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I blogged a rather good pair of shoes recently that I’d got off the MP and I finally managed to get to check out the inworld shop.

It’s called Kokoia and although the name is familiar I didn’t really recognise the shop or contents.  Anyhow naturally I first hunted down the Group Gifts which is free to join but you need a Linden to buy the gifts but it’s refunded straight away.

There is more than these flip flops, I think 4 other gifts, but I had changed into my flat feet and I could not be rat-arsed to change back to high feet again….just being honest.  I won’t tell you what the other GG’s are but they’re “interesting” heels and of course the pair I’d got off the MP shop.

What I will tell you about is the Cowboy boots, they’re most interesting as they come with tall thin heels and it’s not often you get these 2 styles combined into 1.  I’ve grabbed the demo, again you need to pay a Linden which is returned to you, and I’m looking forward to trying them on.

The other thing I want to tell you about is the small furniture shop down the stairs, Kokoia isn’t a big shop so you will not find it hard to find.  This shop or area is called “Atrezzo” and it’s the same owner/designer as Kokoia and down there you will find a small selection of very interesting furniture.  I didn’t buy anything this time but this is a shop to keep an eye on and hopefully the stock will grow as it’s so nice to see new and fresh designs even if they’re not for you.


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Free & gorgeous Kokoia

I’ve really got into the tippy toes footwear lately. I find I rarely remove my Slink High feet these days, so for me shoes that cater to my high trotters are a win. I found these from Kokoia especially pretty – great colour hud that lets you pick n choose even the stitching detail! These are “Nile high” and cost me just $99L. (Ten colours in the Hud)


I also snapped up “Halle High” – very similar to Nile but more strappy ! Also just $99L. Ten colours in the Hud.

Intrigued by the store I popped over and much to my delight found some fahbulous group gifts – group is free to join btw. Two pairs of these funky polka dot stilettos …

… plus some juicy starburst lemon heels! There were a couple more pairs out as gifts, some flip-flops and two more pairs of pumps.

Kokoia store

Nile shoes MP

Halle High MP

Fits for: Belleza mesh body (High)
– Maitreya mesh body (High)
– Slink Woman feet (High)
– The Mesh Project (High)
– Eve (High)

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D Day. (Dollarbie).

OMG OMG It’s “D” day and the D stands for DENTIST!!!!  My OH isn’t allowed to tell me when my appointment was so he sprung it up on me this morning and I’m pretty sure even my neighbours heard my groan of dismay.  On the plus side it’s a step nearer to keeping my lovely smile, it’s the nicest thing about me, and the soup diet I will be on for at least a week will go some way to helping me start to shift some of my Winter blubber.  The downside this is just half the treatment and I sill have another appointment sometime in the future.

I resisted having a breakfast of garlic and onion and came inworld instead to do some Freebie hunting.


The Flip Flops are the freebies, the lollies are an old Gacha win and they’re what I’m going to be needing later I think.

There are 3 other Dollarbies to be had, 2 sweet Flats and a chunky pair you still have to join the group and I believe you still have to pay a single Linden for each.  If the LM doesn’t take you straight to the Group Gifts then when you enter the shop turn right and they’re on a wall there but for the flip flops you have to go to the room on your right and they’re with all the other shades of flip flops but only the green pair are Dollarbies.  Almost forgot these are all for SLink Flat Feet.

PS. OH has just texted me he’s stocking up on Ben n Jerries for me, well he does have to live with me after all.


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Found this awesome pair of mesh shoes on the market place {KOKOIA}  and called “Berlin”..made by Flax Pye…a huge amount of options via the very easy to use HUD…ten colours of socks…straps on or off..heel & sole colours..

plusss you can opt to not wear the socks at all…hurrah! All this for only 10L *faints*..I headed over to the mainstore, wish I hadn’t cause I saw soooo many more pairs of shoes I SO want ! These usually go for 540L per pair…and this offer appears to be only on the market place, not sure how long , so if you want them..hurry!

Berlin Shoe special offer : market place store