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You have to love those special times of year when the Menstuff rolls back around to Second Life. There is always, always so many brilliant gifts to pick up from awesome designers both old favourites and ones that you may not have heard of until now. As always, I’ve started sluggishly but I’ve managed to collect a few gifts which, awesomely, have all fit into one picture for you to gawk at.

Let’s start at the top shall we? That magnificent tower of blonde hair you can see there is but a single part of your menstuff gift from KMadd, one of my all-time favourite stores. Called Elcon, it’s one of three funky hairstyles that KMadd is giving away along with five(!) pairs of eyes.

Next on the list is the skin I’m wearing. If you’re a regular reader of these pages then you should be able to recognise an Akeruka skin when you see one. Yes indeed, how cool to be able to grab one of these Neo skins for free and all you have to do is find the Menstuff Hunt symbol. As always with Akeruka, this is a great-looking skin in an awesome skin tone. There’s some subtle body hair thrown in and you get the brilliant looking detail around the muscles that you have come to expect from Akeruka.

Moving on to the ink and this is one of those examples of finding a store you’ve never been to and loving it. B*FLY Tattoos is the store name and, being the fan of tattoos I am, I was very impressed by the selection they have there. I was even more impressed by their hunt gift which is the Autumn Dragon tattoo, a fantastically drawn sleeve tattoo for both arms. You get two styles of the tattoo layers: one for faded ink and the other in fresh ink – both look cool.

Last but surely not least for this go round of Menstuff gifts is waiting for you at Redgrave. The gift I’m speaking of are the gorgeous army shorts you see me wearing above. They are a mesh item so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer if you haven’t got one already and wow they just look, so, so awesome. The texture and pattern are done really well and I love the details around the belt. There is only one size included of the mesh for this gift but it’s a pretty standard medium I’d guess, judging by how it fits my shape well.

All these gifts are definitely ones I’d recommend you guys hunt down and I’d also recommend you checking out the stores as a whole while you’re there. Every one of them has amazing items for sale and you never know what you may find, that’s one of the reasons I love hunting! If you want to check out all the store SLurls and hints, you can check out the Menstuff website here:

Get the gear here:
Hair: KMadd
Skin: Akeruka
Tattoo: B*FLY Tattoos
Shorts: Redgrave

Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

At the Showcase

I have found yet another excuse to visit KMADD and do some shopping! Every month the Designer Showcase will be featuring one awesome designer and this month it is one of my favourites: *Connors*. Not only can you pick up some of their brilliant gear here but they also have two gifts for you.

These gifts are the surf shorts you can see in the above pictures and they look fantastic. You can’t find these in the *Connors* mainstore as they were limited editions which is even more reason to run down and pick them up. They come with cool-looking, well fitted cuffs and an excellent little tied string to hold it all up.

I think the Designer Showcase is a fabulous idea and you should definitely head on down to KMADD and check it out as well as the rest of the awesomeness they have to offer.

Get the gear here: KMadd Designer Showcase


Culture Shock

The first annual Culture Shock event began on the first of this month and is absolutely huge. There is a massive amount of stores involved all of them showcasing their fantastic gear including exclusive items for the event and 50-100% of the profits from these items will go to the Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) charity. So I took myself down there and spent some money gladly, knowing it was going to a very good cause.

The first item I have to show you, above, is the limited edition ‘Kiss Me…’ shirt from T Junction (thanks to Kalli Serevi for sending this to me). You guys will have all seen the quality of their gear here on our blog before so you know what you’re getting: great colours, wonderful shading and creasing and the always cool slogans. I can’t forget the great prices and this top will only cost you L$75.

Next I’ve got the ‘Simple V’ in white from Atomic. For L$100 you can pick up this fresh looking top that comes on all layers (and I do mean all) and comes with sculpted, fantastic looking sleeves. One little detail about this shirt I really like is that the hem is slightly skewed with one side being longer than the other, giving it a nice loose look.

