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Thank G for hints. (1Ld Kubes Hunt).

If it wasn’t for clear hints I basically would never find anything and that includes this item from Akeana’s Architecture and Accessoriesbut as it happens because the hint was so clear it was easy.


Almost gave up on this hunt because most items seem to be for women and then I spotted this.  A room in a emm cube (or should that be Kube).  Padded seat, lots of empty shelves for you to fill, a rather unusual light (they look like scraps of fabric draped over rods) and a lot of poses.  I’m using one of the poses that come with it which is the less feminine one and they seem to come with a lot of facial animations as well.


It’s a bit like the Tardi as it’s much bigger inside than you think. Non mod and 15 prims so if you don’t like the poses then plenty of scope of using your own prop cusions etc, the one I’m using here is one of my own and not inc I just wanted to show off the depth a bit more.


What you’re looking for is something resembling an ice cube and in this case a really small ice cube but I will give the link to the Kubes hunt site so you can see examples of whats on offer and a lot of hints.


Akeana’s Architecture and Accessories