a few designs so take a peek.

Jane  day trip - NEW!

Something slightly more sultry this time is the new “day trip” by Jane…dipped shape hemline and a simple vest style top to this dress. So perfectly made it’s really quite stunning, not fussy, not over done…just perfect. I added a choker from Ganked (which sadly now seems to have closed its doors)  a pair of heels, lip gloss and I’m ready to roll…

Jane dainty darling - mesh- NEW! Posh book purse FREE!

Last up for today is “dainty darling”…LOVE this frock. Antique lace effect on the fabric…with a broad satin ribbon accent on the bust area…I’ll be holding onto this pretty until you rip it from my clenched fists! Other colours available too , but isn’t this teal blue just divine?! My bag is from Posh…gawd LOVE these…its a book-as-a-bag kinda deal…this one is Pride and Predudice…and in this colour free on the market place currently…I bought a few others too (naturally!) , for 10L great deal. Thanks Janie ❤

Jane inworld store

Jane Blog (to see all colour ranges and designs)


sleeping koala

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Monday Mondayyyyy…so good to me

yeah ! Its Monday…so Ive got a Monday Mania item to share…doesnt that give you the warm fuzzzzzies hmm? Sooo this week as my time is limited, I chose just one item..although there ae a lot more designers who participate in this weekly event (check search for the Monday Mania group for info)..and I really love this..its from SF Design and is the lace body suit…whats totally über about it is that its tintable ! It comes on many layers and also has gloves… in black , BUT.. fiddle around and choose whatever shade you like…I went for vampish dark red rawrrrrrrr! It would also be fab with a thick belt…or even  a jacket over the top…sooooooo versatile…thanks Swaffette ❤

Dont forget this item is 25L today..only today..and only from the Monday Mania board in the ladies dept .

SF Design

Boots – GOS “desire”

hair – Clawtooth

Props – what next

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Bonne Chance=Sweetness and light and a bit of sauce

Bonne Chance has done it again! The Margaret Blouse which  on the surface looks like a simple cream lace top however if you look at the sleeves you can see that this is in fact a decadent sheer top.  Ruffled neckline, eleasticated waist and slightly puffy sleeves and such a pretty soft buttery cream.  This is sheer without being tarty but for those who don’t want to flash the flesh then it comes with an underbra, however if people wanted to zoom that hard on you then you may as well give them something to admire.  I chose this cream colour but you have a choice of 6 patterns altogether and at a mere 110lds a bargain. Mesh and worn without an Alpha.

And then I found this Sweet Cotton Candy mesh skirt.  So happy with it.  As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it.  So pretty, so chintz and rosy and just so sweet without being sickly or childish.  Lovely deep folds and a big bow at the waist and again at As you can see teamed with one of the vest tops that are inc, pink or ivory and 2 different layers, it looks so sweet and pretty.   Worst thing is they have a choice of 11 colours and patterns and I want them all.  Priced at 130lds again just so reasonable.

Now for FREENESS…They have their latest group gift out which is an adorable PJ set, also 4 other group gifts with an excellent hair bow. and then if you don’t mind paying a few lindens then on a shelf for 10lds you can have a new skin or 2 or a pretty dress or shoes etc and of course you could just loiter and slap one of the LBs if you have time to kill.

Bonne Chance

Now a complete reccomendation.  Come visit not only to check out the shop but they have so kindly turned the whole sim over to a place to relax and chillax in.  A lovely little bakery and a small home are open for people to sit and chat without feeling as though they want you to leave.  So walk outside rezz a tandem and ride along the rutted country road to the bakery and if you do and you love the latest group gift but you don’t want to join the group then you can find a 10ld copy of it in the bedroom over the bakery.  This is just a lovely sim to visit as you can see in the pictures I have used.

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Arsenic and Old Lace

A new release from !gO!   is always good news ! This time is no exception..a gorgeous blouse called “Arsenic & old lace” has real vintage appeal. Ooodles of pristine lace and retro floral fabrics make up this pretty blouse. As is usual with anything from !gO! there a few options as to how to wear your piece. I’m showing the “everything on”..but you could wear it without the flowers over the bodice…as a camisole with no lace..or maybe just the old lace undershirt on its own…they are all equally stunning ! There is also a sweet pair of gloves to wear along with it..check out the back when you get your one…beautifully shaped hem and teaming with details…the yellow version is on special offer for a short time at 105L…other colours available for just 211L …thank you Gocha xx

Go get dollied up: !gO!


LaPerla Old Italy

I found myself with a little time on my hands today and decided I really should check out some of the *photogenic* places that are in the showcase..last night Player and I set off to see LaPerla Old Italy…and fell in love with its winding streets, and panoramic when Elemiah Cloche showed me her new release the  “VIP” dress, I just knew where to go and wander around in it ! It’s a stunning dress, lots of vintage lace and big lush bow tied around your waist,the slightly sheer lacey sleeves add to the very feminine appeal.

The VIP dress comes in five delicate shades and for the next three days its marked as a special promotional price of just 100L ! Head over to the store today and take a wander around…its choka-block with pretties !

Go get lacey: Elemiah Design

For the curious : Hair by Truth,shoes by GOS,wild leaves necklace by Dark Mouse        LaPerla Old Italy


Ribbons for your hair

If you know me, you’ll also know how Iam addicted to gatcha machines…I scooted over to RibboN earlier and had a go on the hat one..only 10L a pop and such prettttty hats..last week group members were treated to a mini sample of the new bag thats out in store now (Im holding it). I struck lucky on the unlucky board today and won a full size red one yay! As I was leaving I noticed this top for just 10L..has the option of short or long sleeves, looks soooo dainty & lacey I had to show it off…

Go get ahead,get a hat: RibboN