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Leather up

It’s the begining of a new month..you know what that means right? Yes yes yes SF Design has a gift waiting for you to collect ! For September you’re being really spoilt with this scrummy pair of leather jeans in burgundy, complete with a stunning belt & prim cuffs. Of course because its SF Design, you get heaps of choices, hipsters & higher waist fit, resizer or not…I have to say…the fabric of the pants is just to-die-for ! I teamed mine up with the muscle tank from SFD also, purrrfect match!  50L per tank or a great big fat pack of all 10 for just 250L (gawd I just love that belt to death) The faux fur jacket I slung on is also from SF Design, I bought a whole bunch of these wayyyyy back in 2008 and hurrah now its been remade with a luscious sculpted body and much fluffier furr !!! Its deeelicious and the furr moves and sways…thanks Swaffette for updating me and not laughing too hard at that 2008 photo of me in my old one *winks*…grab yourself one before the winter chills you, only 300L !

Had to show you the leather pants in my favourite shade of rich brown, worn with my very old suede engineer boots and another of those oh-so-useful muscle tanks, pants also available in blue..150L a pair..the burgundy shade is free!

Leather biker pants, ladies muscle tanks, faux fur jacket: SF Design

arm band: Kosh

necklace photo two : group gift dark mouse

poses: hate me eat me


And the Hunt Goes On

{Gentleman Store} MHO Hunt Outfit


Yes indeed it does, the Make Him Over Hunt is in full swing and if you haven’t started it yet, I’m here to whet your appetite and get you going. 

First off (picture above) is this fantastic outfit from {Gentleman Store}, it’s not a place I’d ever been before but that is what I love about hunts, you’re always finding hidden gems like this store. Anyway, onto the outfit: It contains the black pinstripe Dovadi shirt and Harlow black jeans. The shirt comes with sculpted cuffs, collar and a shirt bottom. I don’t see too many dress shirts with their own sculpted bottom but I like it and of course, it’s black with pinstripes so that just makes it better. The jeans are wicked too, great creasing and texturing and they come with sculpted cuffs too. As a bonus, the outfit also comes with a prim belt and a pair of sunglasses. A wonderfully full box of goodies in this gift. 


Second up is -Myself- and their contribution to the MHO Hunt. If you’ve been looking at our blog, you’ll have seen me wearing gear from this store a few times. PauLi Beleza always has great deals on his wonderful casual/urban clothes. His MHO gift is a little more formal but there’s nothing at all wrong with that! With this gift you get a white dress shirt and a grey waistcoat to wear over it and a pair of grey dress pants. The white shirt comes with prim collar and cuffs which all have a script resizer in them for easy fitting (not that you need them so much). The waistcoat and pants are beautifully textured and detailed, especially the waistcoat. Perhaps best of all, this one is very easy to find 🙂 


Last but not least are the gifts you can pick up from C.Smit and Kosh, two great stores. C.Smit are giving away the XL V-Neck Shirt which, like all of C.Smit’s shirts, looks great and is well designed, a little nautical with the blue stripes and an anchor on the back. This shirt also comes on all layers and has sculpted cuffs. The necklace I’m wearing is the hunt gift from Kosh which always make awesome accessories. This necklace is called the Enigma and is a very dark metal necklace featuring a sun at the end of the chain, the ‘middle’ of the sun will change colours every now and then by itself, I was a little surprised (happily though) when I noticed that lol. 

So there’s a bunch of gifts for you to seek out and aside from the clothes, the hairs I’m wearing in these pictures are the other 2 hairs included in KMadd’s hunt gift and the poses used are from the BeScene Poses gift. Go get ’em! 

Picture 1: MHOH 4 #9 – {Gentleman Store}
Picture 2: MHOH 4 #93 – -Myself-
Picture 3: MHOH 4 #95 Kosh & MHOH 4 #102 C.Smit 

Hair: MHOH 4 #1 – KMadd
Poses: MHOH 4 #50 – BeScene Poses