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I bought this ‘n’ that but not the other.(Mini Sale@Kuro).

I popped inworld just for a mo but as soon as I read there was a bit of a sale going on at Kuro I had to check it out.

I bought this cos not only is it delightful and low primmed it only cost 18Lds, I have to confess that I think I already own it but I didn’t want to risk not grabbing it just in case and at that price even if I did I’ve not wasted much.

I bought this for the same reason as the first item.  A very unusual “vase”.

But I didn’t buy this, even though it’s super, low primmed and only 18Lds it’s simply because I just would never use it.

If you pop over to Kuro to check out the sale items you will find them in the small building where you rezz.  There are a few other 18Ld items in this small building and I’m tempted by a rather large and dramatic piece of modern art on the wall which I might just grab when I return to LM grab.  Not everything is only 18Lds so check before you buy plus the Gacha just outside the door is only 18Lds a pop.

PS.  Obviously, I’ve taken the pictures of the items in the shop as the sale is only on for a very limited time, basically 24 hours (till the 31st) so I didn’t want to waste too much time and just snapped away.


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Posh Castaway

The Challenge Castaway kuro

If I ever were to find myself castaway on a desert island I highly doubt Id be able to make more than a palm leaf matt! However in my dreams I’m always very proficient at whipping up nifty items from stuff I find washed up on the shore of the remote island of my night-time dreams. Obviously something like the beach shelter above Id have up in a jiffy right?! This is by Kuro and I absolutely adore it, its animated for two av’s and comes in at a lowly 9Li.

The Challenge Castaway 2

The driftwood wicker chair is by 22769, again just 9Li and stuffed full of top quality poses. The table, tealights, mirror and bookcase are part of the items out for The Challenge from Newchurch – new in this months round – the wood detail is exquisitely lovely, go check it out in the store – lots more of this set , various prim counts.


Shutterfield have been very practical and come up with a brilliant castaway Loo arrangement ! Seriously go and try out the poses – fantastic !

The Challenge Castaway & Scarlet Creative $99L offer

Hate this have a castaway camp set out, really lovely poses in the cushions (animates up to two people) and a roaring log fire to sit around. You can just see the bed by shutterfield inside my glorious “Breeze” build by Scarlet Creative. Breeze is only $99L at the mainstore, it’s an open type of gazebo, with faded drapes at both ends and shutter boards to cast a bit of shade – just right for the summer and gardens .

The Challenge 3

Closer view of the magnificent bed by Shutterfield, its simple yet beautiful and stuffed full of great poses.

The Challenge Blog for all info & url’s

Scarlet Creative

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The Circus is coming to Town

The Challenge Kuro small circus 1Li NEW - Fantasyworld Clow outfit (with hair,shoes etc) 10L !

Another round of The Challenge has begun ! This months theme is Fairground / Circus and there’s some really neat things up for grabs. This is me fooling about and getting as arty farty as I ever do. I found this tremendous clowns outfit on the market place for just 10L and had to use it ! You get the whole look, including a MAD hairdo which I’m not wearing. In my hand is the sweetest little decor item form Kuro, it’s a teeny-weeny big top tent, and is only 1Li.

The Challenge Kuro

Here it is in close up view, such wonderful detailing, sure to brighten up a spot in your home.

The Challenge 22769Bauwerk Organ

Also in this round is 22769Bauwerk , and I got a bit over excited about this Organ. Its musical (has three tunes) and is very low impact. I had one a bit like this but in old school prims, it was fantastically high in prims so I rarely used it – but this version, in mesh, is so much more detailed and intricate and LOW prim yay!

The Challenge HT Home Bertha canon

If you’re looking for a bit of fun, check out this “Big Bertha” canon by HT Home. Its amaaaazing and you can sit inside. You get offered a helmet to wear, which you can just see poking out the end. Good to know The Challenge advocates health and safety rules ! The textures are really superb, the old wood of the carriage is all flakey and peeled, and the iron of the canon looks ancient – great stuff.

The Challenge Blog (all participating stores listed)

22769 Bauwerk


HT Home

Clowns avatar and outfit 10L 

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Army days – The Challenge

percent - Army Theme The Challenge

The Challenge has begun and I’ve got alllll the news to share with you!  The items from % percent really stood out for me, absolutely brilliant collection of army items from the old days. Above we have the civil war field table and Grants camp chair. READ the info note as you can change textures on the chair, lovely selections too. The table has an assortment of pieces on it – love the little photo frame with the kittycat in it – awww ❤

percent - The Challenge detail

There is also a rather terrific bed, it must be for an Officer, its dead posh. Again texture change for most  parts of it and as you can see above totally awesome texturing work on the metal parts. You can also get the matching trunk, and yes I really DID trawl through all the texture combo’s to see if they matched up at all with the bed. (they dooo)

percent - Army Theme The Challenge - daybed & trunk

lk Heres the bed in more detail, isn’t it just to.die.for? Great poses too and everrrrr so low prim.

