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Dribble alert

21Shoe - KoiKoi - Shanghai & Siren both for 295L (Slink high feet)

Ok gals, its time to sprint, to dash with your cash, cause you really really don’t want to miss the 21Shoe event ! I’ve got the candy from KoiKoi – the fix of high heels always works ! So what’s the deal right? 21Shoe is on for just 24 hours, the participating stores have two shoes on offer for the price of one ! For example, the two pairs by KoiKoi above are only 295L – you get BOTH ! yum yum yum…(these are for Slink High feet btw)

KoiKoi 21shoe event NEW! - coldLogic - clawtooth

So heres me with them on my trotters, trying to look all serious and modelly – this is “Shanghai”, a slingback design pump . I adore slingbacks and always feel such a  princess in them. They also work so well with a multitude of outfits, anything goes really, Capri pants to slinky dresses.

KoiKoi - coldLogic - clawtooth

This is “Siren” in glossy red and glamorous gold, very strippystrappy and delicate.  Dont forget, this offer is on for only 24 hours – then POOF GONE! Thanks Eku ❤ In case youre wondering, my fantabulous hair is an old style by Clawtooth, the scarf is attached and has texture changing abilities and I LOVE it ooodles. My dress is part of the latest release from coldLogic, blogged earlier in the week – called Jolie.


21 Blog


coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

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Frocks & Heels

KoiKoi - Salsal shoes - SLink High foot coldLogic crane top and capri pants NEW!

I’ve been rooting about in the coldLogic Spring release and found a few more items Id love to share with you. This is the “crane” Capri pants and shirt, they come as separates but team up perfectly. The pants have a geometric type pattern on them which is really funky and fresh. The blouse is such a flirty little piece, slightly flared and halter neck, its a dead cert for spring & summer , can be dressy or casual. My shoes are from KoiKoi and are called “Salsa”, I went a bit off piste and fiddled about with the HUD to create some fun-tas-tic colour combo yay!

KoiKoi - Salsa singles or fatty pack

You can colour each strap, heel and back of the shoe – so if you’ve got the fatty pack – you’re in for a treat. These are for the Slink high feet, which you will need to buy before you can wear these gorgeous shooz.

Argrace NEW!

My hair is sooper-fresh new from Argrace… I’ve been loving the latest new releases and usually dash over there to treat myself to them ASAP. This is Kaoru, you get a choice of resize or not, and the sweet bow has a colour change HUD, I am totally addicted to the baby blonde !

coldLogic NEW! Argrace NEW!

This is “warbler” from coldLogic, and I adore its simple lines and clean cut good-girl style. From the sweet Peter Pan collar, to its A – line skirt, I think its just terrific. Lovely swatch of colours to choose from, all Spring time classics. My hair is another new release from Argrace. Its called Haruka and is a lovely windblown affair.

KoiKoi - Tahitti - singles or fatty packs

This is what I dibdibdib – dobdobdob pinkie promise cross my heart swear on my next currant bun – was wearing on my feet in that photo above ! I just didn’t happen to like the full length photo I took (h.o.n.e.s.t.l.y.) These are also by KoiKoi and are called “Tahiti”, the newness is in the colour finish, brilliantly done by Eku Zhong, they really do come ALIVE in your face – dead scrumptious. (These are also for the Slink high foot btw)

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

koikoi store

Argrace store

Argrace blog


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Shoe – gasm

KoiKoi - Salsa Raspberry 21 for 21

Time to get excited its the new round of 21 Shoe event *squeeee* ! What could be better than Shoes, its Friday anddddddddd KoiKoi are in the mix? Two more edible designs are up for grabs. This round and they are both for the Slink High foot (which you need to own to wear these shoes) I hafta say, the high feet are my favs, so I was sooper chuffed *beams*. Above is Salsa in raspberry. I really dig the spikey stiletto heel on these and the slight glitter effect on the fabric. So crisscrossy and glam.

KoiKoi -

The other pair is Tahiti pearl, and wowser these are SO on trend. They reminded me of those Hollywood starlets who always had these, the saucy peeptoe and pearlised patent leather, so retro. You get both pairs in the box for just 295L, and don’t forget this offer is limited to 24 hours ! Thanks Eku ❤

Deco - Fifty Linden Friday Paraboots

Just slip these boots in from Deco while I’ve got a moment as they are also a time sensitive buy. These are the Paraboots, and for Friday just 50L. There is this brown tone and also black. You get three sizes in the box, small (thats the one I’ve got on) medium and large. Brilliant texturing and I sense will be really useful .

The 21 Shoe event blog



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The Mens Dept & The Neighborhood

Culprit - The Neighborhood

Just 24 hours to go grab up the neighbourhood goodies for 200L ! Culprit have this Zebra for sale. I admit Im a bit addicted to Culprits “rides” , I own a few of them in various themes. Rockets to space ships ! However, for me the Zebra wins hands down. Heaps of animated poses, SO funny the giggle factor is high ! (I couldn’t find my copy so I had to take a pic at the store – sorry!)

Culprit - NEW!

At The Mens Dept they also have these awesome horse rides by Culprit, not just single pringle poses but they also have double rides in them – yay!

