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Aphrodite has it covered

Aphrodite Store - NEW range of Christmas Festive tables ! If you’re looking for some festive items for your home, Aphrodite has it well and truly covered. From dining to relaxing its all there ! I’ve picked out the Christmassy table to share with you and its a real beauty. It seats six but you can add and remove chairs obviously. There is a place mat that compliments this set, which rezzes allllll kinds of food and decor items. I especially like the design of the chairs, very regal and princessy. Aphrodite FREE gift and table detail Close up look at the fabrics used on the table as runners, which can be used or removed depending on your needs. The sweet tray with cups of cocoa are a free gift ! I really enjoyed the poses in the chairs, something for eating, drinking,chatting etc, and of course male & female animations. Check the market place link below for much better photos of all you can do with this set – thanks marina ❤ Kusshon free gift ! I also popped over to kusshon to collect a free gift, no – its not the fire, its the little bundle of logs at my feet ! So sweet and low prim, you hop on and there are animations for poking, warming etc. Handy little thing for around the home this time of year. kusshon has also opened its annual Christmas market in the centre of the store, it chock full of gorgeous festive treats to buy – take a look ! Aphrodite store Aphrodite market place kusshon


Kusshon Hunt (Freebies) and a godsend from Scarlet Creative

Kusshon FREE gifts - Scarlet Creative NEW!

Scarlet Creative has this adorable cottage on offer at collabor88 , for just 88L ! Its low Land impact and stylish looks make it such a winner for me. Id been hunting about for something “woody” for Autumn and Winter, then this appeared in my inventory yay! (Thank you Charlotte <3) Seriously, you should get this, even if at the moment you don’t have a place for it. It wont go out of fashion, it wont date – it’s just SO well made and SO beautiful that at some point you will get to inhabit it. As with Scarlet Creatives other builds it’s a bit like a tardis. Nooks and crannies that are prefect places to slide a table in, or a chair. Windows galore so its airy inside without losing that cosy feel. I think it’s the wood textures that always make the builds feel so warm. The side table and umbrella pot are hunt prizes at kusshon btw – more below.

Scarlet Creative NEW - 88L

To be honest I couldn’t be sure which way round was front, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, which means it’s really up to you to position it as you want. I can envision this is so many settings, forest glade, shabby on a beach, sunk in deep lush meadows, its versatile.

kusshon Gambler set FREE -

You really shouldn’t miss the sale at kusshon ! The older sculpted gear is reduced, and I actually still use a lot of them. They stand the test of time but things move on I suppose. Theres also a hunt on yippeeee ! Its pretty easy to find the pumpkins that are scattered about inside and out. The gambler table has always been a firm favourite of mine, many poses & wearables, its a fantastic piece and free if you can find it.

kusshon FREE bench - coldLogic NEW - ArisAris NEW

coldLogic has another release of separates, and I popped over to snap up these superb pants (and a few other goodies I will share later) Plusssss my new furry jacket from ArisAris called “feels amazing”, omg I LOVE it. It comes with a texture change HUD, you get six colours for the price of one jacket, of course some neutrals but also a vibrant PINK one “squeeee”. It has a delightful satin bow at the front and turn back cuffs on the sleeves. Btw the bench Im sat on is also a free gift at kusshon, join the group and grab it while you’re there – its got male & female poses .

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


ArisAris market place store

ArisAris blog


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A home of your own (renting in SL)

Boathouse rental home

For six years I was a landlord in SecondLife, in fact I think I only ever rented homes/land for myself for about 3 months, then bought land and the rest is my SL history. Renting your own place is a big draw for a lot of people, a place to log into, a place to decorate, to hang out in with friends or lovers. Home rentals is a big market in Second Life, and the choices almost limitless! It can seem a bit overwhelming though , for new residents – they are encouraged to go “premium” by Linden Lab to own a home. However, you don’t need to go premium at all to get a space of your own. There are plenty of landlords in Second Life that offer all sorts of places for you to settle right into. I sent a trusted friend off with a small amount of cash, with instructions to rent a place and decorate it as cheaply and prettily as possible. I was pretty amazed actually that she found this gorgeous houseboat on day one. Its set in a realistic marina, with open access to the sea and a dock for your own boat. All for the tiny rent of 200L per week with 150 prims tossed in ! If you utilise the classifieds search function and type in something like “rental home”, a list as long as your arm will pop up for you to ponder. If you want more privacy than a land based home offers, check out the “sky homes”. Teleport over and take a peek at the homes, you’ll be able to go inside and inspect before paying rent. It’s important to also be a “good tenant” – this means paying your rent on time (the rent box should be outside the property and will probably also show you how much time you have left). If you’re unsure how many prims you have out, ASK your landlord to check for you – it’s a simple thing for them to do, they might even have a prim counter inside your home or on your rent box – so ask them ! You should be offered a group to join – this is IMPORTANT – if you’re not in the rental group you wont be able to rez any of your objects or set your space as your “home location” – so make sure you’ve got it ! If the invite didn’t come through, ask your landlord for it again.

