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So much summer (Preview)

ArisAris NEW

A little sneak peek for you from The Summer Fashion Festival – this event kicks off on the 20th July on the ArisAris sim. Above is the “my moment” dress, pretty little thing with a row of flowers that circle your body and a lace self print all over. Different colours available ! A golden oldie necklace “loops & beads” from Krash that I can’t get enough of wearing, sooooo many options to change bead colours and metal textures, it will win a place in your closet forever.

ArisAris Diva Shoes for Slink high feet - with HUD - ZOZ nails NEW!

I’ve always loved the style of ArisAris shoes BUT, the big fantastico news is – these new ones are for Slink high feet, hurrah ! Since becoming a convert to Slink feet a while ago, I really can’t be bothered with anything non slink – I know I know I’m such a spoilt brat ! Anyhooo, these are maginifico, called “I feel Diva” and sooper gorgeous. Colour HUD for optional looks, great metal buckles down the front. Eight choice of colour for just 350L – I have a feeling this might be a promotional price – so grab your set fast. Btw Im really into the slink nail 0polishes by ZoZ lately – great prices and funky colours !

ArisAris market place

ArisAris store

ArisAris blog

Summer Fashion Festival – opens 20th July

Krash store

Krash market place

ZoZ market place store

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Different Strokes

ArisAris patchwork black - Krash- LOQ Hair lemonade TDR Fusion - Panda Punx Avery Skin - glow bangles TDRF_001

ArisAris have an absolutely gorgeous new release. Its called Patchwork and is part of the Boho collection. Its been a while since I took a sharp intake of breath over a long dress ! Lovely crochet look top, that loosely falls under a wide leather belt…

ArisAris patchwork black - Krash- LOQ Hair lemonade TDR Fusion - Panda Punx Avery Skin - glow bangles TDRF_002

On the bottom is a really chic patchwork effect skirt that goes allll the way to your toes. I teamed the black version up with a fahhhhbulous new hair by Loq, it’s a hat & hair combo and for just 70L you get EVERY hair colour going, steal huh? I also treated myself to the rather delectable glow studio bangles for only 60L – both these items are available at the Dressing Room Fusion event. My skin is “Avery” by Panda Punx – fast growing skin store that I really love. Avery has a lovely creamy light skin tone that I’ve really got into love with, you can grab this up at The Spring Wishes market.

ArisAris patchwork natural - Krash- LOQ Hair lemonade TDR Fusion - Panda Punx Avery Skin - glow bangles TDRF_008

Just to show you how very different colour can make an outfit, here’s the patchwork in a  more casual shade. I think it looks so much more ethnic and BoHo, whereas the black and silvery white is deffo more evening wear. Change of hair, this time from Mina, previously blogged by Zan. A really fresh for Spring pony tail and a great bargain price at The Dressing Room Fusion event.

ArisAris patchwork black - Krash- LOQ Hair lemonade TDR Fusion - Panda Punx Avery Skin - glow bangles TDRF_003

Btw I checked on the store I received this loops & beads necklace from manyyy years ago – it’s still around yay! Head over and take a peek, the store is called Krash and there are some totally adorable jewellery pieces there.

ArisAris Store

ArisAris Blog


Spring Wishes Market

The Dressing Room Fusion


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Patience is a virtue

Finally…I sorted out my mesh enabled viewer fandango and now I can show you some newness from Jane wooot! I’ve been simply dying inside having seen the promo shots of the releases and not being able to seeee them , gawd. Anyway…on with the show…above Im strutting my stuff in the new low ride pants…silky smooth appearance…I can’t stop looking at them in various poses..simply fantastique…they mould to your body and to be honest…I really really hate to take them off and revert to the old viewer … I cant get enough of the barn jacket…so so…chanel…so classy…and the way it just hugs around your body in all the right places..Iam in LOVE !

Heres a closer look at that stylish little jacket…I chose the beigey browny plaid…(also adored the cherry red), slipped a Jane layering tank underneath for a more casual look , et voila. Look at those cuffs…*drools* arent they just neat? My loops & beds necklace from Krash was just begggging to get in on the act, so I slung them on too.

Theres more that’s gonna keep you wriggling..cropped sweaters..effortlessly chic…wear them layered with a tank or tee…or on their own…I snatched up one of Janes loop de loop scarfs to go with the cable knit one….sooooper cute! Take a closer look at how the sleeves react to my bent arms pose….look Ma no gaps! Mesh is here…and Im loving how it looks !

Last up for today is the knots  sweater…different stitch design from the cable one above , I chose the raven pants and a delicate peach shade of the loop de loop scarf…classic. Also if you’re not in the Jane group should be ! It was the first year anniversary of Jane a few days ago and Janie bless her cotton socks, sent us all an ENORMOUS gift…my inventory cried ! Join and check through the notices, it might still be there *winks*…I have just one thing to say about that gift…”ohmaigawd fuzzzzzzy piggy tightssssss ” They made my WHOLE week ! thankyou Janie xx (ohh pssst, also check out the new needful item “romper suit”,it’s a gifty also.

Low ride pants : Six colour options 150L per pair (or fat pack for a great deal)

Cropped sweater cables: Three colour options 150L per sweater or a fat pack of all three tones for just 295L

Cropped sweater knots: Three colour options 150L per sweater or a fat pack of all three tones for just 295L

Barn jacket: Six colour options, 150L per jacket or three pack for only 295 (two seperate packs of three in three shades)

Demos available yay!


Loops & beads necklace : Krash 125L with SO many colour options its crazy!



We all love a Gossip

Poised Gossip & KRASH loops & beads necklace

oh-mai-gosh England is having a real summery moment the last few days..and the new release from Poised is just purfect for it ! “Gossip” is a complete look, highwaist shorts, double layer tee in positively oooodles of colours ! Naturally I was lured by the choc & cream tones first, great stitching detail on the shorts..I teamed it up with a necklace from KRASH , you’ve all probably noticed I’m rather attached to my rosary beads…well same store with more goodness ! This has sooo many colour choices of beads,accents & hoops (using a really simple menu driven menu) you will never need another chain again ! One sooper thing more, it’s NOT scripty, in these days of worry gubbing about scripty items I’m gonna give Ken Rosenthal a ^5 for making this a no-lag-zone hurrah!

Poised gossip & KRASH buttons necklace free gift

eyewateringly scrumptious Gossip set in zingy orange & Lime yummmeh…dont be afraid to buy a few of these outfits and play with them..tangle them up for a unique look. I snaffled up a gift from KRASH whilst I was there the cute-n-geeky buttons necklace..grab this it’ll be a summer spring essential !

Poised Gossip & Krash Pink rosary

Did you really think I was not gonna show the PINK version of the newness? get a grip ! It made me squishy happy the Ken Rosenthal also made my all time fav rosary now in pink too *happy sigh*…can a girl have too much pink..nah never !

Go get juicy: Poised      KRASH