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My Treat.(Freebie).

Sadly the gift at Kopi hasn’t changed in years, happily it’s a good now as the first day it was set out for us.

Because this free for all gift is in an odd place, up on the wall, I thought I’d take a picture showing you it and the backpack.

One click and a resizer menu pos up so I was able to make it fit my AV better. Rezzed, at this reduced size, it was 13 prims so you could if you wanted to make it an item of decor.

The Kopi range is just so detailed. You can see in the distance a set of shelves/hanging space which I have always wanted but it’s definitely full of masculine clothing as I’d have bought it and used it in my home.

The one thing I’m going to treat myself to is a stunning artist set. The detailing is outstanding and so are the lack of prims. If you want to check it out then it’s in the other side of the shop. So once I’ve reduced my invent and gone through all my arty stuff I’m going to reward myself with that artist suitcase/easel set.

PS. Take a walk up those stairs for some very interesting Gacha’s and in fact I think the whole sim is full of interesting randomness.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Old Bag.(Freebie).

I forgot I had this and I don’t know how much longer this freebie will be out, probably till the end of this month but hopefully, it will be kept out for much longer as this is such a great gift even if you grab it in 2 years time it will be just as good.

This is a wearable backpack but maybe even at 13 prims you could also use it as decor item.  For me sadly it’s just a tad too big but still very wearable and of course I think my AV is on the slightly smaller size and for male AVs probably a perfect fit.

Kopi isn’t a big shop and it’s decor only but there is a couple of items I really, REALLY want but since I really, REALLY don’t need them at the moment I’ve just added this shop to my “wish list” folder.

Kopi Furniture