Boathouse decor 2  Loks mesh trolley coffee table 1 prim !- Cleo Design vase with flowers, persnikety drainer, Cleo design tray & divider - Free 1 prim cupcake

Back to the houseboat, its pretty spacious and sooper adorable. I was gobsmacked at the decor that had been found. A lot from gacha yardsales, which are a really handy source of low cost items for your home. As each new round of gacha events ends, the prices do seem to drop (unless it’s a rare item). Some items were from the market place and are mostly dollarbies. (all info below) Above is a selection of items – drainer from persnickety 25L – Tray table from Cleo Designs 20l – 1 prim cupcake that gives out wearable cakes is free – Paris screen behind is one prim and only 50L , I especially liked the mesh “Barbary Coast Freight Cart Coffee Table” that she found at Lok’s – 1 prim  and SO stylish for 49L only ! The sweet votive was from Grimalkin and a gacha item for just 25L – the vase of lilacs another bargain from Cleo Designs at 40L .

Boathouse decor 3 WS Bench dollarbie ! - decor flowers

One of my favourite finds she made was this dollarbie bench by *WS* on the market place, 5 prims with couples and singles animations, you get two versions, white or dark wood.

BoatHouse decor items  - Kusshon breakfast bar

Biggest purchase was at Kusshon, but it really seems to steal the show inside the boathouse’s living space. The “coffee hour” set is a winner if your short on space , touch controlled for three wood colours, coffee machine built right in and two scrummy stools with male & female poses. You also get a couple of decor items to scatter around included. Low Li and at 240L, it really wont break the bank. All the other decorative bits n bobs were gacha yard sale purchases from 10L – 25L, seriously you need to get yardsaling ! Ohhh almost forgot – the retro telephone is from The Mustard Seed, its 30L and one prim – great buy.

boathouse upper deck - Tidbits table and chairs set dollarbie !

This fantastico patio set was a market place treat by Tidbits, a dollarbie ! Lovely poses and the whole set comes in at 11 Li.

FREE Bunny hutch with static bunnies ! Animated bunny 30L !

There was this adorable group gift from Dench Designs too, a bunny hutch ! Its got bunnies inside  (static) The bunny outside the pen is animated, for 30L you too can have your own hoppy skippy  bunneh. Group is free to join btw. The upper deck of the boathouse seems to be a perfect place for it, always makes a place more homely with pets . I think the hutch is 6Li, but you’d have to check to be sure !

Dench Designs Dog with sounds 30L and bowls 15L each ! Super low prim yay!

Speaking of pets, check out this gorgeous Bassett Hound doggy ! He is only 1 prim ! He has a sound menu, meaning he woofs and sniffs, you can alter the amount of noises and volume handy ! A real bargain at only 30L, the food & water bowls are 15L each. No laggy scripts involved, your landlord will adore you *wink*, he can be found at Dench Designs, lurking outside in the garden area.

Pro – tips for renting a home from a private landlord:

1) Pay for one week at a time – you stand to lose little if you decide it’s not what you want, or you don’t like the neighbours!

2) Check the prim allowance and stick to it. Ask about a prim counter, if you need extra prims ASK before using them and see what it will cost.

3) If you like more privacy check out sky homes.

4) If you own pets/babies etc, make sure they are permitted in your home. Some landlords have rules regarding leaving them animated while you’re not there – as they can cause lag and spoil the experience for other residents.

5) If you would like a television or media set up – talk to your landlord about “deeding” and permissions.

The Boathouse rental: Emmons-Key Marina – both Player and I have been to take a look around and I have to say – we LOVED it! Plenty of space, incredibly inexpensive to rent and a shedload of prims included. The access to water to sail on is a BIG bonus.

Gacha yardsale list at Seraphim – Look at the tabs at the top of the homepage and choose “yardsales” – literally ooodles of them to choose from, some only cover The Arcade, but plenty cover ALL gacha events. Great pickings for cheap cheap cheap decor items for your space !


Decor info:

az 1 prim cupcake free !

az plates free!

HCC “go away” doormat dollarbie !

WS animated bench dollarbie! 

Patio set dollarbie !

Dench Designs

Cleo Designs




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Jumping into Spring !

Somnia Champagen dress NEW! Kusshon mesh pile of books animated poses with wearable props 1L  Field of flowers 1 prim FREE!

A new season, a new look ! Spring is upon us and its bright and sunny here in England. Kusshon has a perfect little pile of mesh books for you to sit upon and drink a cup of tea, or read a book etc. It looks perfect inside or out. Head over and snap it up for just 1L  Its got unisex poses, so guys one for you yay!

Kusshon dollarbie books with poses and wearable props - Somnia Champagne dress NEW!

