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Sn@tch Gets Bigger


And of course by that I mean Lola Tangos.  As I’ve said these magnificent boobies are now attracting the eye of the BIG SHOPS and one of my all time faves is of course Sn@tch. Obviously at the moment a lot of clothes designed for the more enhanced look are downright rude but classy or at least normal is starting to creep in and I just love the counter balance that a lovely “normal” item of clothing adds to the enhanced boob look.  I also love the fact that  you get 8 colour choices and even though they come with Tango Appliers they are STILL Trans how good is that?  OH wait it gets better because for this week only The ski Bunny sweater is only 69Lds. Remember though that Sn@tch also has LBs and because so many people loiter at Sn@tch it doesn’t take long for your initial to pop up and it looks like NEW STUFF has been put in the boards and a large Christmas Tree and underneith that each day is a giftie just waiting to be grabbed.

Sn@tch (a girls best friend)


Now lift your eyes from my boobs and check out my peepers. As someone who takes a lot of pictures in SL the one thing I do notice is the eyes.  Bog standard is just not nice so when the notice came through that Poetic Colours had put out a Crimbo Pressie for us I went and grabbed them and the Freebie pair on the back wall. Poetic colours make the most marvelous realistic, bright, medium or dark and you even get a choice of size. Lovely sparkling clean clear eyes,  Christmas Pearl and Oriental Pearl.  Get your peepers looking great.

Poetic Colours

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I sneaked in…

kusshon Yes I did..why should the guys have all the groovy & great stuff? ! The Mens Dept is fast becoming a regular trip for me, they have goodies and gadgets and deeelicious stuffs ! Plus..its always chock-a-block with scrummy blokes.. This round one of my all time fav furniture makers has something fahhhbulous on offer, it’s the “nippon” writing desk set. kusshon writing desk set nippon Retro styling doesn’t come much better than this to be honest, the box is packed with goodies…naturally the sleek desk, a stool that has some sooper lovely poses in it (male & female yay!),and all the desk accessories – all that for only 150L… plus you can also purchase the three framed prints anddd the overhead shelf …

I was trying out the poses, I’m curious like that…and realised that there were also some wearable props…how neat! Mesh pen for the writing animation and a cup of coffee and magazine for the reading one…totally unisex and low in prims..means this little gem has won its place in my SL home…thanks Beolas ❤

The Mens Dept (for the nippon set)

[kusshon] (mainstore for all the other scrummy things)

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Work up a sweat

I can never contain myself when a package arrives from coldLogic…seriously…my little puddies get all frantic tearing it open…by the time I’ve tried a few garments on…I’m in a real old lather ! This time the new releases focus on sweater style…dresses galore…this means a high snuggle factor but…without looking bulky. I’ve found with some mesh items I tend to “chub up” a few sizes..not with coldLogic’s pieces yay! Above Im wearing sloan in celery…a lightish green that I just adore, cowl neck to keep you warm and short enough to show off some leg..all covered in delicious spots…others colours available…

I slithered into saville next…in real life I’ve been hunting down a few woolies for the cooler weather…gawd, come out of the dressing room looking like a MAD woman…static hair attack! Luckily we don’t have to deal with that in Second Life huh? Saville is lully and chic..two-tone affair…I really liked this khaki version..worn with thick knit piggies tights from Jane and a pair of sharp boots , its dead glam..

Couldnt resist the gloriously feminine shade of  “sky”, a dainty blue for the new shaw dress…especially enjoyed the sleeve shape on this frock…really unusual , got me prancing about to some tunes while I took pics…whoa is that my piggies tights AGAIN?! Indeed , you must get yourself a bunch of these (hoping janie still has them on sale) Grab as many as you can afford…cause youll have to blow torch them offa your leggies like moi *grin*…Ohhh ya, I treated myself to the radiator from kusshon…its sooper cute and has some neato poses and wearables…(anything that means I can sit and knit in Second Life is pretty much a dead cert for my shopping bag)

Next up is harper…I truly can not resist stripes ! This is stripey heaven…lots of Autumn tones all wrapped up in a sweeter than candy woollen dress…I dont know why but it has a home-made feel to it? Sort of thing I would have nagged my nana to make for me…she was an excellent knitter…bless her. Heaps of colour choices…you’ll need to go dribble over them to decide…or bag yourself a quantum pack for fahhhbulous value.

eaton is a clingy long-line sweater dress…this slate colour is absolutely stunning..beautiful deep vee neckline and long sleeves, a wardrobe asset for sure. I’ve worn it with my newwww sequined pumps from deco…they were a fifty linden Friday item..a real steal…but there is a whole load of colours..the bronze is scrummy !

Ohnoessss my last photo *le-sigh*…say hello to palmer…I choose a sublime brown shade…its got stripes but you know…not overly stripey…bet you can’t guess why I loved this colour sooo much? Its got PINK in it…yippeee! If you like a bit of stripey action this is one you’ll adore…check out the knit style…SO realistic…now if only I could find all of these in John Lewis..Id be set for the whole of the winter months…thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog

Deco (for pumps)

kusshon (for radiator)

Jane (for those piggies tights hurrah!)