The hairstyles and eyes I’ve worn in all the above pictures come from the MADesigns Culture Shock exclusive which includes these three brilliant spiky, mohawky ‘dos: Simon (Skunk Black),  Jake (Dark Brown VIII) and Colt (Black IV). These are all you’d expect from MADesigns, great examples of masculine hair. You also get a black hairbase on the tattoo layer to blend in with these styles but that’s not all. The pack includes three pairs of eyes as well: Island Green, Nature Run and Dark Imaginings. And we’re still not finished! You also get a pair of prim eyes (which I’m wearing in the third picture). I’ve never worn prim eyes before and I was surprised at how well they sat in my eye sockets and the mismatched colours, very different and I just loved it. This full to the brim of awesomeness pack will only cost you L$500.

The poses I’ve used in this post are from Status and are also at Culture Shock, male and female poses and the pack I bought is called Samson for L$75.

This is just a very small slice of Culture Shock and this is one event you should definitely see. Unlimber those wallets, have a wander around and donate to an extremely worthwhile cause while you pick up some super stuff for yourself.

Get the gear here: Culture Shock 2011


Depraved Sensuality

While I was down at KMadd the other day, I discovered that they were involved in a couple of hunts which is always exciting because their hair rocks. So, of course I had to track them down and show them to you all. 

The first gift I found was from the Touch of Sensuality Hunt which includes these gorgeously green ‘Spring of Spring’ eyes plus the ‘Eric’ hair in dark blonde which is a great short & spiky ‘do. There is also a hair for the ladies: ‘Anessa’ in dark brown plus two poses Tough 4 for the men and Attitude 1 for the women.

The Depraved Spring Madness Hunt gift from KMadd is this wicked loose hairstyle ‘Rebel’ in black. It looks kind of like a cross between a ponytail and a mohawk, I’m sure there’s a name for it, I just don’t know it. Whatever it’s called, it looks tremendous. You also get a pair of the ‘always greener’ eyes in the box which go great with the dark hair.

The Touch of Sensuality Hunt began on the 15th April and runs to the 29th (just a quick note that the hunt items for this will cost you L$10). A full list of the stores involved and their SLurls can be found here: 
The Depraved Spring Madness Hunt will finish up on the 15th of May and you can view all the store locations and hints here:

Get the gear here: KMadd
Touch of Sensuality Hint: K M A D D
Depraved Spring Madness Hint: Don’t psych yourself out…it’s not far from your originating location


The little Big Shop Fair

The little Big Shop Fair

  Tala Swan is co – hosting The Little Big Shop Fair Event, it will take place April 15th – May 15th  She’s  teamed up with a real life charity called  “THE WATER PROJECT”  . The idea behind the LBSF is that well known creators get together with less well known creators and share tips etc. Some also collaborate together on an item that is sold at the event. There are market stalls with some pretty cool items on special offers for the fair, plus a few art installations (water themed naturally)

The layout this year is just superb, high fives all around for the team who put this together, it was a real pleasure to stroll around, some of the stores  went crazzzzylegs on the watery theme! Just beautiful. Dont forget to check the upstairs collections, I missed them on my first visit durrrrr !. You will also notice some items are set out giving 100% to  the designated charity.

Bleh Tee & Atooly pose set

I snaffled up a few items , above I’m wearing the “bleh” water bottle tee  – oh noessss spillage! Under my arm is one of the poses from a pack of water jugs  by Atooly.

Dotted around the event are donation water coolers, please share a few pennies, its such a worthy cause..the goal is $500 USD, last time I spoke to Tala they had just teetered over the $200, way to go!

Go get wet: The Little Big Shop Fair


Garden City Relief–Help for Earthquake Victims

AddiCt in bloom dress 150L

I read with a very heavy heart about the earthquake in New Zealand and was hoping that something in Second life might get going to help with the disaster. Along came The “Garden City Relief” project, set up with the help of designers from all over the grid. Every single Linden you spend goes into the pot,it’s not a fair its a 100% all profits going to the fund .