My fahhhbulous new dress is from Somnia, newly released and instore right now. Its called Champagne, great pack of colour tones for just 200L. I adore the teeny bow that sits just under the bust area, sweet! The field of flowers I’m sat in, is by moi. If you join Pure Eggs & Spam group, it’s sitting in the notices for you to grab. I’m making group members a “spring garden”, keeping it as low prim as possible. More to come over the next few weeks, so join up and don’t miss out. (group is free join obviously)

BubbleFish Steampunk leggings gacha-RARE colour

Next up are these deeeelicious leggings from BubbleFish. They are a gacha item at 50L a pop a great addition to your wardrobe. I’m showing a rare colour but I have to say, ALL the colours are really lovely. (They come with a phat azz applier also) You can find this item at the MadPea Steampunk Gacha Fair that opened March 15th.

Indie Rose tank & floral skirt (flexi skirt)

Indie Rose has a new release that’s totally adorable, a mesh tank top that sits so prettily over a flexified thigh length skirt. It made me want to twirllllllll around ! Heaps of colours to choose from, go take a peek.

Luck of the Irish gacha event - mesh charm chain 10L !

Last up for today is this darling mesh mouth charm, just 10L ! It’s in the Luck of the Irish gacha fair by Phoebe ~Piercings & more – My first try nabbed me the pink so I was dead happy.


The Luck of the Irish gacha fair


Pure Eggs & Spam cafe

Indie Rose

MadPea Steampunk gacha fair

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[kusshon] Mens Dept set

A new round of the Mens Dept is happening right now, and I’m a lucky girl cause I can show you whats new from [kusshon] for it ! There are chairs “Singapore” that are quite literally stuffed with poses for you…and also for a friend if you read the info. Plus two side tables…

kusshon Mens Dept - Singapore chairs & side tables

The tables come in two different styles and prim counts…if youre a frugal Fred like me the one with the wine & books on is just 6 prims..the fruit one is 10 prims..both are gorgeous and personally I think Id plump for the fruit laden table everytime ! Lovely organic feel to the wood used on the chairs, shabby yet stylish. I especially enjoyed the fabric used on the cushions…verrrrry homey. Pieces are available to buy as separates, so you can have as much or little as you please. Btw the stunning wall hangings are there just look UP above the chairs, they are wayyyyyyyy high !So uber cool… great patterns and they are such a scene stealer. Thanks Beo ❤

Mens Dept


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Clean Lines meets Fantasy

kusshon The Mens Dept.

I really enjoy decorating my spaces in Second Life…mingling together different styles and items to see how they look…Zan found this skybox and left it out for me to play around with. So when I was lucky enough to get my paws on the latest set for The Mens Dept from [kusshon], I headed inside and to have a try out. The totally great news is, that although this couch is in the “Mens Dept”, it’s not just made for the boys…it contains plenty of adorable couple poses and single poses that will suit both genders. It’s essential that you read the info note or you’ll miss out on some of the features ! Great smoking poses, with wearables, lap top to wear, with trans versions to give to your friends yay!…absolutely adore the clean-cut lines of the couch shape. The wood has a texture change, light (as above) medium and dark, so no problems fitting in with your existing decor. If you touch the mobile phone it plays a sms sound…so realistic it made me jump ! Two colour versions are available, I plumped to show you the grey…there is also one with more blue.

kusshon table detail

Heres a close up look at the table that is also available to go with the couch at The Mens Dept. I love how Beo does these pieces..always plenty of detail and so so classy…great looking table with a magazine, photography glossy and a beautiful china cup & saucer …low prim too. Thanks Beo ❤

Zinnias Woodland Flowers Mirror NEW !

Did you notice the stunning mirror on the wall? I had to girly up a little ! This is a new release from Zinnias….the blooms make me want to reach out and stroke their petals…nice contrast with the dark grey wizened wood…I wonder what the glass is reflecting…it makes me curious. It’s certainly a piece that will bring light to your home…and will brighten up a space… I feel it has an almost ethereal feel to it…divine. Thanks Zinnia ❤

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept


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Mens Dept – shhhhh !

kusshon Mens Dept.

Here Iam….reporting from the Mens Dept again …but shhhh…I dont think anyone noticed me sneak in ! Dont go thinking it’s just for guys ….there’s always something fabulous that is unisex, plus some absolute steals for your home…[kusshon] once again has produced the goodies for your Secondlife spaces…(thanks Beo <3) This is the Oslo decor…two parts. A square oversized ottoman, with shelves, magazines a handily placed sandwich etc. Sooper stylish , yet also fits in a more traditional area, such as my boathouse above.

kusshon decor detail

Naturally, it’s crammed with some great poses…a lap top (plus a transfer one for your sweetie aww). Both the seat cushions and decor pile have colour change options…and the drawers REALLY open…Take a good long look at the retro look shelving unit..its got sooo many elements to it…rows of storage boxes, neatly stacked books & potion bottles…did you notice the sweeping arrow leading to the lone bulb, neat huh?! Perfect together and über cool individually.

[kusshon] at The Mens Dept.