Culprit Horse The Neighbourhood

Did I mention how incredibly lowwwww prim they are? You’ll be surprised, scatter them about with abandon. So well detailed and realistic, just like the ones I used to clamber onto as a child awww memories! Thanks Eku ❤

The Mens Dept


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KoiKoi 21 Shoe Event

KoiKoi NEW! Heart - SLink High feet - 21 Shoe Event !

Get ready for your latest shoegasm! KoiKoi are participating in the 21 Shoe Event again, and you need to be fast to grab up the goodies . This event lasts just 24 hours. The idea is, each designer involved has two pairs of shoes for sale for less than the price of one (or less) I know right?! So get on your skates and prance over to snap up “Heart” above. These are designed for the Slink high feet and ohmailawd, they are deelicious – I almost licked them. Towering high heels, beautifully shaped , with a little gold zip detail on the side. There is a tiny gold heart that drapes from the zipper pull which is sweet. Rows of metal studs cover the toe part and your tootsies are left exposed , which I always find so alluring.

KoiKoi winkle pickers NEW! 21 Shoe Event !

The other pair from KoiKoi is so unique and different.  Called Winkle Pickers (for medium slink feet), and so they are. Great to wear with tight pants & pencil skirts – such a retro vibe going on . I love the way the back of the shoe curves upwards, and the inserted skin leather really makes them POP. Reckon you’ll be seeing a lot of these babies on the fashionista blogs – go get your puddies on them at this special event price ! Thanks Eku ❤

KoiKoi Shoe event - coldLogic elba outfit - ArisAris sunglasses new!

I was sifting through my wardrobe earlier and came across an outfit from coldLogic I hadn’t worn for a while. Its called elba and comprises of a cardigan, shirt and skirt. I wriggled into it, then recalled that ArisAris has some new sunnies out. Found them and completed my “Friday shopping” look. What? Of courrrse I always look this glam doing my weekly grocery ! The Heart shoes from KoiKoi just went so well I left them on. Ohhh almost forgot – my hair is a Fifty Linden Friday item from Deco. Just this colour (other colours inside and in the demo) and just 50L .


ArisAris (direct link to Charismatic glasses on the MP)


coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

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21 Shoe Event

Somnia KoiKoi Cashmere & keane

The first ever 21 shoe event is up and running ! You will have to be sooper speedy though as it’s a 24 hour thing. Basically the participating designers will have two pairs of shoes on sale for the price of one (or less!) Above I’m wearing the “Stretch Stiletto” boots from KoiKoi. Brilliant & essential for the season and you get a superb close fit on the leg. My dress is new from Somnia, it’s called Tyasri, I so adore this Wintery white shade, covered with tiny moustaches & spectacles which is really on trend currently.

KoiKoi Boots

Close up shot of the stretch KoiKoi boots – so you can get a feel for the fabric.. lovely huh? I love love LOVE the stitching detail, the texuring is really top-notch. Gotta feeling these will become a fav over the winter & spring.

KoiKoi 21

KoiKoi have also included the “Strappy Mamba” high heels as part of the deal . (These require you to have the high SLink feet .) Lip lickingly sexy, with a fantastical leather used for the main shoe and gold snaps to grip the laces threaded over the front of your foot.

KoiKoi Somnia

I wore them with one of the new Somnia releases (and there were oooodles), quite a simple but elegant little frock no? Its called lalaera and there are two packs of tones ready to roll !

Skin,shapebrow shapers,teeth layer 95L !

I also popped over to The My Attic event this morning and helped myself to a big dollop of treats . I snagged the Mina Nikky hair – just 95L per colour pack ! Then I spied this skin by DeeTaleZ, it’s called Jarla and comes in a choice of skin tones. I went for the sort of mid one called “mixed type”. Not only do you get the skin, but also the shape, teeth, brow fixers. I wasnt overly keen on the choppers to be honest but I’m wearing the mouth shadow which I think adds a little more definition to the lips. I did buy a shed load more actually, but havent had time to open the packages yet !


21 Shoe Event blog


My Attic

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25-for-25 & Dragon skin Pumps !



Immerse 25L hunt dress - KoKoLoReS mischief poses fi friday item

The 25-for-25 event has begun, 25 stores, 25 items to find at the cost of …you’ve guessed it…25L! Above is the item from Immerse, it’s called Lucie and is a snazzy little frock for evening wear. Glam fabrics, lush red and brocade black, all set off with a stylish little bow at the waist. My pose is from the “mischievous” set by KoKoLoReS, its in this weeks Fi*Friday sale, there’s also a fabbalicious set of poses for the guys. Looks like I’ve been stood up by my date huh?

Immerse 25L hunt dress - KoiKoi slink med shoes NEW!

So might as well go inside and wait, stick a pound in the juke box and warm up with a wriggle. I totally had to dash to KoiKoi and treat myself to a pair of the new of the “dragon pumps”.

KoiKoi NEW!

Ultra classy , the texture is almost good enough to lick ! Beautiful range of colours for these, and at just 295L per pair, a real steal. These are made for the medium Slink feet btw.


25-for25 hunt blog with all info & hints