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Lucky Me & Look at my Bum.

It’s Monday and for many of us, that means boring old routine stuff.   I’d only managed to do a quick log in this morning before I had to log back out but in that short time I’d scored myself a new dress.

Sorry, NOT free.  I always put in the title of a post if something is free or cheap etc as I hate to get peoples hopes up that the lovely outfit I’m showing you is a quality freebie.

Anyhow, I did a quick scan of my notes/notices and spotted this beauty in a note from Arcane Spellcaster and without even checking the details, price, etc I TP’ed over and price checked…225Lds.  Not bad at all and then I had a though and one invent check and YASSSS I have/had an Arcane Spellcaster GIFT CARD!

My gift card was for 250Lds which meant that at 225Lds this dress is my new go-to dress.

You get a hud of 10 really nice colours but in 2 different textures, knitted or smooth, so as you can see in this picture it’s the same colour just different texture…love them both.

This dress just sang to me, I think we all know that feeling when you’ve tried on several outfits and they’re great and fine and all that but then you put something on and you just get that warm fuzzy feeling that you have to have it.

BTW There is something pretty unique about the Spellcaster range…did you know that if you like an SL design then the RL person behind the range can make you an RL version.

UPDATE: Turns out the 250Ld is a discounted price and it may be over soon…so go now!

Another UPDATE. Thank you Imp, sadly I missed not just the chance to join the group for free but that tasty gift card as it’s now back to being a paid-for group.

Arcane Spellcaster

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Too Early?(Freebie).

Too early to show an Autumnal outfit?

This is a sub gift from Luzifee and it was just sent out but if you go to Luzifee and slap the sub board you too can have this knitted and very Autumnal outfit.  Not everyone keeps their SL lives in the Summer Sun or even follows the seasons so if you’re an Autumnal girl like me a nice little and quite different outfit.  There was a message sent with this and I can’t remember it verbatim but it was along the lines of this is a trial version but I could be wrong.

PS I also had left over curry for breakfast it’s never too early for curry.


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I Haz this (Freebie).

In the New Year I’m going to start making a planner out of shops I should visit on a weekly/monthly basis and FA Creations is going to be a weekly visit even if it’s just to make sure I don’t miss the great Free GG’s.  I’ve blogged them previously because of what I consider to be great clothes, great texturing, great colour Hud options and great pricing.  Each time I’ve visited I’ve not only walked away with the free to join Group Gift but usual I’ve been so tempted I’ve actually spent Lindens here and in fact when I return to LM grab there is a new cute little Dog Toothed pinafore dress that I’m going to try on.

UPDATE and how cruel! I’m stood here in front of the new items and I want all 3 and individually they’re reasonably priced but all 3 of them put together they make such a great look, there is also a  model in the reception area and you can see how good these clothes look together as a complete outfit but of course they may fit together so well they also stand out on their own.  I just have to grab all of the Demos and go away and just have a think about it..


BUT this believe it or not is the FREEEEEEBIE and I’m so pleased with it.  I for one am always grateful for any shop/designer who does give out Freebies and Gifts so even when I’ve snagged a goodie and it’s turned out to be a bit of a stinker I don’t mind because at least they have offered something and of course someone else may love it but it also means when you come across a GREAT Freebie is makes you grin and this dress is def a grinner LOL.  Actually you get a Hud which gives you the choice of this grey patterned on and a black one and both versions are exc.  Although the outfit looks very black look at it closely and you can see it has the shading and texturing of a quality outfit.

I had to pop home to take this picture as this sim didn’t wouldn’t allow me to change the colour.  I got Faith to dump a load of Christmas tree’s outside of my house  to choose from last week and so far I’ve still not made a choice!


The hair is a special offer from Mina’s.  This is the one you will find on her The Mix stand in her shop and it’s HALF price actually there is quite a selecion of the “specials” for half price but if you’re not  Grace is a slightly windy hair which gives it just that little bit extra life to it. The offer is just for the Grace Specials but if crazy colours aren’t your fav then there are subtle shades such as the brown ombre in the bottom picture but check out that top grey shade, love it.  The best thing about Mina’s grey shades is they don’t look like you’re walking around with unrezzed hair which is why I find that shade in most hair shops not one I would go for but Mina’s grey are so well shaded no one will think your hair is simply unrezzed.   For a few Lindens more you can also buy the Essentials pack which give you a few more of the basic shades from matt black to ditsy blonde and all the shades inbetween.

If you’re interested, those Mittens come from League and I picked them up last Winter and they’re still here for 95Ld a single colour or 425Lds for the Fat Pack.  I can’t see a Demo for you to try but they are very realistic even down to the Pom Poms LOL.  Mesh but no Mesh hands needed. While you’re here grab the Giftie which is next to the Group Inviter although it’s actually free for all.  A handy pack of snoods and I tried one on and it’s worth it but sadly I’ve run out of SL time LOL.  I might show it off in my next post though.  You have to click and pay the picture for it.

PS Remember to click on the link for the Avi Choice Awards and of course click Mina Nakamura’s name for both Best Female hair & male hair.  Won’t bore you again with why I feel she deserves this pat on the back but remember that behind the designers is just normal peeps like us and just having people recognise the hard work you put into making others SL’s much nicer is reward in itself.

FA Creations



Avi Choice Awards

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Say no more (Freebies n New Mina’s).

I think Faith has said all that is needed to be said but the French like us Brits are a resilient bunch and no terrorists will ever win.

I’m starting off with this simple knitted wool dress, great fit, great texture and easy to wear.


This deep V back is such a nice touch.


I also grabbed the SLink shoes because you know me I can never resist a fine pair of new shoes.