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Coffee Break

It’s a busy time of year…Ive been outside raking leaves and tidying the garden… this also applies to my Second Life home…changing the landscape to reflect the season…one of my most favourite chores to do…I found the perfect outfit for the job ! This mens style workshirt by NiNight creations has 50% off it at the moment…makes it a very affordabubble 50L…such pretty colours (dont forget, as part of NiNight Creations 2nd birthday, a few items are marked with 50% off, you just gotta find which ones)…new from CandyMetal are the mesh “I love colours” jeans…some totally zesty shades but I chose this subtle fudgey camel….great match with my shirt…stopped for a recharge on my Autumn bench from kusshon…its a free gift ! Dispenses coffee and doughnuts, and is stuffed with poses for males & females…adorable!

NiNight Creations



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Shhhh…The Mens Dept…its not just for men

Soooo, like any chick worth her salts..I gate crashed the Mens Dept October Collection…why should the guys get all the glamour huh?! Anyyyywayyy…one of my all time fave interior design stores is in I HAD to go peek…kusshon always makes such FUN stuff…modern…retro…relevant …and this set was right up my alley. The “coffee time” set is just perfect…it comes with all you see above, stools,bench,decor pieces. The poses used are superb (as always) some for guys , some for chicks..wearables also !

Love the little touches like the iPad for the table and pizza. There is the option to change the wood shades  which makes it such a flexible item, especially if like moi, you change homes frequently. I think what really makes it a winner for me is it’s so versatile…and easy to “fit in” …sure its good for a kitchen type space, but also think by a window…even an office area…out on the balcony of a modern appartment…fahhhbulous! All this for 150L…steal deal.

The Mens Dept. October Collection

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The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt

I heard about The swimming Pool Blues Hunt a couple of days ago…SO glad I did because the gifts are just terrific ! Each gift is only 5L…some are easier than others to find…but…I did find them (as you know I’m appallingly bad at hunting) A couple of the designers very kindly forwarded a review copy for me…that probably saved me about ten hours of searching , so thank you! The chair Im lounging in is from Prism Furniture…such a unique style shape on this item and lots of poses…my skinny fit leather pants are from Casual Couture…great fit and love love LOVE the slit at ankle height..really makes these POP…

Next up is this stunning chair from Kusshon, only 2 prims and stuffed with poses for both male & females, Kusshon always always alwaysss make fantabulous fun pieces and this is no exception…alongside me is the hunt prize from SFW Industries ,  featuring the beautiful underwater photography of  Elena Kalis. This grouping of pictures will only take up one of your precious prims yay! (Btw…something I see asked a lot in the forums, is where you can find classic business wear…take a peek at SFW’s small but good range in their loft. You can get there by using the tp instore)

Plenty of items to practice lounging about on…like this sofa from MM(Home)..bright jewel tone blues give it a cool fresh appeal, with its pristine white seat – ..go visit the store and look at their prefabs…great prices and lovely!

The Boathouse and Leri Miles Designs are both in this hunt too…that made me extra smiley cause I do love both of these stores ! Leri Miles has this sooper sweet mesh dress out, adore its layers of ruffles around the front – very Bo-peep! The BoatHouse, always so generous has set out this whole set of rag rug,sideboard and framed print…

New-to-me store YoPulga are giving this adorable mesh sweater as their prize one shoulder covered the other not, tres chic …

Bet you’ve been wondering where the sweet blue home was from that I’ve taken most of the photos in and around hmm? Well yes, it’s also up for grabs. L&K Prefabs have it hidden as their prize ! Cool blues for the washed out wood…little boxes of plants on the walls…and a split level interior…so summery.

Heres all the info:

The Swimming Pool Blues Hunt blog



SFW Industries


Casual Couture

Leri Miles Design

L&K Prefabs

Prism Furniture




Can work be fun?

kusshon kopenhagen working desk 95L 3 prims

It sure can…specially if you have this work station ..I couldn’t believe how low prim all this set was, so detailed with fabulous texturing. I thought we deserved an uber cool place to pontificate on all those major fashion decisions *winks*. The kopenhagen table is 95L and just 3 prims, sort of scrubbed wood effect on the top that I adore. The co ordinating kopenhagen stools come in a beautiful peachy shade and are packed with *working/thinking* type animations,3 prims and only 125L. I also nabbed the computers,mouse & doughnuts on a plate whilst I was there (woot a steal at 30L) The desktop and keyboard are actually all one item and at 3 prims it wont break the prim bank we all worry about so often, reasonably priced at only 65L (and copiable yay!) The mouse is a perfect replica and was a mere 15L and 1 prim.

kusshon computer and keyboard 65L

I loved that you can alter the screen shot for one of your own photos, havent got around to it yet though…far too busy playing with it!

Pop over and take a mooch today, plenty of low prim top notch goodies to peruse…treat yourself.
Dont forget to collect the two gorgeous gifts that have been set out for you while you’re there. I previously blogged the “first lunch in spring” bench that won a place in my garden at home, plus there is also “draw a bird day” table and chair which is soooper sweet .
Go get working: kusshon