Mynx Inc - 10L partial mesh cottage

Mynx Inc have this delightful old cottage on the market place for just 10L. Its partial mesh and I used it as a background for the photos above. Spacious open plan living area downstairs, and a gorgeous space upstairs which would be perfect for a bedroom / bathroom. There are two other 10L homes in this market place only store, give them a whirl – this one is sooper cool.


The Challenge - Army theme

Last but by no means least , is this from kuro “remnants of war” , it really touched my heart. So small yet so significant. 1Li and a really special item to place on a desk in your home or office.

% percent


Mynx Inc market place store

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Im in Heaven

The Challenge - Cleo Design NEW!

The Challenge is here ! This months theme is “Heaven” and there are sooo many things you’re gonna love. Above is “most” of the set from Cleo Design, I say most because there is always SO much in the box I’m bound to neglect to get something in shot ! One note, the lamp you will receive has sweet wings on now, it was updated after I took the photos.

The Challenge - Cleo Design pillow detail

Anywayyy, what do you get? Well there’s a sumptuous couch with plenty of poses for singles & couples. You can change the texture of the cushions and the throw. A pouffe, vase with roses and pretty petals, plussss drapes with two “view” boards to place behind if you fancy a different scene, cool huh?!

The Challenge - Angel wing lamp - angel wing chairs - GO! Cupid avatar

22769~bauwerk have these incredible chairs out for The Challenge. Plenty of sit poses in them and a range of colours for the fabric of the seat. They gave me a reason to wear my cupid avatar yippeee ! Amazingly low prim, buy lots. The  angel lamp you can see is from [hate this], there are two versions, right & left, which is sooper handy. It also switches on and off, you can alter the colour of the lamp too and  intensity , brill !

The Challenge - Sways - homeless terrier dog U.I 30L_004

Sways is in this round – and I was delighted to find a fluffy cloud couch , I actually uttered an “awww”, no kidding. The couch has gazillion sits poses, and has two very heavenly star-shaped pillows, you also get a pouffe that  has many sit poses in it ! I noticed for FLF you can grab a matching bookcase, don’t forget, only 50L for Friday. You have a choice for this set btw, the star one as above orrrrr getting into the V-Day feel, one with heart-shaped cushions. Bet you’re wondering about my little friend? Isnt he a dear, I was at United inshcon and saw him stood all by himself , how could I go home without him?! Only 2 prims and he whimpers and woofs – all for 30L ! The only problem is, he’s a bit of a cake snuffler..tsk.

The Challenge -

Last up is this set from Kuro. A perfect collection of items to scatter around and feel relaxed. The bundle of pillows contains some really lovely animations – sits plus  activities such as reading or using a  laptop. You also get a really neat hanging ladder that has dangly sparkly stars to illuminate your space ! Must forget the cup-of-splosh on a book ! The pillows have a couple of texture changes in them so you’d be able to integrate them into your home. There are plenty more stores in this month, take a peek at the blog for info and Landmarks.

The Challenge Blog (with info on all participants)

Cleo Design


[hate this]



United Inshcon

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Late to The Challenge


The Challenge - IDC Chair (part of Coastal set) Kuro Flushing bowl - Severed Garden nana baby complete outfit

Hola ! I’m back from my vacation to Espana and all ready to share a couple of things with you that I was *almost* late with. This months Challenge was glass, a real tough one in my opinion. Above is a small part of the Coastal set by IDC. It’s a mahoosive lounge set, with tables, plants, wall shelving, a couch and more and more and more. This chair is uber lovely (it ALL is!), what I so loved is the animations in everything. Some unusual ones – such as this “trying on shoes” that rezzes a shoebox and shoes to make it super realistic. The colour tones are marvellous, beautiful teal blue/ green…

The Challenge Dec IDC Close up fabric detail

and the eye-catching cushions that are liberally tossed about on both the chairs and sofa are stunning. Sequins and beads that almost seem to glitter & sparkle! The little vase of flowers is by Kuro – so sweet and low prim, with a fun twist of a plug in the water !

BTW, if you’re curious about my outfit and hat/hair – it’s all from Severed garden, a new store for me and one that Player found and bought me Christmas giftssss from ! I LOVE this store, go take a wander about – I will blog more later and give you all the info.


Severed garden


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Be kitsch at Kuro

The Challenge Kuro Kitsch NEW! (colour change couch and stool - packed with poses adult & PG versions available

Another item from the latest round of The Challenge is from Kuro. The theme is kitsch this month and this was JUST what I was wishing for ! Cutesy colours to choose from the menu (pink,green and a serious brown for those who aren’t uber girly!) You can get this couch in both PG & adult versions. Having *cough* extensively checked out the adult version, it has SO much nortiness included you might wanna handle it with oven gloves. The PG one is crammed with poses too ! Even the stool is colour change and ohmaiiii…literally bucketfuls of animations, it would make a brilliant prop for budding photographers (28 poses inside). The couch is just 4Li and the stool only 2 Li amazing ! The set is also materials ready so if you’ve got the latest browser all set up you’re in for a real treat !