I had a good long mooch about and saw many many items Id love to buy, fell in love with AddiCts “in bloom dress” and at only 150L its very affordable. There is clothing,hair (some ONLY available at this event) Furniture,pose packs, props,garden items and more and more and more ! I think all who participate & organise in these type of events need a big squeeezy hug and a rousing round of applause you guys ROCK!

 Get over there and shop till you drop !

For more info:

Event location: Garden City Relief

There are sooo many gorjuss items for sale from designers such as :

KMADD-Maddox Dupont**Exile-Kavar Cleanslate**Stellar-Lexi Morgan**Puriangi Designs-Hibiscus Flossberg**

MOOD-Jori Watler**Clutter-Kat Alderson**Zoe’s Garden-Adele Rhiadra**Tacky Star-Aura Falta**Kouse’s Sanctum-Kouse Singh**

POSEUR-Melanie774 Kidd**[Insatiable Fashions]-AliannaMarie Gossipgirl**’No Strings Attached’-Milli Santos**

Crackberry-jemima Clowes**Snowpaws-Carrie Snowpaw**DCNY-Anessa Stine**Gesticulate-Gidge Uriza, Elusyve Jewell**

Shine-Brandy Rasmuson** -dDx-Kallisti Burns**[elikatira]-Elikapeka Tiramisu**Spyralle-Kerryth Tarantal**

Vanitas Vesture-SarahTheRed Aurbierre**Absolution- Aurora Deischer**Evie’s Closet-Evangeline Miles**[Acide!]-AcIde Innovia**

Park Place Home Decor-DeAnn Dufaux**aDORKable Poses -Adorkable Peapod**Evaki Clothing Boutique- Taury Barbee**

NSFW Brand-Stormy Wilde**GOS-Gospel Voom*** AR – Kidz *-Anjelika Rexen**Fab.Pony-Tatianna Faulkes



It Begins

Well it began nearly a week ago actually. I’m talking about the MENstuff Hunt, yesterday I told you all that I’d be showing you guys the gear from the hunt as I collected it and while I haven’t done too well so far, I’ve got a few things to show you now.

We start at the start, the very beginning of the hunt, with KMADDs gift of their brilliant spiked ‘do: Colt which (I think) comes in the MENstuff exclusive colour of Skunk. White at the front, black at the back. You won’t be missed wearing this that’s for sure. You also get the eyes you can see in the picture. ‘Nature run’ they’re called and I thought they were great, the pale but very vivid blue is very…eye-catching (pun intended).

The t-shirt, jeans and belt you see here are Alphamales entry for the hunt. Again I think this tee is an exclusive for the hunt and it’s a good one. Basic black, how can you go wrong? I also love the cross and wing design on the front. The belt and jeans complete the black look perfectly. The jeans come in high or low waisted versions and there’s also a corresponding belt for each height. Well fitting and great looking prim cuffs are included for the jeans and the belt is resizeable via a script.

The final item I have to show you today is from Hardwear. This is one of the reasons why I think these hunts are such great ideas: you find stores you’ve never been to before and see what other great choices you have in what you wear. The gift from Hardwear is the complete outfit you can see above which includes the Bewildered shirt and Nightshade waistcoat and jeans. There’s a lot of versatility with this outfit, you can wear the waistcoat by itself, the shirt as you see it above by itself and there’s also an open buttoned version of the shirt tossed in as well. I love the crystal bolo tie and the fact that the shirt is a deep, lovely purple, well that just makes it even better in my opinion.

The poses you see me in are also part of a 5 ‘Rockstar’ pose set you can get during this hunt from Eternal Dream Poses.

Get the gear here:
Picture 1: Hair and Eyes – MENstuff #1 KMADD  (His Name is COLT. Find new displays and you will find your GIFT)
Picture 2: Tee, Jeans and Belt – MENstuff #2 Alphamale (Stop at a white intersection)
Picture 3: Shirt, Jeans and Waistcoat – MENstuff #10 Hardwear (Grab me by the balls)
Poses: MENstuff #8 Eternal Dreams Poses (check the hint giver)