The goodies didn’t end there because you also get this very cropped knitted wrap over jumper.  If I remember correctly you didn’t even have to join the group to grab.  I’ve been a bit busy these past few days so I simply grabbed and ran in this shop but I’ll be heading back to see what else is there if this is the quality of the Freebies then the rest should be excellent.

XXXDuskurb4 I also did a quick change of hair as well and of course it’s a Mina’s.  “Alex” comes with such a variety of not just hat texturing but you also have a choice of hair, so basically you can have the hat alone, hat with a fringe (or Bangs) hair just at the nape of the neck or fringe and neck at the same time.  I have blogged this hair before but since it’s hat wearing time a good excuse to show it off again as well as this new one.


This is the New Mina hair and it’s only available @The Hairology event.  Sorry the LM won’t take you direct to the Mina stall but this is a nicely sized event, not to big you end up missing seeing everything and not to small it’s not worth going over to check it out.

Now for a BIG PLUG because I think she really deserves it.  You may have spotted a few plugs for The Avi Choice Awards (favourites in a virtual world), if you click the link it will take you to the site and there is a whole selection of categories, designers, shops, models, blogs etc and you can click to have your vote count.  Nice to see you don’t even have to register to be able to vote. Of course I’ve ticked the Mina box TWICE because she is not only well-known for great women’s hair but her mens/unisexed selection is almost as big as the ladies and there are 2 categories for male and female hair.     So why Mina hair?  Hair in SL like skin, shape, AO’s etc can be very personal and you have to be able to “relate” to how your AV looks and to me Mina hair is not only how I would like my hair to look in RL I have actually used an image of a Mina hair and styled my own to match and it looked so good even my friends said how they liked how my hair looked that day.  That doesn’t mean to say that she doesn’t come out with some hairs which have you going “ooo I didn’t expect that”.  Also the colours she uses, I usually stick to the browns but she isn’t afraid to use the whole colour palettes and as for her “gingers” I adore them and only wish I was brave enough to become a Ginger in RL.  Last but not least is the mens/unisexed hair which I think is something that’s like a second thought with most designers but Mina now has a men’s department almost as big as the ladies but even better is that so many of the mens hair is just as good on female AVs.  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing in SL as soon as a Mina hair comes out I have to open it straight away, I may not post about it straight away but just the thrill of getting a hair which I know is going to look good gives me a little perk.

I also know a little bit about Mina herself in that she’s a normal lady just trying to make a living which will support her and her children and to be able to do this and make creations which help your “creation” look as good as it does it such a boost.

BUT I’m not 100% Biased here because I have so many hairs from all the designers big and small in SL and I love them all and yet I always end up wearing a Mina even just in my SL mooching because when you’re AV looks good your RL feels good LOL.

Rams Wear


Fashion Awards Vote Here

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1st of Three! (20Ld Pumpkin Hunt).


Instead of doing one long post I’ve broken it up into 3 because they’re also 3 very different items.

OK first the bargain priced hunt@Powers and each prize costs only 20Lds and as usual with paid for hunts there is a picture showing you the prize and what number it is so you can buy as much or as little as you want.  Lovely texturing and details makes this simple and classic design worth a heck of a lot more than the 20Ld cost.  Now that I’m back here LM grabbing I’ve spotted that 2 of the 20Ld hunt prizes are right up my street.  A pair of boots and shoes which will be a great addition to any invent but before you go inside the shop just outside and to the right of the main doors are the Free to join GG’s.  I recognise a few of them so I will have shown you them before but well worth a TP over to grab.


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It’s simple. (freebies).

A lovely simple knitted dress from ur.favourite.  You do have to join the ur.favourite group but that’s free and you get not just this shade, beige, but also a lovely off white one.  I’ve had a little look around this shop and it has some delightful items in it.  Not cheap I’m afraid but sometimes to get a new and fresh design you have to pay but I’ve just gotten my RL Visa bill so I resisted and was more than happy with this lovely gift LOL.


Since I was already wearing this skin and even though I’ve already blogged it previously because it’s still available at Elysium it’s too good not to mention. You know how much of a PumeC fan I am but I’ve kept this skin as it’s such a lovely skin, comes with and without freckles and Appliers.  A keeper for sure.  There are other Free GG’s to be grabbed I remembered blogging the shoes but I’m not showing you them again just the skin but there is some lovely items out.


Another repost but this is just simply too good to miss.  I was clearing out my invent and came across the folder with the Fishy Strawberry gifts I had snagged and before I bin anything I always recheck it and although the red one in the pack is too Xmassy to be wearing now this white one is so pretty and so wearable at any time and not just Christmas.

ur.favourite one Dress.

Elysium Skin and other gifts.

 Fishy Strawberry Jumper.

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Oh Lara

I had a preview of some new gear from ArisAris…you know, there’s pretty much nothing that this store releases that I don’t just love? Well made clothes, stylish…easy to wear..hits all the buttons for moi…the latest release is no different “Lara” looks sort of ethnic…or hmm Mexican? Its got a chilli flavour going on..I was hard pressed to choose between the dark red or this Olive green above …the green won out !

The whole outfit has a wealth of details…woolen pompoms dangle from the corners..the great BIG belt that pinches in your waist…fahhhbulous flared w-i-d-e sleeves…and of the course the fantastic shawl collar…toh-tah-lee loving it ! Various colours available…just 250L. Oh ! also the store is brand spankin new..very chic..loads of group gifts (free join yay!) at the back of the ground floor…dont forget to check them out while you’re there..

Lara outfit: ArisAris

Boots: Woot 222L

Bag: nanan (free!)