Bathing suit..swimmers…..what do you call em?

Ohhh I’m on a roll with swimwear today..SO many gorjuss ones around at the moment..this ones called “Tabitha” and is a group gift from Monroe’s yay! Its shineyyy and silvery white and makes me feel SO sexy…(thanks Shandi Faith for giving me the heads up on this!) Just head on over to the store, join the group and voila..its all yours…

While I was there I noticed another gift hidden, its Monroes prize for the depraved summer nights hunt..youre looking for a bottle – I wont tell you where cause it was pretty easy peasy to see and it will also give you a chance to browse around the lulliness ! Great denim jeggings, with cuffs and a sweeter than sweet midriff top with lacey chest insert…

Go get sexy: Monroes

For the curious: Hair by curio,necklace photo one by Dark Mouse (remember me) basket photo two from Jill (now sadly closed sorry gals) manicure by Awesome Designs


Mixed tape

Managed to lure Player to the studio…yay! We’re both showing off the new group gift from Monroe’s. They are starting a guys section,which is super good news for you boys. The tee is free in the notices if you join the group, or you can buy it on the market place for 1L here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Monroes-Mix-Tape-Tee/2206444 

Also I’m told there is to be a male model competition, applications can go in now until May 6th to Kittee Skytower  via a note card. Heres the info,copy and complete questions onto a notecard:

SL Name:

Age in SL:

1.How often are you on?

2. Do you have any modeling experience?

3. Why should you be picked as a Monroe model?

4. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?
Please include 3 pictures of yourself including a headshot, full body shot in an outfit of your choice and a full body shot in a swimsuit and send to Kittee Skytower before May 6th.

*** Please Put your name in the title of this Application like so :   Monroe’s Modeling Contest Application: Your Name Here

The winner will be announced two weeks after the start of the contest and will recieve a 3k prize, the full Monroe’s collection of men’s clothing and photoshoots with Monroes in the future!

Go for it guys! Monroes


Brrrrr, baby its cold outside

Monroe's Group gift Winter coat in Ash

We’re still having some verrrry chilly days in the UK…infact sometimes frosty..So this group gift from Monroe’s is dead handy-dandy. It’s a well designed peacoat, in an easy to wear shade of ash. Great texturing, and super duper details like the buttons and shawl collar make it a keeper..it has resizer scripts in all the major prims to make it simple to fit to your shape !

Go get warm : Monroe’s


The best things in life are….Pink

Monroe's cross my heart shirt 0L

Ohhh maiii the whole of SL is awashhh with pinkness yippeee! This boobie flashing shirt arrived from Monroe’s today as a gift….plunging front and dainty lil pattern makes it a winner!

Just join the inworld group , “.:Monroe’s [&] zuzu*shapes+skins:.” and look in the notices, unattach the gift and voila-its yours! Kittee Skytower, designer @ Monroe’s also mentioned that they are running a modelling competition currently, its FREE to vote…so if you pop over to snuggle up some of the new store lulliness..make sure you take a look at the entrants and give your opinion!

Go get slappy: Monroe’s


Going Live !

Monroe's Marilyn skin *pretty pink* & lounge skirt outfit

Hola pretty ones! I have newwwwws…. Monroe’s will be opening their new in world store soon..and to pre-celebrate  this outfit is going to be given to you free yay! It will only be available on the market place AFTER midnight today (sunday).

Monroe's Marilyn skin *beach bum*

Isnt the skin divine? Take a close up look at the fabric of the outfit..its kinda self pin-striped…verrry kewl.

Monroe's Marilyn lace-nude skin

For the pale and delicate amongst us…there is the Marilyn skin in lace-nude…All the skins will be available for you to peruse in the new store after the 1st Feb !

Dont forget you canNOT get this until after midnight Sunday the 30th Jan here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/products/search?search%5Bcategory_id%5D=&search%5Bkeywords%5D=Kittee+Skytower&search%5Bmature%5D=0&search%5Bpage%5D=1&search%5Bper_page%5D=12      sorry for the longgggg link , but that s the store front addy! Flick through till you find it !

The inworld store will open on the 1st February ooot ooot! I will give the Landmark out to it then (Ive had a sneaky peek and w-o-w..bring pennies to spend-lots of lulliness!!!!)


Monroe’s gone camo

Monroe's camo dress in mint 0L Limited time

Haiii ! oot oot yus I’m finally back ! Andddd Ive got stacksss & heapsssss of things to show you over the next few days yay! What caught my attention this morning was this NOT xmasssy dress…Im not a huge xmasssy dresser, it’s a bit like halloween, by the time it’s here Iam soooo tired of all things orangey ! I ❤ camo…and shortness….soooooo this fits my mood purrrfectly today. Until around the 16th Dec it’s on a promotion for OL…big squidges for  Kittee Skytower the owner & designer of Monroe’s Boutique for letting me show it to you..pop along to her main store to browse other goodness…and psssssst. In February she has a GRAND OPENING of her newwwww main store (Ill remind you nearer to the date don’t worry petals !) Click the pic for a closer view..

go get the hawtness: Monroe’s Boutique

also on xstreet : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Monroes-Camo-Mini-in-Mint-FREE-FOR-A-LIMITED-TIME/1685372