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I’m Not Afraid

New round of Tres Chic new goodies from Neve ! This is the “Afraid” sweater. Light knitted look with frilled cuffs and a loose shirt effect to the hemline. Cuffs and lower shirt are optional via the Hud, plus you can play around with the shirt portion to give different effects –  and my-oh-my there are so many packs to choose from. I’ve gone with a trad  fudge and cream but there is a colour block pack, lights, neutrals and darks also. The “Tomboy” pants are also by Neve and should have found their way home to the main store by now – great look together or with a skirt or jeans – thanks Neve team ❤

Tres Chic

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I’m Done! (Freebies).

Not adulting anymore, ok just for the next half hour or so and then I’ll have to “adult” again.

So to give me a break and a nice big steaming mug of coffee I logged in just to grab this goodie.


OK Disclaimer, I rarely use this setting because it changes the textures too much for me but I also LOVE this setting and since the 2 Freebies/Gifts are from Amiable then you know they’re going to look great in any setting.

The jumper is thick n snuggly, a bit like one of my cats!, The colour is more orangy with light flecks of pink.  The chunky knitted scarf is a keeper for me.  Just lovely and the addition of a colour hud, super!

There is shelves full of old, and these new GG’s, and I don’t doubt you’ve still got a couple of pieces in your invent but if you haven’t make sure to grab everything.  I know I still have a few of these pieces in my invent, esp the skirt, and they’re just so handy.

OK thats it, a few more slurps of my coffee and it’s back to RL.

PS There is also a new pair of flatty shoes if you want to check those out as well.


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Something for every mood


Oh you’re gonna love this! ArisAris has released this new “dress” called Yosemite – if you wear it as a dress – definately put some knickers on! It’s rather revealing but super cute. I choose to use it as a sweater, it works both ways just fine. Anyhooooo the thing is, it comes with a Hud – but but but – it’s a GREAT Hud.


As you can see not only do you get a choice of fourteen plain colours in a tight-knit, you also get ten more in various patterns and lacey knits! Blimey, that’s got to be a right winner eh? The lacey knits are just gorgy, and the fit is so perfect I could leave all alphas off to give a tempting little view of my belly.


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Another sort of Mooh (inc Freebie).

Time for Autumn Woolies in SL and RL and in celebration of being able to hide the flab I’ve been tucking into the carbs, actually that’s a lie I’ve not been “tucking” I’ve been shoveling them in like a maniac but that’s what happens when you make homemade bread! Gonna have to work it off tonight at the pool tonight I only hope I don’t sink!


Between Faith and I and RL and SL, we’re finally managing to get the sim looking stunning, although I have to confess since I deleted my house but left everything that was inside still there hanging in the air lol so my personal plot is a bit random, to say the least.

Our new windmill is certainly packed with poses inc dare I say naughty ones!


The outfit is a lovely gift from Mooh BUT you have to join the Third Life freebies group to grab this one and it’s completely free.  Mesh skirt and cardy and not linked so can be teamed up with other items.  The one thing I’m going to have to hunt down is some tights/socks/stockings with a Autumnal feel to them even if dare I say I have to PAY Lindens to get a good quality set.  Sometimes when you pick up a freebie even when it’s as good as this when you tart it up it just makes it even better and just like RL a lot of Summer outfits can be updated with woolly tights, scarves etc

If you’re refusing to accept the change of season and are still in full Summer mode then there is a Mooh Group Gift but this isn’t a free group, I do believe it’s 100Lds.  However once I get back inworld I’ll be back at Mooh because there is a sale on and I hadn’t managed to get to check it out fully, I did win a really woody low prim chair from one of the Gacha’s there which will end up somewhere on our sim but other than that I’ve not even scraped the surface of anything else there.

SPECIAL MENTION to the hair….please ignore my weird eye and that vacant look!


Perfect timing as I had wanted to point out that Mina’s has a really good selection of hairs with hats and Alex is my personal fave.  Alex comes in a male/female option in the same pack and of course, the only difference is the size but you also get 3 options, 1 with fringe(bangs) and hair at nape of neck, fringe only, hair at nape only and no hair showing at all…wait that’s 4 options?  I never was any good at maths BUT go check this hair out and some of the other hair/hat, male/female hairs that you will find there.  And although I’ve also forgotten how many colour options there are for the hat you do have a choice you’re just going to have to go and check out the demos for yourself.

PS the GG’s for both groups the free and non-free are outside in the landing area.


Mina Mainshop

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Quelle surprise!

I thought this freebie was going to be a “vest” and again I almost didn’t unpack it, what a fool I would have been.


Since in my previous post I managed to recolour the clothes I decided to keep this post KISS  (keep it simple stupid) and just use my sim setting and I’ve even used one of my Saintly poses LOL.

The “vest” has turned out to be this dress/cardi combo.  Sadly my arm position is covering up the simple thin wrapped around belt.  It comes from Wicked but even though the full priced ones are 349Lds this one is a single Dollar as it’s one of the prizes in the WOMENStuff Hunt.  There is another hunt item to be found and sorry I was so rushed that I’ve forgotten what that hunt is called however the details are in the entrance and the prize is easy enough to find.  I did try them on and they’re a pair of shoe/boots with an unusual “galaxy” texturing.  Actually although from the description might put you off I did think they were pretty nifty and if you don’t like that particular texturing the same styles shoes are for sale in the shop at full priced but with a whole range of shoe colours.

The scarf/snood which is what it’s called in the shop is a lovely freebie from a shop called League which I’ve never seen before.  You actually get 3 designs in the pack and each has 2 attach options.  Sadly my SL time is short so I’ve not been able to have a good scout around but I’ve spotted some Sheepskin gloves not far from where I am standing so I’m leaving my AV here and when I relog into SL I’m snagging myself a pair of them and then having a good look around.

RL is screaming for me so I hope everyone has a good day.



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Petals in the wind

Ohhh Iam sooper happy…Sooooo many new warm and snugglebuggish clothes are being released…I love love LOVE this time of year ! Its time to find my Jane piggies wooly tights hooorah! My muggylove boots…and of course…slip into this new release from ArisAris “warmly”. It is warm and cosy for sure…lovely knitted look two piece outfit, which of course means you can wear them separately also…I was torn between the delicate brown or this slate grey…

I plumped for grey…and its such a gorgeous tone…so you get the dress…which is sweet & sassy with its turtle style neck and flowing skirt, it has a rich cable knit all over…and the simply fabulous jacket / cardigan, long sleeves and a big floppy hood attached…perfect for the season…thanks Ariadna ❤